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My little beach boy part 2

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(This is a sequel to my previous story “my little beach boy”)

It was quite when when we entered the house usually my sister is on the couch watching her stories but I guess she was still at the beach, the regular beach that is she’s too skittish to go to a nudist beach.
“Well here we are kiddo make yourself comfortable.” James looked nervous.
“what’s the matter tough guy? Never been in another persons place before?” I said while rustling his short black hair.
“O-of course I h-have” he answered quickly. It’s just I think it’s happening again. “Ya know the thing” he points down and I can see his penis stretching all the way down his swimsuits leg.
“Awww is somebody horny already?” I say while squishing my boobs together. I sit down on the couch and pat on my lap. “Come here, let momma kandy make you feel better. He sits on my lap, his face bright red. I remove my bikini.
“Now lay down and suck on my tits as much as you want” he does so with out a word. I always wondered how it felt to breastfeed, if I knew it felt this good I would be a mother by now. Anyway I take his ridiculously big cock out and begin stroking it as gently yet quick as I can.
“MFMM MMMHMAAA” James shouted
“Does that feel good baby boy? Do you like the way I stroke your dick? Oh god you are so fucking cute I want to spoil you so much!” I said while he sucked on my nipples like baby bottles.”
MFMMP PEE IM GONNA PEE” he blasts cum directly into my face.
“Ah James you could have warned me a little sooner. And like I said on the way here that isn’t pee, that’s called cum and some women really like it, (licks my lips) especially me”
“Ka-kandy please.” James said panting “ I need you so much.” If I wasn’t wet before I was definitely soaking now.
“ well then let’s get started” I said with a smile as I begin to carry him in my arms up to the master bedroom. As I carry him up he begins groping my boobs.
“So soft” he mutters
“Oh someone’s certainty eager don’t worry buddy we’re almost there. I say before kissing him on the forehead. I enter the room and gently place him in the center of the bed.
“Hmm looks like that handjob took a lot out of you, looks like we’re gonna have to improvise. I crawl between his legs and give his balls a biiiiiig raspberry.
“AAAAH KANDY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” James shouts surprised.
“Oh just giving you a little pick me up, ooo how about I do it here instead. I move up to the bottom of his shaft and resume the raspberry.
“HAHAHAHAHA KANDY STOP IT IT TICKLES HAHAHA!” James says in a fit of both laughter and pleasure”
“Hmmmmmmmmmmm no” I said playfullly “PFBTFFF”
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Kandy haha I’m ha gonna cum again!.” I stop almost immediately.
“Wha- kandy I was soo close why’d you stop?” James asked pouting.
“Cuz I can’t have you cumming just yet sweetie now you just sit right there I’m gonna get changed into something a little more Erotic.”

(Note, the story will be focused on James’s perspective for now)

Kandy went into the bathroom to go change. I didn’t get it, what outfit could be more sexy then she already was. Kandy had been so nice to me even though we just met and she even let me suck on her boobs. Suddenly my heart started pounding, is this what love feels like? All I know is I want to spend more time with her. Soon kandy came back wearing one of those sexy swimsuits that I saw in dad’s magazines, the g string one.
“ you like what you see big boy” kandy asked posing exposing her huge butt.
“Ye-YES” I replied
“Oh really? How much?”
“ I LOVE IT, IT MAKES MY PENIS FEEL SO STIFF YET SO GOOD AT THE SAME TIME.” I started stroking my penis and couldn’t stop.
“COME ON KANDY STOP TEASING ME” suddenly she jumps on the bed and starts crawling towards me like a kitty cat.
Upupupup what’s the magic word now” she asked smothering me with her boobs.
“ I don’t know I don’t think your being sincere” I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!

(Back to Kandy’s pov)
I don’t know what happened suddenly I noticed My neck is hanging off the bed, I look up and see James looming over me with a thirsty sex crazed look in his eyes. That brat tackled me AGAIN. Suddenly I noticed his raging hard boner hovering over my pussy.
“Hey Ja-James let’s wait a sec-“
“ NO!! NO MORE WAITING, NO MORE TEASING YOU BELONG TO ME NOW!” Holy shit what just happened did something in him Snap or something!? Who or what was this kid. Suddenly he rams his cock into me full force and it feels like my pussy was hit by a truck and he just keep pumping it in me
“AAAAH FUCK HOLY SHIT JAMES OH MY FUCKING GOD MMMMHMM.” It feels incredible not just the size or the speed but the rhythm too. James didn’t say a word though he just kept thrusting.
“OOH JAMES I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!” I couldn’t believe it, a goddamn 12 year old boy was giving me the best sex of my life it’s like something out of a fucking hentai or something.
FUCK WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T PULL OUT OKAY IM CUMMING TOO AND I WANT TO DO IT TOGETHER LIKE LAST TIME, what follows is probably the probably the fattest cream pie I have ever taken. I was too exhausted to move and my legs wouldn’t stop shaking
“Ah ah see aren’t you glad I got you all pent up like that.” I said in between breathes.
“Yeah I guess I am uhh hey kandy?” he sticks his flaccid and cum drenched cock in my face.
“Could you clean me up please?” I smiled
Of course champ anything for my special little guy” I begin licking every inch of cum fro his dick, the only thing keeping me going were those adorable squeaks and moans he makes that I love so much. Soon his cock is all nice and clean and we spend the next few minutes just cuddling and kissing each other in various places.
“ka-Kandy I love you so much when I graduate high school I’m gonna marry you.” I was speechless I knew he was crazy for me but I didn’t think he was actually in love with me.
“Aww that’s so sweet baby but your still so young” I said
“No I’m not next year I’m going to high school.” Wait what “But aren’t you like 12?”
“No I’m 14, mom and dad say it’s cuz I’m an early bloomer.”
“Whaat oh god then I wouldn’t have treated you like a little kid oh my god I’m so sorry James.”
“No it’s Okay to be honest I kinda like it” James confessed
“Oh my god you are such a pervert hahaha” I looked at the time it was 10:30! Oh shit i have to drop you off quick get dressed! Suddenly James wrapped himself around my body
“No I don’t want to go yet I want to stay here with you”
“Aren’t you afraid your parents might get worried” I asked concerned
“No I don’t care I want to snuggle with you and fall asleep nestled between your boobs” he was serious about this.
“Okay James I guess it couldn’t hurt. Are you sure you want to be with someone like me I’m 29 for Pete’s sake.”
I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.
“Okay tough guy you win, by the way my sister is coming to visit tomorrow maybe we can convince her to join in the fun. Maybe we can even get you your own harem! Wouldn’t that be gr-“ he was out cold, he fell asleep exactly like he said he would. I simply smiled and turned off the lights.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Just a tad disappointing after a very promising start.

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