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Niccy Hicky

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I was way too young to understand what was happening, at first…

I barely even remember my biological father, and what little I remembered was him yelling. He, and mom were fighting all the time, and then he left. I don’t know why she kept her wedding ring on so long, but then she got the divorce papers, and took it off.

She threw it in the sink, and broke the garbage disposal trying to grind it up, but she didn’t get it fixed right away. We just had a broken sink, that leaked, and a mixing bowl under it. Until finally, it got really moldy, and disgusting under there.

By then she was dating, but nobody serious. I knew some other kids of single parents at school, and some of them remarried. They went back and forth, between their mom, and dad’s house, on weekends, and spring break. Sometimes they came back with stuff they got, when it wasn’t even their birthday, but not my dad.

Mommy told me he died, but I remember the truth. He got mad, and left, but he was always angry, as far as I could remember. She threw things, and screamed back at him, but I remember her telling him, “Don’t you dare hit me.” So, he was a coward, and a wife beater, but my mom. She was strong, and fought him off. Kicked him out until he finally didn’t come back.

Then she got a boyfriend, and he moved in, but didn’t marry her again right away. He was “Uncle Joe” for a couple years, but he wasn’t divorced. Never married, and the other husbands came over to meet him. Ask him how he scored such a catch.

Well, she was young, for a mother. At least compared to the other mothers around our building. Oh yeah, we moved out of the house, when my real biological father started coming back drunk. She wouldn’t even let him in, but he just beat on the door, and yelled through it until the neighbors called the cops to take him away.

Before we left, though. Uncle Joe tried to fix the sink, and he fucked it up so bad that they had to call a professional plumber. That was the first time I caught them, playing around with another man. I was oblivious about sex, but after he let him in the house. He showed him the kitchen, and they talked about money. He said “That’s too much,” but the plumber man said that he could pay over time, and he wouldn’t even charge interest.

Then, mommy said “Maybe we can work something out,” and I thought she went back to her room, to get some money. Maybe some jewelry she could pawn, or something else valuable, but instead, she came back out dressed up.

She closed the door, and told me to “Stay in your room,” but I thought that I hadn’t done nothing wrong, and I even blamed her. It was her fault, she’s the one that broke the disposal, and then left it to get black with mold. So, the plumber said he had to replace the whole counter, and that’s why it was going to cost so much.

Finally, I got bored, and went out to see what they were doing. In the kitchen, mommy was up on the breakfast table, but somebody moved the sugarbowl, and stuff so she could lay down. The plumber hand his pants down, and his penis in her mouth. Her dress was pulled down, and I remember that dress.

It was strapless, and super short. Also so tight that it pulled her tummy in, and made her hips stick out the sides. That was pulled up, and down, but Uncle Joe. He wasn’t married yet, so I didn’t get to call him daddy, but he just stood back in the corner, by the refrigerator, and watched. He kept his pants on, but he rubbed the front the whole time.

A long story short, the plumber pulled out, and shot it all over my mom. The dress scrunched up around her waist, with her knees up in the air, and her fingers covering up her sex, but I couldn’t really see it from there. The kitchen door, but I’d never seen that before, and of course I wasn’t even playing with myself yet, but when I started, I was still shooting blanks for a few years. When he finished, he said “Well, you have yourself a deal,” and pulled his pants up. He went to work, while mommy took Uncle Joe back to their bedroom to screw.

I went back to my room, while they were still shaking on it, and closed the door so mommy wouldn’t know I got out. I knew that I deserved it, and she’d make me stay in there a lot longer if she caught me sneaking out, but I didn’t know what they were doing in there, exactly. I heard Uncle Joe, and a bunch of bumping around, but it was too muffled through the wall to make out.

Then mommy went to take a shower, and Uncle Joe came out, to watch the plumber, and talk. About kitchen repairs stuff, and not money. They already worked out a deal, and he came back, a bunch of times before the job was done, but that plumber was the first man I really got to see, screwing mommy.

Uncle Joe always took her in the bedroom, and closed the door, but each time, he watched them. Then each, and every time, he took mommy back into her room to satisfy her. I came home from school once, and they were already started on the kitchen floor. The new sink was already up, but he hadn’t finished all the pipes. He had his tool box open, and a bunch of stuff lying around, he had to pick up when he was done every time he came over.

