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Husband Wants Wife To Fuck Other Men

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If interested, my prior story has some background info. entitled, My Father I Law Takes My Husband’s Place When He Was Called For Duty Overseas

My husband Ronnie, his dad Matt and I were talking after one of our fuck sessions. Matt was asking me how many guys I had fucked? I told them I really didn’t know but, it was a lot. We were talking an I said, “I always had a lot of boyfriends. I was never without one. Matt said, “Did you fuck most of them?” I said, “Yes, I did.” He said, “That’s why.” He said, “Men want a slut in bed, one that will fuck anybody and who will fuck anytime.” “And, they tend to gravitate to that kind of girl especially, if they find out she’s easy.” Ronnie said, “So, have you decided to fuck somebody for us yet?”

I said, “Well, I was easy because, I liked to fuck plus, I wanted to give them what they wanted.” “If they wanted my pussy, they could have it.” “I got to get fucked and so did they.” “Seemed to be a fair thing to do.” “I never understood girls holding out for one guy.” “That was no fun an a lot of frustration of getting no pleasure.” And, I haven’t made a decision about fucking a stranger yet.”

Ronnie said, “He knew he wanted me when I let him fuck me the first time we went out.” He said, “I knew you liked to fuck and I figured you had fucked a lot of guys.” I said, “You were right.”
Matt said, “I wanted to fuck you the first time Ronnie brought you home.” He said, “I could tell you you were an easy fuck by the way you acted.” “You were very comfortable around men.” “I remember bumping into you and touching your titty and you didn’t move, jerk away or anything.” “I knew then you had been touched a lot by men, an, I liked it.” “Men like loose women even if they want to marry a virgin.” Matt said, So I don’t understand why you’re hesitating, Sophia, you can handle yourself.” “You should fuck a guy for us.” I said, “I’ll think about it some more.”

I told them about a date I was on with this guy who I really liked but, he had the smallest dick I’d ever seen. He was about 6″ maybe 7″ long but, about the size of a quarter around. It was pitiful. I got no satisfaction from him at all. I felt sorry for him. I fucked him twice but, as much as I liked him, I knew I couldn’t deal with that. I went with two of his brothers who were completely normal. One especially, had a nice thick dick, bigger than a silver dollar.

There was another guy who I liked who had the shortest dick I ever fucked. I only fucked him once but, I knew I would never be satisfied with his either. It was barely 5″ long. He was a little bigger than a quarter around but, no, not for me. I often wondered who these guys ended up with. The biggest one I ever had was one I couldn’t get my mouth around, I had to just suck on the head. It was a biggin’. He couldn’t get it in my pussy. We tried. I’d never seen one that big. He said he didn’t get a lot of pussy because of the size.

Ronnie and his dad said they would have loved seeing him trying to get that in me. I said, “Both of you are perverts.” Matt said, “Why, because we like watching some big dick fuck your little pussy?” “That’s a turn on to any guy.” “He imagines it’s his dick fucking you, and can almost feel how it feels sliding in and out of you.” Matt reached down and started stroking his already hard dick. He said, “Just talking about it has made my dick hard.” I said, “I see that.” He said, “Now, I’m gonna have to fuck you again.” So, he walked over to me and bent me over then, rammed my pussy with his hard on. I was facing Ronnie and he lifted his dick up and said, “While you’re bent over like that, why don’t you suck my dick?” So, I did.

I love sucking a dick while I’m getting fucked by one. I like that best of all. My husband and his dad still want to have more men fuck me. I’ve said no so far. But, they keep talking about it and they’re wearing me down. They want me to bring some guy back here while they watch on cameras, that they’ve set up.
They will be here hidden to protect me because, I’m worried about getting a crazy person. So, if they’re watching, I’m trying to get up the courage to do it for them. But, they want someone with a bigger dick than theirs. How I’m supposed to get that info is a big question for me.

So, a week or so later I went to a bar by myself. Matt and Ronnie were at the same bar. They sat with each other and watched me. Ronnie went to the bathroom and just by chance he saw a guy at the urinal.
He came out and motioned for me to look at a certain guy. Then, I seen him talking to that guy. I glanced around and saw Ronnie pointing me out to him. He was supposed to make a comment about he saw that I didn’t have any panties on to get him interested in talking to me.

It worked, the guy worked his way around to me. He sat down in the seat next to me and made small talk, ordered me another drink and ask about my situation. He said, “My name is Aaron.” I said, “I’m Sophia.” We talked a bit and he told me how beautiful I was. I told him I just came for a night out I had been working long hours and wanted to celebrate a project being done and I thought I might just get drunk and let loose.” He said “I’d be glad to celebrate with you.” “I said, “Sure.” I had a coral pink short dress with a deep plunging neckline. I have black hair and green eyes. I’m 5’4″, 120 lbs., I’m a bit busty, 34D. He kept looking at my legs and my cleavage. We drank some more and he said, “Would you like to get out of here?” I said, “Sure, we could go back to my house, if you like.” He said, “I’d like that a lot.”

