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I’m hot sexy pretty young cheap slutty looking in my panties short shorts my ass cheeks showing half cut t-shirt showing off my petite 5’5” 100lbs sexy body. I don’t care getting dirty looks from old ladies I only care when their husbands gives me second glances with a slight smile.

This one older fat guy is following his wife and keeps looking back at me.. I smile licking my lips teasing flirting with him. His wife goes into a store he waits outside in the mall sitting on a bench.
I walk by him slowly licking my lips wink at him and sit down next to him my leg rubbing on his I reach over grabbing his cock and moan I get up and walk towards the restroom wiggling my ass giggling softly.

Turning around I see him following I put my finger in my mouth teasing him.. I go to the handicapped stall taking my shirt n shorts off standing there in my pink panties.

“ Ooh god kid look at you so young pretty not caring if anybody else sees you teasing your sweet body flirting like a cheap slutty..”
“ Shhh I whispered putting my hand on his lips my other hand unzipping him I lean up on my toes and kiss him sliding my tongue deep inside he kisses me back French kissing swapping tongues. I moan louder going to my knees pulling his pants down.

“ Oooh god boy ooh yes suck my cock you little queer slut hurry before my wife gets done shopping “
I’m sucking on his little cock I’m tea- bagging him his cock n balls in my mouth slobbering moaning waiting for his hot cum his babies to seed my belly.

He grabs my head starts fucking my mouth groaning loudly his cum filling my mouth..when I feel something wet warm splashing on my face.. opening my eyes I look.. somebody is jacking off on me the door is still open and two other guys are watching.

I smile licking my lips lust in my eyes.. somebody locks the door I’m on my knees cum dripping out my mouth cum on my face im surrounded by four cocks.. I lick the guy clean who jacked off on me and reach my hands for the other two guys the fat old man who I just sucked pulls out his phone..recording.. I look into the camera lust in my eyes.

This was the first time I had four cocks at the same time.. somebody called me a cum- dump sissy Faggotboi cunt queer slut as I keep moaning begging pleading for their babies to seed my belly.

“ Oooh god oooh my fucking god Ooh my daddies I’m cummming Ooh fuck I’m cummming in my panties oooh yes” I’m almost screaming shaking.. listening to them laugh at me.

They leave..I’m on the floor panting like a puppy dog in my cum soaked panties cum all over my body my face cum leaking out my mouth when someone else comes in pulling his pants down..locking the door.

I smile licking my lips.. Getting dressed cum on my face cum on my belly I walk out the mall knowing anybody who looks will see me like this.. A cocksucking cumloving femboi

Walking through the parking lot someone comes up behind me grabbing my ass.. I moan loudly pushing my ass back against him he starts grinding himself on my ass his hands reaching under my shirt pinching my nipples..

I’m being grouped in the parking lot by some mysterious stranger I moan loudly as he picks me up like a rag doll bringing me to his van.

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  • Reply Ruzza ID:2px1o1ietmh

    This is how I spent last night. Like a cum loving faggot

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

    We know what we are and what we like

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    I would like you to be dressed up wearing either white or yellow tights with matching stiletto heels and getting force fucked and breeded by a alpha black bull and hearing you scream and cry in pain for him to stop !! That really turns me on and i will be fucking my wet pussy over every scream that comes from your mouth !! I HOPE YOU CAN SATISFY ME WITH MY WISH FOR YOU !!!!