Mom had his pants down, so she could sit on him. Bouncing up, and down, while Uncle Joe held her up, behind her. She was naked, but they both had their clothes on. Just the plumber’s pants down, with his head, and shoulders under the sink. Finally, he grunted, real loud, and it echoed under there, but he didn’t say any words.

It turned out that he had a box of rubbers in his tool box, he brought so he could screw mommy, as part of the deal. The sixth graders, sometimes said stuff, or made jokes about each other’s moms, being whores. “Your mom is like a merry go-round, everyone gets a turn.”

“Oh yeah, well your mom is like a pay phone, it takes money to turn her on.”

So, I had some idea what that ment, since I saw my mommy doing sex stuff, but not for money. For the plumber man to give her a discount, cleaning up her mess. I thought she was being punished, for being bad. Uncle Joe, he pried open the old garbage disposal, and the twisted chunk of metal, hoping they could melt it down to sell the gold. It turned out that it wasn’t even mostly gold, it was just brass, plated with gold, so it looked solid, so practically worthless.

It just took a few days, not even half a week for the plumber to finish the job, and he offered “One more time, for old times sake?” They just payed him cash, and threw him out. Mommy didn’t even get dressed up, but that was the first time I saw Uncle Joe get really mad. Enough to yell, and push him, he even balled up his fists, and I thought he’d beat him up.

So, the plumber didn’t come back, but it wasn’t the last time. Not at all, and I was pretty confused about the whole thing, but then they got married. Went on a honeymoon, and I got my own room at the hotel, but after that. Well, there was a beach, and a pool, so mommy went out in a swimsuit all the time.

She packed other clothes, but it was hot, so she practically wore nothing but bikinis, and maybe a see-through piece of cloth around her hips. She got a lot of looks from other men, and sometimes, daddy. I could call him daddy now, and honestly. He’d been around long enough, I couldn’t remember ever calling my real, biological father that, if I ever did.

So anyway, sometimes he got mad, and even gave them a piece of his mind, for looking at his wife. “We just got married,” but other times. He got red in the face, but instead of getting up, he smiled, and mommy made out with him. Right there at the pool, or on the beach, they told me to go find something to do, but I never went far.

Just far enough away to get out of sight, and watch them fool around until they got horny enough to go back up to the hotel room. I knew what they’re doing up there, but it took me a little while to notice the difference.

The good looking guys made him jealous. It was the old fat bald pervert guys that turned him on, like that plumber. I finally got the balls to ask him about it, but by then we already moved to the apartment. You see, they spent a lot of money, not only on the kitchen, but also on the wedding, and honeymoon, so money was tight. We got a 2 bedroom apartment, with only one bathroom, and the kitchen was more like a hall with counters and stuff.

Compared to our old kitchen, which was it’s own room, and had enough room for the breakfast table. 2 doors, one from the house, and the other out to the back yard. We also had a yard, and a driveway, instead of sharing a parking lot, but at least the apartments had a playground. Oh yeah, and the windows didn’t open. None of them, there was only 2 windows in the living room (Which was also the dining room on one side) another one in their bedroom, and one up front, for my room.

That was by the balcony, which wasn’t really a balcony. It was just a walkway around the courtyard to the stairs, and if you looked down. You could even see where they used to have a pool until they filled it up with sand, and dug holes to pour in concrete to hold the legs of the playground in.

You could almost make out the numbers, and the tile where it said [No Diving] before it wore off, from kids running around with sand in their shoes. Of course, we spent a lot of time hanging out around there, because that was about all there was to do, except for watching TV, when the weather wasn’t nice.

They still kicked me out to “Go out and play,” whenever they had friends over, rain or shine, but that playground was where I met Niccy. Nicole, but everyone called her Niccy, with 2 cs, instead of a K. Along with all the other kids at the playground, when I moved in, but this one time. She was waiting under the slide.

It was raining, but they had a little platform you could climb up the ladder, and either slide down the slide, the fireman pole on 1 side, or swing across the monkey bars to the other platform. It was dry under there, like a little roof, but as soon as I came out, she ran under the walkway with her hood up. I didn’t even know it was her, until I came down the stairs, where she was waiting.

She had her hood back down, but her hair was dry, and her head tilted sideways, to look up at me. She asked me what it was like, “having a pornstar mom?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” I came down from the stairs, but I lowered my voice. “I thought she was a whore, but don’t tell anyone.” If the neighborhood boys heard about it, I’d never live it down.

