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Groomed pt5: sex ed

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It’s now 2 years later, I’m a 7th grader now and for school, every kid had to do a new program. It would turn my whole world upside down.

The last two years, uncle Drew would play with my pussy almost every weekend I’d see them at grandma and grandpas, Trisha and I would practice on each other a little too. Peter was too old to need a baby sitter and started dating girls his age, sometimes younger. I wouldn’t see him much anymore. As I got older, I learned to not fight the orgasms and started enjoying the pleasure that uncle Drew would give me. He would rub his cock on me more and I always wondered if my daddy’s looked the same. I tried to look under his bedroom door to get a glimpse at my daddy’s cock, and he caught me and told me don’t do that. I guess not all daddy’s play with their daughters like uncle Drew plays with his, and as I learned that year in school, daddy’s don’t do that with their daughters at all.

There was a special teacher in class today that made all the boys in class leave. I was in a class of about 11 girls and 12 boys. With half the class gone, the special teacher introduced herself as Mrs. Myers, and that she was hear to teach us about our bodies. I rolled my eyes thinking I already knew about my button and what makes me feel good. Mrs myers sensed my arrogance and asked me “ms sweetie, could you tell me what this part of the vulva is?” She was pointing at a picture of a woman’s genitalia and I shouted with pure confidence “oh that’s her button!” The other girls in the class laughed and I looked around confused and embarrassed. “Uhh no sweetie, this is called a clitoris. It’s one way the body feels pleasure. If you rub your clitoris enough you end up stimulating it and it feels so good, that’s called an orgasm.” Orgasm! At least I knew that! I felt my pussy get wet as we talked about our pussys and what they do. I then asked “how come some daddies play with their daughters pussys while others don’t, Mrs myers?”

Mrs. Myers looked at me wide eyed and frightened. “Sweetie, daddies shouldn’t be playing with your private parts at all! Please see me after class.” I had this dark feeling wash over me, the embarrassment from the other girls whispers, some of them also looking down in shame. Some of them were snickering as if I had said something so outrageous. I was already not so popular, and my self esteem was vibrated right out from me since I was only 10, I now just felt worse about myself and on top of that, I might of just gotten uncle Drew mad at me for exposing our secret.

After class, Mrs Myers pulled me aside and calmly asked “is there anyone making you do things you don’t want to at home?” “N..nooo Mrs Myers.” “What about your dad, is he touching you?” “No! He won’t even let me see his private parts I’m not allowed!” Mrs. Myers sighed with relief. “Okay, it’s just you had said something and I needed to make sure you were safe at home. No one should be touching your privates, especially family members. If there’s anything and I mean anything like that going on, you can come talk to me okay?” “Thank you Mrs. Myers, I will.”

That weekend when my dad dropped me off at grandma and grandpas, he stuck around for a while. His arms were crossed and his legs were standing in a position that made him look bigger as he was talking to his brother Drew and their dad. He looked pissed. Soon right before grandma had lunch ready, my dad left and we all sat down to eat. Uncle Drew was especially quiet this day, and wasn’t looking at me at all. Trisha was playing footsies with me, and running her foot between my legs. I remember what Mrs Myers said so I positioned myself where I’d be a little more distant from her. Trisha stopped and pouted. I said I was sorry I just can’t do that.

Everyone went outside to play except for me and my grandpa. I decided to talk to him, I loved my grandpa and I thought he was the wisest man in the world.

“Hey grandpa, I think I have a problem.” I said to him as I looked down. “Sweetie doll what’s wrong?”

“I think I made uncle Drew mad at me. We always play so much but today he won’t even look at me, and at school this week we had a special teacher come talk to all the girls. Uncle Drew plays with…. Me in a way Mrs. Myers said he shouldn’t be.”

My grandfather sat up and looked at me with intent to get to the bottom of what I was saying. “Sweetie, I’m glad you came to talk to me, come up here and sit on my lap.” Sitting on grandpas lap was always fun, sometimes he would shake his leg up and down and when I was younger it was so fun bouncing on his lap. But I was 12 now and felt heavier. My grandfather was tall standing 6’5” and his body was built. He was a navy man in his prime, and he was still so strong, he could handle my extra weight. I sat down on his lap and he secured my body by holding upper outer thigh, kind of like how he holds grandma. “Now what did you and Mrs Myers talk about?” “ um well during that sex ed class, I asked mys Myers why some daddies touch their daughters pussys and some others don’t. And well, uncle Drew likes to play with my pussy.” My grandfather looked curious. Then he positioned me on his. Lap and spread my legs over him. “Did uncle Drew touch you down here?” Grandpa moved his head over my crotch through my pants and poked through to my clit. “Yes and he calls it my button but I learned it’s actually a clitoris.” I felt my grandfathers pants get harder in one area, it felt like a pipe grew right from under me while my grandfather took his fingers and applied pressure over my pussy. “Sweetie can you take your clothes off?” He said. “All of my clothes? Why?” I asked. No way did I think he would be like uncle Drew and touch me in anyway. “If uncle Drew has been touching you, I need to inspect your body and make sure your hymen is still intact.” “What’s a hymen, grandpa?” “Heheh take off your clothes and if it’s still there I’ll show you.”

I stood up and started undressing in front of my grandpa. He licked his lips as he saw me undress and started in doing his belt and zipper. “Grandpa what are you doing?” “You’ll see. Come back and sit on my lap. I walked slowly towards him and sat down with my exposed pussy hovering over his huge 8 inch thick cock. Not even uncle Drew’s cock was this size! Grandpa lifted my legs and bent them to when my feet were resting over his thighs. “I’m gonna check to see if you still have your hymen okay?” “Okay grandpa…” he moved his cock upwards and slowly rubbed against my pussy. “Ah! Grandpa wait!” His fingers rubbed my clit and then he moved a finger down to my little right baby hole and poked inside me. “OW! STOP IT!” I shouted. “Hey darling?” Grandpa called to my grandma. “go get your vibrator honey. We’re gonna show sweetie doll how good real sex is.” “WHAT??” Oh no. This was what Mrs Myers meant. No one should be touching me she said, I never thought my grandpa would be doing this to me too. But this time, I could tell it was going to be even worse than anything uncle Drew has ever done to me.

I felt myself get wet and my clit started to throb. My body was so used to being played with it felt natural that I started getting horny. I didn’t want this though! Surely my grandma wouldn’t do anything to hurt me?! “Got it honey! Is sweetie ready?” My grandma spoke gleefully. This was definitely not their first time.

Oh god when will this nightmare end. Something really sick was about to happen to me, I could feel it.

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