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My dad and then mom

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I was the 3 child I I had a brother and older sister and a younger brother. When I was about 10 or so it all started
It was not even a warning or any memory before this of any sexual from my dad.
We were doing chores on farm dad and me were throwing hay down to the cattle.
When we were done he stepped over to edge of loft and started peeing. So I did to looking over at dad while I was. When I was done he said shake it off. I did and he said no like this and showed me himself shaking his dick and I asked why it looks different. He said I’m not circumcised. Like you. So he pulled back and showed me.
Then he started getting hard and said oh no we need to tend to this. He sit down on hay bale and started jerking off telling me have you ever did this?
I shook my head no. He said come here . And took my hand and had me start jerk him. He got really big and really hard
I was embarrassed and pulled me hands away. He said no keep doing it. Putting his hands over mine he jerked off till he came all over my hands. He wiped my hands off with the hay and said let’s go finish chores.
So I never said a word about it. The next day we were doing chores and he said let’s go feed the hay.
We did and he sat down taking his jacket laying it on hay and sat down pulling his pants to his ankles. He had me get on my knees on his pants between his legs and start jerky him.
He stopped me and had me stand up pulling my pants down.
He jerked me I got hard.
He leaned down and took me in his mouth. Then he came up watch how I do this and he sucked me for a minute.
Then he had me get down and do the same to him
A few minutes he came in my mouth choking me. He told me he was sorry. And next time just sally when I tell you.
I asked him why we did this. He said because it feels good for daddy. And not to tell anyone.
I wasn’t about to tell anyone it was embarrassing.
So we did this a lot. And sometimes he would well I will explain in detail
He had me stand in front of him he sat on edge of hay with my jeans down to my knees. And he stuck his dick between my legs and have me hold my legs tight together. He had mineral oil up in loft now and he put it on my hands and his dick. He would fuck me like that have me hold his head sticking out between my legs with my back to him.
He would come alot all over my hands and hold my hands and smear it all over my dick.
When I started puberty about 12 or 13
He knew he saw my hair starting he jerked me off my first time.
After that he had me fuck him. He tried with me but it hurt too much. Eventually we just sucked each other off all the time. I always felt guilty or wrong around mom.
One day mom was on couch laying on her belly her butt was sticking up. I sat on her legs playing around and without thinking I rolled over on mom and started humpin her.
It felt normal to me. My squeezed and got me off her and kept asking me where I learned that?
I said I just did it idk I didn’t learn it from anything.
You don’t do that kinda stuff especially with your mom.
And I said who do I do it with? She said no one.
I said I was sorry and she said don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.
A few days later
Mom was in kitchen doing dishes. Again I was not thinking I just saw her butt wiggle and I came up behind her like it was ok and pressed against her and started humpin her.
Mom was 5’2” I was just about same height.
She didn’t react right away it seems like it was forever but probably only a couple seconds she said stop that and pushed me back. I thought she was playing so I kept going and she got mad and slapped me.
She said that’s enough wait till your dad gets home.
Then I realized what I did and I begged her not to tell dad.
She didn’t. Sh came to my room and told me and explained to my why it was wrong and you don’t do that to woman with out asking. I said ok and mom left.
About a week went by mom was doing dishes and drying them dad was in Livy room after supper.
I came up to mom and nervously asked if I could do that to her. She said no. You can’t! No be quiet your dad is in other room and go play your games or something.
So the next morning dad was at work mom was doing breakfast dishes I was noticing more how nice moms butt was.
She had on her pjs and they fit showing her shape. I go up and ask her. She said no. And I said dads not home. And she said that’s not something you do with your mom. I said you didn’t say that you said I needed to ask. She actually smiled and said yes but I didn’t mean it that way.
I said please mom. She said why would you want to do that?
I said because it feels good. She says yes but why with you old mom? I said because I like it. She didn’t say anything I pushed up behind her she said I didn’t say you could. I said please. She got quiet and I pushed against her loose pjs.
He butt felt amazing I was in my boxers rock hard.
She said Danny that’s enough now we are going to have to talk. I said please pushing against her humping my Dick against her. She said you can’t do that with your mom.
I just kept going saying please. She said you can’t tell anyone. I immediately pulled her pjs off her butt and she bent forward
I went to stick it in her butt and I was met with her wet pussy which I really hadn’t thought of I was just wanting her butt.
But I lost control and hit her like a jackhammer and she said slow down Danny slow down calm down and I came it felt so good and I kept going till it hurt.
She quickly pulled up her pjs and said what’s gotten into you. I know boys your age get horny but Danny you need to control it do you jerk off?
I said no? She said well you need to
But the next day I asked her if I could she said no let me show you something
And she showed me how to jerk myself off.
I knew how I just wanted more I told her. She said we can’t be doing that. You father finds out or anybody I would be I. Trouble.
I begged her and she relented and let me fuck her again this time I got to see her naked.
I came before I got in her and am not embarrassed to admit.
I was only about 14 anyway. I still stayed hard
Mom took care of me till one time I came she asked me to not stop and I kept going she pulled her legs up. Before this it was just a quickie.
Mom let me wham bam and it was over.
This time she held me and pulled her legs up around me
And kept telling me yes like that keep going.
And she moaned out I felt her trembling and shaking in my arms. She lay under me catching her breath and said we need to really find you a girlfriend we can’t continue this.
I said why mom you like it now also.
She said that’s the problem I shouldn’t like it at all.

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  • Reply incestisthbest ID:1cyit7azwphz

    The first time when you cum in your moms pussy is something that will make you hard that and the first time you watch your daughter playing their pussys but eating your daughter my God so fucking good

  • Reply Mindy ID:1e82qotqt7sg

    So basically your dad liked little boys, and when you started to get old enough you seduced mom to get back at him. He probably wasn’t taking care of her needs made it easier for you to seduce her.

  • Reply Q ID:nh87ts40

    Bad dad, poor mom and son.

  • Reply jake ID:5n2pnsqdhju

    Some mis spells but I wonder if it’s true. Where are such women?

    • Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

      They’re out there. I used to want to fuck my mom & dad. I’d imagine sucking his cock while my mom sucked mine. About 10 years ago, it happened & still does. We fuck alot. All positions. Anything goes. My dad cums in my mouth after he fucks mom. I cum in his mouth after I fuck his ass or I beat off. Mom likes to cum on our cocks or our faces. It’s so fucking awesome. 🍆. I suck her clit, fuck her, cum on her tits. Then my dad fucks me. Awesome