“Oh, don’t worry,” she shook her head, “I would have told someone by now if I was going to. You want to come up to my house?”

She said house, when really she lived in the new building. They added it years before we moved in, but they had 3 bedrooms, and real balconies out back. I’d been in some of those apartments before, with other boys, but she’d never invited me in, because she didn’t have a brother to play with.

It turned out that she was right across from their bedroom window, so she could see them from the balcony. Mom, and the only man I had ever known as dad. He was dad now, ever since my voice started changing, and I was even starting to get a little hair on my balls. I guess I had to be about 13, or 14, but she was always a couple years younger.

So, she had to have been about 11, or 12, but I hadn’t noticed that she had started puberty, a little younger. Some girls do, and some girls don’t, but that summer, she was still pretty flat chested when it was nice enough to go out in clothes.

I can’t call them skimpy, I’d never seen her dressed up like mom did. I didn’t really have any other person to compare her to, she was the only woman I knew that dressed up, so sexy, for other men. Nicci’s parents were home, and they wouldn’t allow her to have boys in her room, so we went out on the patio.

Were we could watch the action, there was only really a little yard downstairs, for the apartments on the ground floor. They had little tiny back yards, and patios, while upstairs, they had covered balconies, and the third floor had them too, but no roofs over them. So, it was cold, but dry out there.

I didn’t know where her parents got off to, but they didn’t leave. They didn’t watch her through the patio door either, but I remember that their couch was turned, so the back was towards the patio door, and you had to go around it to get outside. So, maybe they were just watching TV on the couch, but Niccy. She took her coat off, and she had on a sun-dress, from summer.

I hadn’t seen her in it, since summer, but she’d hit a couplefew growth spurts. So, it was shorter, and too tight around the top. She didn’t have a bra on, but she said she was cold. I didn’t ask her why she took her coat off, if she was cold, because I knew that as soon as I saw what she was wearing, she was dressed up sexy for me.

Nobody had ever dressed up sexy for me before, but then she got on my lap, and pulled my arm out of my jacked sleeve. So she could pull it over her bare shoulder, and snuggle up under it. She pointed, “Look. See?”

Mom came out of the kitchen, with drinks, but there were 2 guys already there with dad, setting up the tripod.

“Oh,” she had on an apron, and high heels, but nothing else. Her hair done up, and makeup around her eyes, but no lipstick. They were only about maybe 15, or 20 feet away from the railing, so we could see everything.

She bent over, for one guy, and we could see down the front of her apron, but she didn’t look up. My heart beat out of control, until she gave him his drink, and then turned around to bend over the chair. For the other man, so I could see her bare butt, and of course, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The apron slipped off her hips, and she stood up. Pulling the bow out of the string around her waist, while the men sipped their drinks.

Alcoholic drinks, from the blender. It was still in the sink when I got back, because they saw the men off, and went in the bedroom, where we couldn’t see. Nicci’s bedroom was in the back, next to the balcony, but they closed the curtains in there, which was weird.

Okay, Joe never even got his out. He just rubbed it in his pants, holding the camera until the men got finished, and left. I never understood that, because even when I asked him about him, and mom, and all those other men. I didn’t think to ask him why he kept his pants on until she left.

I caught him whacking off this one time. So, I saw it, with a full on erection, and even him blowing his load out on the back of her dress. She’d cum home, with at least one load from some guy’s nuts, and took it off to go get a shower. He spread it out on the bed, so the streaks were up in front of him, and he closed the door, but he didn’t lock it.

He sniffed it, careful not to rub his face on it, or even touch it, but he bent over, so he could take deep breaths, and smell it. Another man’s wad, shot all over mom’s back, while she was wearing it. Then, he stood back up, and starter moaning. He groaned, and shook, and then he finished all over it. So, you couldn’t tell his wad apart from the other man’s, but then mom came out in a towel, so I had to run back to my room as soon as I heard the water cut off.

She saw me on the couch, and sent me out to play, but instead of screwing in the bedroom. I saw them come out, almost right away, just as soon as they got dressed. Mom had her hair up, but the same dress on, with 2 loads on the back. Then, when she came back later, she had even more on it.

They sent me to bed, and I peeked out as soon as I heard dad groaning on the couch, but once again. He still had his pants on, rubbing his crotch through them, but he didn’t even have his fly open.

