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Rest-Stops Secret Cocksucker

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Sucking strangers secretly discreetly..publicly Saturday nights sunset to sunrise

It’s like I’m hypnotized addicted I love sucking cocks hot cum filling my belly it turns me on sooo much it’s sometimes scary dangerous illegal but so fucking Exciting the thrill the hunt the teasing flirting showing off wiggling my sweet ass in short shorts my sweet ass cheeks slightly showing long shirt kinda covering half buttoned. Leaving no doubt that I’m cruising to suck cocks. I love wearing girls panties they make me feel sexy..cheap..slutty

I’ve been secretly going out Saturday nights can’t get caught mom n friends would freak if they found out my secret desires that I’m a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers.. Can’t help it a hot cock in my wet mouth makes me feel hot cheap slutty like a cheap whore sucking strangers in car’s restrooms parking lot by the woods.

I love the attention the looks the dirty names.. being called a queer faggot pretty boy ..slut..sissybitch cunt only gets me hornier I love it.
I’m 22 still look like 15 or so 100lbs 5’6” nice petite naked body I’ve had girlfriends before but being on my knees sucking cocks is my ultimate expectations.. I’m actually in love with any n all cocks.
It’s an obsession addiction I can never get enough

I’m high Horny pulling into the parking lot getting dark only a few cars a couple semi’s I drive slowly my foot on the brakes lets people know.
One car flashes his brakes as I drive by i smile parking in the back.

Getting out I bend over showing off smiling licking my lips walk towards his car looking in he’s naked playing with himself I open his door bending over moaning I start kissing licking on his beautiful 7” cock instantly falling in love. It tastes so good I start slurping over it like it’s a popsicle. I hear him moan loudly he starts cummming before I can even get him in my mouth.. his cum is splashing on my face my shirt my head.. i quickly go down on him sucking his cum.

I stand up looking at him his cum dripping down my face cum on my chest I rub his cum on my nipples moaning licking my lips walking away wiggling my ass smiling. I love having hot cum on my face when I walk around letting everyone know I’m a cum slut.

Walking towards the restroom I notice someone following me from a distance I kinda lift my shirt up flashing my sweet ass at him.
Gotta be careful in the restroom custodian til 11pm..families dads n kid’s things like that.
Three stalls I go to the middle one waiting.. he comes in stands right next to mine I smile licking my lips reaching over going to my knees.

“ Oooh god boy not here somebody could come in and…oooh fuck oooh yes suck it oooh god your so fucking good oooh baby yes suck daddy’s cock fucking little Fagg “
I’m madly sucking loving his cock moaning like a dog in heat. He starts cummming I pull out so his cum is on my face then opening my mouth I swallow his hot cum filling my belly.

We hear the door opening I get up quickly moving to the end stall he zips up walking out. It’s an older heavy set guy he looks at me smiling I lick the cum off my lips going to my knees. But the bathroom door opens again I stand up looking at him sheepishly.

It’s a father n son keeping my head down I leave can’t let them see my cum soaked face. I light a cigarette waiting for the old man to come out walking slowly towards the back of the restroom unbuttoning my shirt he follows me I turn around showing him my half naked body licking my lips my finger in my mouth.

He walks up to me fast surprising me he picks me up like a rag doll he’s like over 6’ and starts to kiss me.. I never kissed a guy before and when i opened my mouth to protest his tongue slides deep into my mouth. He’s holding on to me tightly pulling my shorts down my shirt off I try to move his tongue is swirling around in my mouth..

Without thinking I kiss him back swapping tongues French kissing.. I hear myself moaning loudly. I’m just in my panties rubbing my body against him he starts kissing my neck biting giving me hickies I start to lose it god it feels so good I’ve given hickies to girls before but never gotten one his hand is now rubbing on my nipples I almost started to cum. I never been used like this before.

He lifts me higher starts sucking on my nipples.
“ Oooh god oooh mister yes oooh suck on them sooo fucking good oooh god yes” I’m moaning begging pleading…
“ Oooh god mister I’m cummming I’m cummming in my panties “

I slide down to my knees pulling his pants down.. I’m shaking panting like a bitch in Heat opening my mouth like a demon possessed I’m sucking licking begging for his sweet cum.
I feel something wet splashing all over me.. looking up I see three other guys pants down jacking off on me laughing calling me names : * Cock slut faggot queer sissy boy cunt wannabe *

I hear someone talking… “ I told you Jim this little slut comes here every Saturday night begging for cocks isn’t he the prettiest boy you’ve ever seen look at him cum in his panties just like a little girl.

I look at them the old guy’s cock still in my mouth he starts to moan cummming I pull his cock out of my mouth splashing it all over my face. With lust in my eyes cum dripping off my face whispering to them.
“ Seed my belly with your hot cum please I need your babies filling me up my lips are a girls pussy for you my mouth is a girls cunt for you to fuck use me like a girly cocksucking cumloving slut.. ooh please my daddies I love cocks n cum use me as your cheap slutty cumdump “. Begging moaning pleading like a good little slut. Falling farther n farther in love with each cock I suck..

Din’t take long before everyone knew there was a pretty boy sucking cocks in panties begging for more. I lost count after like ten or so..
So many cocks so much cum i almost passed out in pure ecstasy.

Daybreak is coming I must of been here for like 8 hours I’m covered in cum my belly full of everybody’s babies my panties are cum soaked from mine and others. I stumble towards my car just in my panties forgetting where my clothes were.

I can feel cum dripping everywhere off my body my face cum still inside my mouth leaking out. I’m so fucking horny I look around hoping to find one more guy to suck off.
I get to my car and before I open the door I feel someone behind me.. turning around licking my lips smiling.

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  • Reply Danny ID:1ck84aqvnkwi

    I have done the many many times in rest stop bathrooms and bus stations bathrooms and I love it iam always dressed up like a little Slut can’t wait till tonight to go out and suck as many cocks as I can

  • Reply Iva ID:2rczzwevgpy

    I was 8 the first time I took a cock in my asshole he was huge down there and he had fallen out of his shorts and I was staring at it. He asked me if I was going to jack him off and he stood up and dropped his shorts. He told me to do the same and I was jacking off that huge cock. He had lots of pre cum dripping off of his head and I was licking it off. I could only get his head in my mouth and he came in about a minute and he shoot a huge load in my mouth. It was all over my chest and dick. Then he was jacking off and he said to bend over and he spit on my asshole and he pushed his head in my butt. Then he came 3 times and I loved feeling his head fill my asshole full.

  • Reply Paul ID:sg4cl2a925w

    I wish I could fuck you Dany

    • Danny ID:1euflwgpyu6c

      Hi Paul.. maybe U can We could maybe cum someplace n meet for a night any rest-stop I don’t mind road trips new adventures [email protected]

  • Reply Scott ID:1crdunb9xpn0

    I know how you feel it’s so great have you let them fuck your ass yet I love getting fuck in my ass and my mouth at the same time