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sleepwalking big brother

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He shuffled around the house standing in the bathroom scaring the daylights out of her when she turned on the lights, wandering the kitchen making her jump when she walked in, creeping down the hallway walking into her room and just standing there.
It was one of those nights Jasmine was on her phone browsing porn, trying to find the right video to watch. “God none of these videos are gonna cut it, it’s the same stuff over and over again” she huffed in frustration before reaching for her dildo maybe good old fashioned imagination would help her cum. She turned it on and the sound of the buzzing filled the room, she rubbed it along her entrance imagining the hot football player in her biology class. She imagined him, getting on top of her instead of her dildo it was him rubbing himself along her entrance before slipping himself in. Her breath caught in her throat she moaned as she pumped the dildo in and out before picking up pace.
She continued pumping the dildo in and out fucking herself so hard her toes started to curl, arching her back she moaned his name.
“Oh Zach fuck me please oh fu-” the door started to open she quickly stopped turning the dildo off but leaving it inside of her unable to take it out quick enough. She caught her breath as she saw who opened the door. “Damn it Michael.” She sighed knowing it was partly her fault for not locking the stupid door. She took the dildo out and stood up, her bottom half was still naked.
Her wetness coating her thighs as she stood up and turned him out the door-
Well she tried but he wouldn’t budge. He started hugging her, she tried to push him off,
He started humping her, sliding his bulge on her pussy.
“Fuck” she moaned before realizing what was about to happen she tried to push him back again but he still wouldn’t budge he started tugging on his pants soon his cock was free from his shorts. Hitting him on the tummy it sprung to life he continued to grind against her pussy, his sleeping self was moaning against her ear. She still tried to push but he growled at her his hips started humping furiously he pushed her onto the bed falling on top of her along with his already moving cock. She gasped as he started to fuck her pounded into her more like it her pussy was so wet he was moving so fast she couldn’t believe he was still asleep. But his mumbles about a warrior princess proved her wrong. He stopped she thought he was done.
He wasn’t.
He plopped down next to her hugging her from the side, trying to find the hold he jabbed her a few times till she helped him out a little.
Back to him fucking her like she was the last pussy on earth, he was practically yelling in her ear how good she felt she tried to stay quiet but it was all to much.
She was feeling him getting close.
Fuck he was getting close so was she. She couldn’t push him or stop him so she had to slip his cock out, but he was going to fast hitting her spot she knew she only had seconds before he, before he fuck
Came deep in her wet pussy he came in her pussy. She tried to lower her breathing, huffing he mumbles about needing to continue his mission before leaving the room and his creampie inside his sister.
She knew this wasn’t the last time

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