Mom was wearing just her underwear, heels, and pantie hose, but she rubbed his face in it. The dress, with the cum stains all over it, he even got it in his hair, before she helped him up, and took him back to the bedroom to screw.

Finally, I had to ask him about that, because it was starting to seem a little gay to me. He said “Oh, no. I’m straight, not even interested in men.”

“Then,” I thought, “Is that why you keep your pants on, so the guys don’t see your dick, and ass?”

Look, I was probably about ready to start high school, and a teenager. We’d long since gotten past the watch your language stage, especially once I started asking questions about the weirder aspects of their love life, and he started doing dad and son talks with me.

“It’s humiliating.” He closed his eyes, and shook his head, but. I didn’t realize the look on his face ment that he liked it. The shame, and humiliation of watching mom screw around, with the most disgusting men they could find. He didn’t like bears, he honestly hated them, but he felt that if they were less attractive than him. I guess that made him feel more attractive, but it turns out that’s why she never got pregnant again.

Well, once she didn’t want to go through all that again, and also there was the problems with affording another mouth to feed. Only having 2 bedrooms, and all that stuff. All that was running through my head, when Nicci invited me over to watch them making amateur porno movies, but I was still so full of questions, and confusion, I practically forgot all about her, until she started putting my hands in her dress.

“Huh, you’re so hot.” She just cuddled, with her head on my shoulder, watching the men drop their pants, and putting rubbers on, while dad walked around with the camera. He took it off the tripod, and kept rubbing his pants, but it took a long long time for mom to finish, satisfying both of them.

“You too.” I felt her heart beating, a lot faster then expected, with the hand down the neck of her dress. She moved it over to her bare breast, and started breathing hard on my neck. Kissing it, she even licked behind my ear, and nibbled on the earlobe, but then she moved my other hand up her leg.

“Huh! You’re not wearing any underwear either.” She shook her head on my shoulder, but I just felt around, to get my bearings. I’d seen mom getting fingerbanged, of course. Not on video, but after the men left, I saw where dad hid the camcorder. With all the tapes, and the adapter box to make the minicasettes play in the VCR, while another one recorded.

That’s how they made money. I guess it’s a kind of legal prostitution, because it’s technically amateur pornography. They actually payed mom, and dad to star in their own porno, so they had to make a copy for them, but they didn’t sell copies to the video stores, or mail order. They made enough extra money from that to move out of the apartments, and even back into our old house, but that first time.

I just fingerbanged Niccy, and it took quite a while to figure it out. With lots of instruction, whispered desperately in my ear, and her fingers pressing mine into the right spot. My thumb into the soft warm hairy bulge above her clit. “Huh, no don’t touch it, uh! Just rub it up here, huh. Yeah, not too hard…” She was still too sensitive to touch it directly, with my thumb, but eventually, she coaxed me “Faster, faster. NHM!”

She bit my neck, and squealed, but not loud enough for her dad to hear her through the patio door. Then, she started squeezing my fingers. I had the first 2 inside her, up to the knuckles, but then I’d felt that muscle twitch, when I rubbed under my balls. Holding them in one hand, while the other pinched and pulled out a load from them.

“Hihn!” Finally, she let the skin snap back out of her teeth, and kissed it. “Huh, sorry, oh.” She licked her lips, and then my neck. “Oh god, I drew blood. I’m so sorry.”

“Oh no.” I felt it, “It’s okay, I. Think I kinda liked it.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” She finally got up, and put her coat back on. Quickly, watching through the glass doors, before either of her parents caught her out there, dressed like that.

“Yeah, a little, but I can take it.” Then, when i got back, the other men were gone, and mom was in the shower, as per usual. I pulled my collar back, right away, and showed him the teeth marks before they went away. let alone bruised, but the other boys, I knew.

They used to get these pop caps from the machines at the supermarket. For a quarter, you could get a little superball, or some other stuff, but these were like the tip of a rubber, really. Except for a lot thicker, and what you’re supposed to do was turn them in side out, so when you put them down, they would pop up in the air.

So anyway, another thing you could do was lick them, and stick them to your neck. Sometimes your forehead, or wherever, but a lot of them started using those to get hickies. Fake hickies, so they could tell stories about their hot date, where they got some girl’s bra off, or even dry humped on the bed.

