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Two young teen sister’s get both of their cherries popped by babysitting neighbor

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Two days ago my neighbor and his wife were going out to their works Christmas party but couldn’t find a babysitter . so at the last minute they knocked on my door and asked if I was available , I said I was .

They brought their two daughter’s over , 12 year old Susie and 13 year old Britney . They came in and
each of them have their sleeping bags and pillows .

We waved Susie’s and Britney’s parents off , and went inside and they sat on my sofa .

“Can I change the channel I don’t like this show”? asked Susie , they are here less than 15 minutes and
they are already taking over my television .

“Go ahead”! I said tossing her the remote as I headed to the kitchen for another beer . I only had one
sofa and no chairs so I squeezed myself in between them both on my two seater sofa as I handed them
each a can of soda I brought in for them , “I can’t drink this” said Britney , putting the can on the coffee
table .

“Why not”? I asked .

“It’s not diet”!! , “It’s fattening”! she said .

“Fuck off there’s no meat on you two , you don’t need to be worrying about diets”! I said . they both
laughed , probably not use to being around an adult who didn’t care if he swore in front of them . I say and do what I want in my own house , teen girls or no teen girls .

“What about that” Susie said , pointing to my beer .

“This is beer , it’s not for little girls”!! I replied .

“We’re not little girls , we are thirteen”!! said Britney .

I’m starting to like these girls , maybe this will be more fun than I thought .

“Okay…”! I said . Handing Britney my can , “Knock yourself out”!! I said . giving Britney my can .

I watched her knock back that beer , she was really gulping it down , then Susie snatched it from her
and she took a long swig as well , by the time they handed it back the can it was empty ,”What the heck girls”!

The girls giggled and burped after drinking all my beer .

I got myself another beer from the fridge and brought in an extra one for them to share as I sat down
and we watched some T.V. ! As the night progressed the girls got drunker , as we were watching some
drama a scene came on with a man and woman kissing then laying down on a bed , clearly having
sex .

Susie and Britney started blushing and giggling , they both leaned against my arm hiding their red
faces , “What’s up with you two nut cases now”? I asked .

“They’re shacking up”! said Britney .

“They are not shacking up – they are fucking”!! I replied .

“You sad the f- word again”! said Susie .

“Yeah I’ll say it again , fucking”! I said , just having a laugh with them , “What are you blushing for ,
haven’t you kissed a boy before”? I asked .

“Nope”! they replied .

“Your kidding –neither of you have never kissed a boy”? I asked .

“No”! said Britney .

I turned and faced Britney and pointed to my lips , “Come on and kiss me”!! I said .

Britney blushed then gave me a peck on my lips , I did turned to Susie and she did the same .

“That’s not a kiss”! I said .

I turned in my seat and held Susie’s face and gave her a nice long kiss when I finished she just left her head in place for a moment with her eyes closed , lips pouted and looking like she was in a trance .

I turned around and gave Britney the same but she didn’t want to stop , when I tried to move my lips away from her , she grabbed my head and pressed our lips back together . When I tried to move away
she swung herself over my legs and straddled over my lap facing me and kissing me firmly on my lips.

She finally stopped and said , “I like kissing”!

“I can see that”! I said . Her kiss has giving me an erection and I was trying to get her off my lap so
she wouldn’t feel it but she noticed and grabbed my cock through the fabric of my jeans ,”What’s that”?

she asked gripping it hard and feeling it to see what it was . That’s his dick Susie said giggling .
“Is it your dick , can we see it”? Britney asked .

“Yeah can we”? asked Susie .

At this point I lifted her off of me and put her back down on the sofa as I got up , no way I said picking up my beer , they started giggling again pointing at my crotch , my erection was pushing out the front of my jeans . “Oh no”!! I said , turning around to hide it.

“Let us see it”! they requested again and again . Then they did the most unexpected thing , they started pulling down their leggings exposing their virgin pussies . Seeing them standing there with their spandex leggings pulled down with only their extra large t-shirt nighties on , covering their tits and part of their naked ass’s . Didn’t help with my erection , it encouraged it .

I couldn’t take it anymore and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my zipper down and let my dick out of my jeans , It’s long and huge said Susie as the both of them gasped and started rubbing it .

“Wow”! “I wish I had some dick”! said Britney .

She was about to get her wish ,I reached down and hoisted her up as she put her arms and legs around me. I carried her up to my bedroom while Susie followed us . I walked into my bedroom and threw the both of us onto my bed . I reached behind me and grabbed Susie’s arm and pulled her on the bed with us .

I quickly started licking Britney’s bald pussy . her moans told me she loves it very much . I swapped
between them , not wanting to leave Susie out of the fun and licked her out as well . The problem I had
was that I have two hot young teens ready to fuck but I only had one cock .

I kneeled on the bed with them , both of them laying down on their backs in front of me , I stroked my
cock , I don’t know which one of you to fuck first , I said .

Susie was the first to spread her legs wide apart , so I dove on her first , I quickly penetrated her pussy
and began thrust fucking her , she screamed and bucked as my cock broke and popped her cherry hymen , her screams of pain didn’t last long . Then she moaned and squealed out ,”OOOHHHH”!

I stopped before blowing my load into her !

I moved across and gave the same to Britney , I also felt my cock break and tear apart Britney’s hymen
as she screamed in pain , I was so excited that I rammed Britney’s pussy so hard that my bed that the
three of us are on was banging and rocking against my wall as Britney just squealed out , “OOOHHH”!!

I blew half my load into Britney’s tight pussy , then I quickly grabbed my cock and thrusted it into
Susie’s pussy and finished blowing the rest of my sperm into her tight little pussy !

We all fell asleep together .Then I woke up in the morning with both Susie and Britney sucking my cock together as they both stared at me until my cock blew into both of their mouths , the two of them
eagerly sucked up all my spunk .

We went into my kitchen and I made coffee , then I had both of them sit on each of my knees as I shared my coffee and toast with them and told them not to tell your parents what we did !

They both agreed and then they asked when we can do that again , I said anytime you girls want but
I think you girls need to get a couple of E.P.T. kits and condoms ! they said they will !

I hope to god that I didn’t impregnate the both of them , how could I explain that to their parents !


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