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Three In A Bed Part 2: Things Are Hotting Up

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Annette is now eleven years old. Can I tear my eyes away from her mother to fantasise about her? Yes.

Annette was now turning me on. Her mother, the fucking lovely fucking sex-crazy French woman whom I had moved in with some ten months previously now, always encouraged us to be naked at home. Then last summer she booked us in for a ten-day holiday at a naturist resort in Southern France. This was nothing new to Annette as she had being going there with her mother for the previous six years, and wandering around totally naked was second nature to her. To me it was still around third nature, and I felt unsure about the three of us being beyond the safe confines of the house, now in the company of a hundred or so other nudists. I had to force my cock to behave, especially at the sight of the young girls who drifted around in numbers. Oh God. Those girls.
Yes, the kids there were fantastic. Naked young girls and boys everywhere. Beautiful naked young girls from the age of babies at the breast to girls with small breasts to girls with breasts you just wanted to suck and drink sweet milk from. But it was the younger girls who gave me fucking huge erections as soon as I fantasised about them when taking a shower: making me come in seconds. But none of them, not one of them, turned me on as much as Annette was doing. And her mother. Annette was eleven now, with beautiful small breasts, developing areolas and nipples I just wanted to pull on and suck, like I did with her mother’s most nights (and plenty of mornings: and some lunchtimes too. Fuck, her mother was so turned on, twenty-four seven). And around Annette’s pussy a soft fuzz of hair was developing; a huge twenty-four seven turn-on for me. And Sophia watched me watching Annette appreciatively, as I fought a losing battle with my cock which clearly, obviously, now wanted to pump both cunts.
“Isn’t Annette beautiful?” Sophia asked me with a smile playing around her lips. “Isn’t she developing well?” And it was the way she said “developing” that gave me my first clue as to what might happen when we got home after the holiday. The way she said it, it just dripped with sex.
“She seems able to develop you as well now,” she added, looking at my cock. At that, I had no option other than to take Sophia then and there into the shower block, turn the shower onto full to cover the moans, and fuck her brutally, frantically hard: like a punishment for teasing me. Rammed up against the wall with her legs wide apart and hot water streaming down over her glistening brown body, with my cock fucking her as deeply as it possibly could and my balls slapping against her beautiful sticky cunt lips, she said just loud enough for me to hear above the hiss of the shower, “When we get home, we’re all going to play. Don’t you think it’s time?”
With that, I immediately spurted everything I had deep into her cervix. I couldn’t speak. She did. “OK, you lovely fucker. Lie down. I need to piss: all over you. I lay down. I opened my mouth wide. She pulled her cunt lips wide and first let a slow flow of cum, my own cum, drip down into my mouth. Then she smacked her cunt repeatedly and let flow a huge jet of piss that cascaded all over me and filled my mouth, mixing with my own cum. “Hmm, that’s good!” she said with a laugh. I gargled and swallowed it all, noting that it tasted so much better than I thought it would.
“All these beautiful things we do!” she added. “And when we get home, I think we need to teach Annette these pleasures too; don’t you? Clearly she’s old enough.”
“Oh God yes,” I could barely reply. I was nearly passing out at the thought. I turned the shower to cold to wash myself clean of Sophia’s glorious piss (fuck, was I getting addicted to her piss? Help!), and to bring myself back under control.
She threw me a towel and we walked back to our cabin. My knees felt weak at the prospect of pleasures that I hardly dared visualise. Part of me wanted to go home there and then; but part of me wanted to remain the last few days of the holiday so that I could soak up the presence of the other naked girls…the other totally naked girls…the other totally naked and very fuckable girls… Nudist resort was largely filled with families, and families – with parents watchful for guys who might have hard-ons at the sight of their little beauty – seemed to contain very fuckable naked girls: a very kind and generous act for the likes of me. I hadn’t quite acknowledged it before, but there was no escaping the fact: young girls turned me on, and one girl in particular.
This particular eleven year-old girl, who every day seemed to grow more into the image of her mother, had been in the habit for years now to climb into bed with her mother on weekend mornings: “our weekend cuddles” as Sophia called it. With my arrival, the weekend cuddles initially stopped, as she felt displaced by my naked body alongside that of her mother. But Sophia worked on her, enticed her, encouraged her, to resume the years- old habit. And to join the two of us in bed.
At first, Annette was (understandably) reluctant. Then, one warm sunny morning in September, five weeks after getting back from the Naturist Resort, she succumbed to her mother’s encouragement, and came into our room. She was wearing, to my slight disappointment, a nightie. She climbed into bed next to her mother, so that Sophie became the middle of the three of us. Sophie gently set to work on her, smoothing her hair, stroking her as she had done when Annette was young (and still loved it now), and cuddling her as any loving mother would do. I lay there feeling strangely left out, until I felt Sophie’s naked ass press back towards me, and her left hand find my cock, which she guided to her ass. I gasped inwardly at her audacity. Surely she wasn’t…..? Oh yes she was. She parted her legs gently, and led my cock to her wetness. She was always wet before sex, but at this moment she was wetter, more turned on than ever before. Still wrapping Annette against her with her right arm, her left hand told me the instruction. “Fuck me now, while I’ve got Annette pressed against me.” She kissed Annette’s hair, muttered sweet words to her, while I carefully repositioned myself a little. My cock was rock hard, probing gently until it found Sophie’s hot, wet gash. I pushed, she received: we fucked. I fucked her slowly and rhythmically, sensing that Annette must surely sense something. But maybe she was impervious to it as her mother smothered her with increasingly passionate kisses and the words “You are my beautiful baby, I love you so much, you beautiful girl.” I felt almost as though I was fucking Annette through the physical medium of her mother. That thought did it for me. Clenching my teeth together so as not to make a noise (incredibly hard) I again spurted load after load deep into her mother, who couldn’t hold back a restrained gasp and a moan as she climaxed with me. Surely Annette knew what was going on now? Surely. I watched Annette’s arm extend over her mother’s body towards me, and – with me still inside her mother – pressed her mother closer to her.
“I love you too Mummy,” she said. “I love you both.”
With that, she slipped out of bed and left the room, as my cum dripped slowly from her mother’s cunt.
“I hope you enjoyed that,” she said to me with a broad smile.
“Oh God yes, oh God yesss” I replied. What, I wondered, would come next?

(Part 3: Cumming to an orgasm very near you soon…)

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    Love it

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    Totally hot and delightful story!

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    This is getting hot! I jerked off at the shower scene. Loving it! Part 3 please.