Yeah, well I skipped right past that, since my parents couldn’t really hide their active sex life, for very long. Sure, they sent me out to play, or at least told me to stay in my room, so they didn’t do it in front of me, but at some point, my dad had to answer some questions, because I was confused. About marriage, girls, cheating, and some of the more homosexual seeming things, like smelling another man’s load while he’s whacking off. Or having your face rubbed in it, and not only keeping it up, but having intense orgasms from it, when they left, and he could satisfy her.

Oh yeah, and that was another thing. There was a lot of things, he loved about it. Not only did it make him feel, a lot better looking than those disgusting men she performed amateur porn with, but they never satisfied her, and she always faked it with them. No one else could satisfy her, no matter how many tried at once, because they don’t know her, let alone care about her. She’s just another lay to them, but that ment he could take some pride in himself as a lover. Her lover, the love of her life, and the biggest thing.

Well, the way he put it, “I don’t have to worry about her cheating on me, or ever leaving me, for another man.” Of course, that answer was even more confusing, but he laughed. “It’s not cheating, you see? She knows that, she has to at least call me, and ask permission, so she does. She always does, every time, and if I get a chance to watch. I’ve seen so many men try, to seduce her, and satisfy her sexually, but they always failed, because she loves me.” He tapped his chest. “No one else but me, not even your father.”

“You know my, biological father?”

“No, but. She told me plenty, and the only reason she married him in the first place is because he was her first. She got pregnant, too young to know any better, and once they got married. She said he changed, when really, he just stopped trying to hide what kind of man he really was.”

“A drunk loudmouth coward,” that hit women.

He laughed, and hugged my shoulder. “Yeah, so who’s this girl you made out with?” He changed the subject, but he didn’t even ask how far we’d gotten.

“Well, you know Nicole, from the new building.”

“Oh,” he let me go, and got up. “Yeah,” he just left me with unanswered questions, but after that, my balls felt so full that I had to take car of that. Just as soon as I got it out, and hard again, which was pretty easy with the memory of her warm breast in my hand, the smell of her sex still on my unwashed fingers, and I shot a wad up my shirt almost immediately. It wasn’t the most powerful orgasm, I had ever felt.

I remember laying back, and comparing it to the strongest ones I could remember, but the benchmark was first thing in the morning, when I had to piss, but I jerked off so I could, and that was even better, because the urine felt like another orgasm, only instead of spurts of pleasure, it was one long stream until it ran out, but second only to that.

I had Nicole to think about, and the scent of her sex still on my fingers. To dip in the wet spots on my shirt, and think about the little swimmers. Getting the scent, and beating their tails excitedly, to prepare themselves for our wedding night. When I could get her pregnant, and imagining her swelling up with my son, or daughter. Her breasts getting full, and heavy with milk to feed them, and coming home from work.

For the first time, I thought about what I would do for money. So, I could afford a nice house, with at least 2 rooms for our sons, and daughters. So, they’d have someone to play with, ever boy having at least one brother, and every girl a sister, so they’d never feel lonely, or lack for someone to play with.

Then, it wasn’t until a little later that I found out why dad got so uncomfortable, all a sudden. Since I saw where he hid the camcorder, I didn’t even know they had in the first place. When I got a chance alone in the house, I grabbed the step-stool from the kitchen, and climbed up to pull down the shoebox. It didn’t have anything written on it, but Reebok, but it was full of mini-cassettes, and the adapter for one of the VCRs.

He bought blank tapes by the case, but mom used them to record shows she wouldn’t get the chance to watch live, then recorded over them. So, she only really needed 2 of them, but the other ones went to copies, for the men, and couples.

Like [The Moráveks.] “Huh!” Labeled, and spelled just the exact same way Niccy spelled it, with the little backwards tick over the A, and everything. It turns you that her father’s side of the family was from Moravia, and that’s where they got the name. Well, Yugoslavia, but Moravia originally.

So, I watched that first, and then the rest of them, eventually. They sure had a lot of them, going back a couple years, even to the old house. They had one with the Plumber, which I guessed was the first one. I don’t know, it’s possible that they started even before that, and he was the first one I saw, since they did it every day he came over to work on the kitchen.

