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Daddy and his special friend

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Im je 12 years old real life experience i love very much . I have dislyxia sorry for wrong spelling and period

Yesterday i was asking daddy when his special friend Paula was coming back over . Daddy said funny you asked she coming over tonight. We get our running around we get home . I go shower then daddy we get dressed . I got on a black tee shirt and black shorts nothing on under it . Daddy puts on a pair of shorts . So its around 9:00 pm at night knock at tge door . I go open it there Paula. She comes in she got on a very tight white tee shirt her nipples are poking the shirt and a short skirt. She walks over to daddy. Gives him a hug and a kiss. Then she hugs,and kisses me . Then Paula said to me I have gifts for you . We go upstairs and she got 2 matching lingerie were boobs are not covered the panties exposed our private.. she penis it poking out . We go back downstairs. Daddy says wow you 2 girls look amazing. We both say thank you daddy. . We bot go sit on each one of his legs. Daddy touched both our boobs . Then paura leans down kisses daddy. She grabs daddy penis through his shorts . Then Paula kisses me grabs my boobs . Then daddy said lets go upstairs. I pull daddy shorts down . Daddy penis bounces up and down . Paula bends down puts daddy penis in her mouth. I get down put her penis in my mouth. Then Paula leans back says you taught her well on sucking penis. . Paula pulls me up .daddy laying on the bed i put my private at his face . Lean down put daddy penis in my mouth. Im going up and down daddy got his finger in My butt. Then daddy lays me on the bed. Daddy lays on top of me we kiss . Then Paula lays next to us . Then Paula lays on top of daddy. I can feel daddy penis going in my private. Daddy says sweetheart Paula like to lay on daddy. Ok daddy i look over daddy shoulder i see Paula penis moviing up and down. Throught daddy butt cheeks. .daddy going in and out of my prive . I get all tingly i start to come. The i hear daddy say mmmmm yes . I feel daddy penis get thicker and harder in my private. I look over daddy shoulder again . I cant see paula penis coming through daddy put cheeks i see it that everytime she moves down daddy goes in me . Daddy says dont this feel good . Yes,daddy paula says it feels great . Then Paula says she going to come . Paula starts jerking her hips. Witch make daddy penis jerk in my private. Daddy says her going to come i can feel daddy penis jumping and shooting. Paura lays on daddy kisses me . I asked Paula where she come . She said in your daddy butt. I said OK i didn’t know daddy did that. Daddy said yes sweetheart only once and a while i do .we all go shower . All 3 of us fall asleep

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  • Reply Bob ID:3tlp9yw8hrb

    Dear sweet, hot Jen,
    Thanks for sharing your fun with Paula and daddy. Let’s email and talk about our sexual fun!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Hi Jen ! I want to take you to a lingerie store and buy you fully fashioned nylon stockings and 10 strap garter belt ! also a white floral crotchless bodystocking and stiletto heels ! when i dress you up your daddy ! he will be fucking and breeding you so hard that you will squeal out ! help me mommy tara !! daddy’s got his big cock locked into my tiny pussy and i’m scared !!

    • Jen ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      MOMMY TARA dont be scared im here next to you holding your hand . Kissing you daddy wont hurt you i promise. He never hurts me . Daddy out big penis lover .

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      Thank you Jen baby ! can i sit on your daddy’s cock and while he’s fucking me, can my sweetie suck and drink mom’s milk that’s lactating and leaking out of mom’s tit’s !! Thanks baby girl ! if i am pregnant by your daddy you will have a baby sister or brother in me ! and i love for you t o keep drinking my milk to nourish my baby girl so when daddy fucks you ! you will be strong and very sexy ! mommy tara !! many XO’S XO’S

    • Jen ID:1hftpaq0d9j

      MOMMY TARA i would love to drink your milk

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5vn3j3z0m9c

    Daddy’s cock is always best .

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db4n0gtlbll

    I so enjoyed