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My lil cousin sister PART 2

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Few weeks ago I fucked my cousin sister who was only 11 years old and I was 17.

So after I fucked Vicky I went to my room . And fell asleep . Next morning when I woke up I went downstairs , grandma was preparing breakfast , I asked her where’s Vicky , she replied that she’s probably still asleep , I said I’d wake her up , so I went to her room , and there she was sleeping on stomach . I could see her butt in her white panty with stain from last night , then I got boner so I closed the door , lowered her panty and stuck my face between her ass cheeks. I was licking her pussy , I could smell her asshole , so I stuck my tongue in her asshole , I was eating her asshole and then she woke up , she had her hands pressing my head on her ass . Then grandma called and said that breakfast is ready . So we stopped and went downstairs . Then our parents arrived that day.

This weekend we went on beach , but hotel was overbooked , so we had no place to stay at night , but there was a motel at 15 minutes from beach , so we went there , we booked 3 rooms . 1 for my folks , 1 for her folks and 1 for us . We both were cousins so they didn’t really mind us sharing a room . So it was around 8 pm ,I thought this was a great time to fuck Vicky , so I went to nearest pharmacy and bought 5 condoms . So my plan was that after everyone is asleep me and Vicky would fuck and then we’ll shower together . After I made sure that everyone was asleep I went to our room and found that Vicky was already asleep . I tried to wake her up , but she said tha she’s too tired , I said to her that we are gonna do what we did last week , she said that we’ll do it another time . She was wearing white panty and black camisole.
I removed her panty and lowered her camisole straps. At first I opened her mouth and spat in it . She was asleep but she swallowed my spit . Then I licked her tits and went down to lick her pussy , but then I remembered last time I was licking her asshole but couldn’t finish , so I turned her around and raised her butt and started licking her asshole , I thought she would wake up if I lick her asshole but she was dead asleep . I kept eating her ass for few minutes and then she farted , so I stuck my whole tongue in her asshole . Her asshole was bit loosened and was bit opened . So I removed my pants and I thought of wearing condom but I wanted to fuck her ass , so I didn’t wear condom and then I spat on the tip of my dick and then entered the tip in her ass , she was still asleep, I slowly pushed my whole dick in her ass , she woke up in terror and yelled ” Devin what are you doing …….. It hurts….”. She tapped on my legs and said to stop . I removed my dick , she was wife awake now , I told her that I will only put my tip in this time . She agreed so I put my tip in and started fucking her ass but with only tip , but I wanted my whole dick in her ass , so I told her to sit in doggy style and I grabbed both of her hands so she couldn’t use her hands then I put my whole dick , she started yelling , so I had to let go her hands , so with my one hand I covered her mouth and with other hand I grabbed her neck from behind and pushed her head down , I told her it will stop hurting after few minutes . She was crying , her face was covered with tears. I was fucking her hard in the ass , eventually she stopped crying and started moaning, so I removed my hands . After few minutes I got up and told her to suck my dick , she said that my dick was in her ass so she won’t put my dick in her mouth . But I convinced her and she started sucking it . Then I told her to sit on my face . We tried everything, then I fucked her again in her ass , I came in her ass . She realised that I am nasty fucker .

We both were sweaty so we both went to take a shower , but I had to poop . So while she was cleaning my cum from her ass , I was taking a shit . Then she started crying and said that it hurts the I realised that she’s just having an orgasm , I told her that she is having an orgasm . I saw her wet body and I was hard again but my dick was all drained, so I asked her to come near me and told her to clean my ass , I got up and bent over , she was grossed out , but I told her that I did everything for you can’t you do something for me , she took toilet paper and was about clean my ass . I grabbed her hands and told her not with toilet paper , with your tongue . She said “ewww… you’re gross…”. I replied ” if you don’t do it , I will fuck you in your ass , again ” . She denied, so I blackmailed her and told her that I’ll tell everyone about this . Then I bent down again , she had both of her hands on my ass , and I could feel her heavy breaths on my ass , then I felt her wet tongue on my ass hole , she was wiggling her tongue on my asshole . She cleaned my ass but she didn’t stop , she started eating my ass . After few minutes I told her that it’s enough, she brushed her teeth and went to bed , I went in shower , she wore back her panty and camisole , but then I had to pee, so i was in shower and I called her and told her that I want to pee on her , she started removing her clothes but I told her keep the clothes on and she kneeled down , I peed on her , she removed her clothes and we took shower together . Then we fell asleep.

Next morning , I woke up and found my self spooning her , she was only wearing panty and nothing on top . I kissed her lips and whispered in her ears “GOOD MORNING DEAR”. she turned and
smiled and then she kissed me on my lips . She got on top of me and layed there for few minutes , while I had my hands under her panty massaging her ass. I suggested that we should take a shower together. We both went in shower , I got hard and asked her to suck it , she got on her knees and started sucking it for a while , I went to get Condom and took my phone and asked Vicky that can I record us fucking , she agreed I recorded her fucking me and sucking my dick . I also clicked some nude pics of her . We got dressed and came back to home .

This happened 3 days ago and since then I have been jerking off watching her nudes. If anything happens again, I’ll write the part 3. And also suggest some things to do with her .

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    OMG I love tweens. I could fuck her till my balls and dick fall off. Young female were put on this earth to teach how to fuck and I for one love to do it no matter what age.
    Long live fertile woman to create baby girls.

  • Reply Yup ID:3057ccf2zm

    Post the pictures

  • Reply that guy ID:30rx27wyqm

    nice story

  • Reply A ID:7ylrenaoi9

    U suck at writing!

    • Gonzo ID:1rou10v2

      OMFG I can’t stop laughing, Fuck my stomach hurts better then a Comedy!

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    Poop on her or let her poop on you

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    Its just after 7 this Sunday morning and, walking toward the kitchen to start the required coffee, I hear a noise from the guest bedroom. My brother and his family are driving home for the start of school next week. I peeked into the room, the door was slightly ajar, and I see my 16 yo son fucking my brother’s 12 yo daughter. Couldn’t help watching and jacking my cock. I was really tempted to wait until he finished in her an use his cum as lube. Now that I’m writing this, I should have.

    What my son doesn’t know, I fuck his 15 yo girlfriend for fun and play around with his male friend who thinks he’s trans (also 16). This next generation may be fucked up but they are fun to play with! BTW, I found a video on my boy’s cell of him being blown by his trans friend while his GF watches.

    Anyone else having something similar in their lives? Interested in hearing from real people not those wanting to know more. [email protected]

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