He payed her for it. I couldn’t see how much money, because he fished the bill out of his pocket, then stuck it down the front of her panties. More like a stripper than a prostitute, I guess, but I was way past all the middle school yo mama jokes at that point, and really what’s the difference? Strippers don’t have sex for money, unless they want to work extra hard for a better tip, but a porn-star. That’s sex for money, even if it’s legal, and then they have the Vice cops bother women for doing it in alleys, or on the corner, but turn a blind eye to the ones that do it in a studio, with cameras rolling.

When that would be pretty easy to prove. “Ladies, and gentlemen of the Jury,” the prosecution would just have to roll in a media cart, and put on the tape. “Exhibit A,” then rest their case. If they really cared about women having sex for money.

Then I saw her parents. Nicole’s mom, and dad, our moms kissing on the couch, before they got up for the men to fold it out into a bed. The one and only time, I saw dad get it out, let alone in front of another man, but they didn’t hold them up together, to compare sizes.

They just handed the camera back and forth, walking around, and watching their wives undressing each other. Kissing, and then Mr. Morávek held the camera, while dad went back into the bedroom. He came back out, naked with a box of toys, and they went through it together. Picking out vibrators, dildos, and buttplugs for the women to share, and finally, jacked off all over them.

Not together, honestly, the camera barely ever even got either of the men in the frame, or stayed on them very long. What with the women on the bed, and all the nasty things they did to each other. They got really gay, I mean taking turns licking asses, then popping the buttplug in and out, and licking it again, so it puckered, then turning over to switch out.

Bending the double dong in half, so it curled up out of mom’s butt, than back into her sex. Mrs. Morávek licking her clitoris directly, while her hand slipped back and forth, around the bend in the long veiny shaft in both ends.

I thought for sure that the men would get on with them. Take turns screwing them in the front and back, at the same time, but no. They just watched, and passed the camera back and forth. Taking turns pulling out toys from the box to give them, and then stepping back to see them use them on each other.

It went on, and on, a long time. Dad only got off once, and went back for his pants, while Mr. Morávek, he got hard again, and beat off again, for his wife to lick it off mom’s back.

I guess that’s what dad was ashamed of, I don’t know whether it was from another man, and someone he knew looking at him naked, or in on the secret of what he, and his wife are doing, but if you think about it.

That’s their balcony, right outside our living room window. Maybe 30, 35 feet away from out front door, and they had no idea at all than Nicci’d been watching too. She got to watch it live, but she showed me a trick, then next time I was over at her house.

I spent the night, but she pushed me outside, and locked the patio door. I knocked, but then she went off to turn out the lights in the dining room. The ceiling fan, they didn’t have a chandelier, but when she came back, she turned on the porch light. I had to put my hand up, to shade my eyes, and the glare so I could watch her undressing.

Then, she turned it off again, so it was almost dark, inside, and out. She unlocked the door, and went back to her bedroom, before I came in, and slid the door shut.

It was like a mirror, that’s why her parents didn’t see us, fooling around on the patio, while they were in there watching TV. They had the lights on, while it was dark outside, and we only had the light from our living room to see by, but we’re watching the action.

So, then i asked her about the movie I saw, and she told me, “They only did that once.”

“But you watched it?”

“Yeah, form here.” She scooted over, and patted the side of the bed. “Come here.” She had her panties down, but she slipped them over her knees, and took her feet out. Her toenails were painted white, but she only ever clear coated her fingernails.

“Huh, I came out to mom, and dad, so they talked about it, and I guess mom decided to try it.”


“Oh,” she shook her head. “I’m bisexual.”

“Oh,” I nodded. “Okay.”

“My girlfriend isn’t, though. So, she doesn’t. Huh, she wouldn’t be very comfortable with you watching us together.”

“Oh,” I shrugged. “Okay.” I guess so was mom, because while that was the only video they had with them, and another couple, there were plenty of them with another woman. Even some of the other wives from the apartments, but none of the other dads. I guess dad was too ashamed to admit it to them, but then again, he also got off on that shame, and humiliation, too.

“She’s a lesbian, and she wouldn’t be very happy with me, if she knew that I was cheating on her with a man.”

She called me a man, and I already pretty much felt like one. Almost, look. You don’t have to prove it, for instance by sticking your dick in a girl. That doesn’t make you a man, and male virginity is pretty much a myth, anyway.

“Okay,” I nodded. What else was I going to say?

“Huh, I knew you’d be cool about it, so can you get the box out from under my bed?”