Aaron was a nice looking guy but, he was at my place only to fuck me. That was my goal anyway. We got to the house and Ronnie and Matt got there before I did. They were in the lower level watching the cameras. Aaron immediately kissed me and pulled me close to him rubbing his chest against my titties.
Then, he slid both hands up the side of boobs then cupped them together and said, “These are very nice.”
Then, he started unzipping my dress. It fell to the ground. He saw my bra and no panties and said, “Wow, no panties, did you have a plan I interrupted?” I said, “No, I thought I might have to fuck while I was out because I get horny when I drink so, I didn’t see the need for panties to get in the way.”

He chuckled and took off his clothes. Ah, he had a big dick. I didn’t know if I’d be able to take it or not. I said, “I may not be able to handle that big boy.” He said, “Well, let’s give it the old college try.” So, I took him in the bedroom and he climbed upon top of me then, started trying to get it in. He stopped and started fingering me while rubbing my clit. It took awhile for me to cum but, when I did he was able to slide it in much easier. He was very big around. It felt good stretching my pussy like it did. Aaron was fucking me and he started squeezing my titties and saying, “Do you like it rough?” I didn’t answer him
at first. Then, he rammed his dick in me hard and said, “Do you like it like this?”

It made me gasp because, it took my breath away an I liked it. I said, “I like that.” It hurt me but, it was such a full feeling in my pussy because of his girth that he rammed my clit when he did it. It was gonna make me cum. I was willing to endure the pain of his length for the pleasure of his girth. So, Aaron started pounding my pussy and I cum and cum and cum.I was in a place I’d never been before. I was shaking and quivering, an all due to the climax I was experiencing. It went on an on.

I said, “Aaron, you’ve got to stop, I can’t stand it, it’s too intense.” He said “But, I want you to feel good baby.” I pushed his hips away and said, “Please, give me a minute.” So, he paused with his dick still in me.
My pussy was convulsing, still quivering around his dick an I was truly shaken by the orgasm I just had. I started to calm down. He was leaning over me with his hands on the sides of my face looking into my eyes and softly kissing my lips. He said, “You okay baby?” I said, “Yeah, I’ve just never experienced anything like that before.” He said, “Really, well I’m glad I can give you something you enjoyed.” I said, “Aaron, I can’t get over what you just did to me.” He started slowly fucking me.

Still, looking into my eyes he said, Well, I’m gonna do it again to you.” He said, “You like it rough and I like to give it to you rough.” “You like my dick baby, do ya?” I said, “Oh, yes, I love your dick.” My climax started building when he started talking to me. Then, he rammed his dick in me pounding my clit again. I started cumming and kept cumming. I heard someone screaming and realized, it was me. He said, “I’m cumming baby, oh fuck ugggghhhhgg. I felt huge streams of cum shooting at my cervix. Then, he collapsed on top of me. He said, “I can’t get up, I’m weak.” I thought, you’re weak. He slid his dick in an out a couple of times and then rolled off of me.
I was still quivering inside. I said, “Aaron, that was the best fucking climax I’ve ever had, thank you.”
He said, “No, thank you, I loved your tight little pussy.”

I wanted him to stay and fuck me all night but, knew that wasn’t possible. He said, “I’ve gotta go, can I call you sometime?” I said, “You sure can.” I gave him my number and he left. I prayed he called me again.

Matt and Ronnie came upstairs and said, “Wow.” I said, “You ain’t kidding wow.” They were speechless.
I think they were a little scared. I said, “Did you see what you wanted to see?” Matt said, “Yeah, and more.” “That guy’s a fucking stud.” I said, “I’m in shock at the climax he gave me.” Ronnie said, “So am I.”
Matt said, “Ronnie, I don’t think she’s ever gonna wanna fuck us again.” I didn’t say anything except, I’m so tired guys, I’m going to bed.”

I thought, you guys begged me to do this and I did. They never thought it might backfire on them. And, I thought, I’ll just let them think about it awhile. You know the old saying, be careful what you ask for.
I went to bed a woman more satisfied than, I ever knew possible thinking about that dick.

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    Sofia, I will always put my future wife and daughter under men with long and big penises, I swear! I myself will bring them to have their pussies destroyed very cruelly, especially my little slut daughter, so that she will cry and get maximum pleasure from brutal sex that only long big dicks can give! They will be used as slaves and I will suck their dicks, lick their ass and thank them for fucking my sexwife!

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    Wow! That was simply wonderful! Every woman should experience This.

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    My husband gave in and let his freind join us a couple times mostly meth fucking, but he never let me gangbang so I had to arrange that on my own.

  • Reply Wife to all ID:gnrvcvoid

    My husband enjoys watching me flirt with and tease and seduce teen boys.

  • Reply Sophia, Cum Slut ID:1a912bhj

    Didn’t the brother tell your boyfriend, his brother? I bet he’ll be expecting a reward for keeping his mouth shut. You may have to fuck his brother to keep your boyfriend from finding out. Who knows, your boyfriend might like sharing you. Feel him out, you’d be the winner, 3 dicks to tend to.

    • TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      I didn’t think of that Sophia it’s good to have a fellow sister here to give me advice because i’m so gullible at times ! Thank you honey !!

    • Sophia, Cum Slut ID:1a912bhj

      Wife to all,
      Young boys will do anything for a little pussy, it’s wonderful to watch. Be careful with those little dicky-dos.💋

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