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The other kind of work placement (Part 2)

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Im a 17 year old guy who did an internship as an electrician in a winery this time

Hey, it´s me again. Doing an Internship as a electrician and today we were called to a winery that belongs to my boss’s brother-in-law. We drove there about an hour. When we arrived we saw many silos that were being cleaned. One of the staff was a girl, I don’t know how old she was but she really beautiful. I looked at her very intensely from afar.She was blonde, about my height, with a ponytail, and makeup so her age was hard to guess. She often wore short t-shirts and dungarees to work. My colleauge interrupted this with a work order. Time passed and after a few days there I considered approaching her and asking for her number until I overheard a conversation between the girl and my boss’s brother-in-law and she called him Dad. I was completely confused and unsettled by the fact that I’m into my boss’s brother-in-law’s daughter. The staff and we had lunch breaks around the same time and there she was often alone, eating and drinking coffee in the break room. So I tried it in a charming way and made a paper plane with my number on it. So while she was sitting at the table I threw it and it landed on her she looked confused and saw where it came from and I just waved and walked away. After work I checked my phone to see if she had texted me and she had. So we talked about ourselves for the rest of the evening and decided to talk in real tomorrow. The next day, we always looked at each other directly and there was such a vibe. During the break we sat down and talked. We got to know each other over this short time and the writing in the evening somehow became more and more perverted. We only made hints at first, but it eventually turned into sex chat. When we saw each other again in the winery, we also looked at each other perversely. During the lunch break she motioned me to a basement instead of the break room and I was very happy inside. As I came around the corner she pulled my shirt and kissed me. We made out violently with each other and at one point we ripped our clothes apart and it happened as it had to happen. she gave me a blowjob with her soft lips. I fingered her too but suddenly her father called her and we knew that if he caught us we would both be fucked. We dressed quickly and she went ahead so it wouldn’t be noticed. In the evening we wrote how close it was but we both thought it was great and wanted to do it again. The last day has dawned for me because we finished work today. We both couldn’t wait for lunch and when she got there we disappeared again, but this time to her room which wasn’t far away. We started getting comfortable and making out. I fingered her while we had a few French kisses. She grabbed my dick out of my underwear and sucked it so damn hard i came so much in her mouth. She spitted it out because it was too much for her. My cum ran down my cock and she threw her underwear in my face. She was wet from her vaginal fluid. She said horny: “Unfortunately I don’t have any condoms so we have to fuck like this!” She sat on my sperm covered cock and I just let it happen. she rides my cock like a queen. I gave it to her doggy so hard. when I did her missionary she clung to me and said I can come when I want. I literally felt my cock in her uterus and shot everything I had in her pussy. It flowed out of her and we said to ourselves that we will do it again sometime.When we went back to the winery my colleague asked me where I was and I said that I was only in the toilet for a long time. As we packed up to go back to the company, a family of parents and a boy my age came along. They walked right up to my sex partner and the boy and they hugged and kissed and I was even more confused than before. Apparently she had a boyfriend and cheated on him with me. I don’t know what to do but we both kept the secret and never met again until now and I don’t know if she’s pregnant by me.

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