“Sure.” I didn’t have to dig it out, it was the only thing under there, and right under the edge, but as soon as I felt it roll across, and bump into the side. I had a pretty good idea what it was.

“Your vibrator?” I guessed.

“Huh, yeah.” She clapped her fingers into her palms, so I got it out, and handed it to her. “You don’t mind, if I loosen up a little.”

“Oh, no. Not at all.” I just stood back, and rubbed my pants, to keep it hard. Kinda wished I had a camera, until I realized that I wouldn’t forget this, any more than that first time we snuggled up under my jacket, on the porch.

“Huh!” She squirmed around, with her legs bending, and straightening out. Buzzing the front of her crotch, through the dress. Not the same dress, but the same kind of summer dress, she’d out-grown, so it was too tight, and just barely long enough to cover the tops of her thighs. So, you couldn’t see her underwear, or tell when she wasn’t wearing any, but I could smell her.

I picked up her undies from the end of the bed, and took a deep breath of her sex. “Huh!”

“You don’t have to watch me, and just.” She looked down, and her eyes stopped, when I stopped rubbing it through my pants. She bit her lip, than followed my fingers up to the top of my thigh.

“You want to watch me, too?”

“Huh, no. More then that.” I got my button undone, so she grabbed me by the pocket, and pulled me over. “Huh, put it in my mouth, and don’t pull out, until you shoot it in my mouth, and I swallow every last drop.”

Long story short, she sucked it, then turned the vibe off, and put my hands where she wanted them. Down the neck of her dress, and between her legs. I remembered 2 fingers, and let her pinch my thumb, to put it right on the spot.

She shivered, and blew her breath out through her nose, but she never spit it out. Just like she promised, but I managed to hold it in my nuts, until her breath got really, short and fast. I remembered her, breath hot on her neck, and her voice, egging me on, ‘faster!’ in excited whispers, until her legs clamped tight, and the sex muscle squeezed my fingers together. In up to the second knuckle, just the way she liked it, but that was all I could take.

Sure enough, she kept sucking, even in the throes of her orgasm, her tongue kept working, and she gulped between every spurt, rubbing out another, and another until my balls were drained, and it slipped out. Hot, and wet onto my balls.

“Huh!” She was still spasming inside, and she pulled her dress up far enough that I could see the muscles twitching in her tummy. She didn’t have abs yet, she didn’t really even get serious about fitness until years later, when she had our eldest son, and she had to get her body back from the pregnancy.

I guess I got a sneak peak, though. Of the line that would eventually show up permanently down the middle, sucking in her belly button, so it pinched shut, then popped back out to the surface again.

“Huh, huh!” She took a deep breath, and relaxed. Laughed, “Huhuhahehihn! That was amazing.”

“Yeah, me too.” I ment, it was amazing for me too, “But, huh! How do you go down, on a girl?”

“Well, you want to try it?”

I smelled my fingers, nodding, and licked them. Then sucked them to really get a taste of her juices.

“Huh, well. Let me catch my breath, and help me out of this.” She sat up, and turned her shoulder. With her hair over her other shoulder, so I could find the zipper down the back of her dress.

“Huh, okay.” She got up, “You better lay down, so I can sit on your face.”

“Oh, okay.”

I really enjoyed it, but I had to use my fingers and thumb on her again, and then I got it up, so I could stick it in, while she was still clenching, and tensing in her midriff from her second orgasm.

I pulled out before she told me “It’s okay, I’m on the pill.” Then, I got dressed, and went home, but I had fresh scratches in my back to show dad, and the boys. They couldn’t believe it, but then Niccy started kissing, and making out with me in public, but we didn’t start doing it with friends for years after that.

By then, she was 18, and dancing at a topless bar. She wasn’t old enough to wait tables, and serve alcohol, but I found a job at a warehouse, until I could afford to take Video Editing, and Cinematography at the community college, but we started making videos, professionally before I turned 25.

We never had kids though, I guess I had some out there, from donating to the sperm bank for money when we needed it. We both decided that our career was more important, her body was crucial to that career, and raising children in that environment would only make it more difficult to work from home.

Of course, I was always more comfortable behind the camera. So, she had to tie me up to get me to hold still, once I hired more cameramen. Then again, that shame is as much a part of the kink as the pain, submission, and bondage, but I guess that’s a story for another time…

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