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Doomsday family

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This is what happens when you grow up in a family who have the doomsday belief and need to teach you

My name is Nikita . I’m now 25 years old . I have 3 siblings . Two sisters we are triplets . Stacy has really red hair . Olivia has is more on the brown side . I’m more blonde . Stacey has the bigger set of titts out of the 3 of us . I’m in the middle but I got the smaller size when it comes to the pussy . We also have a brother Brad who is 2 years older than us . Our mum and and dad were them doomsday type . We lived way out in the mountains and bush away from anyone . We were home schooled . But not like most people think if home school . This was they taught us in their beliefs . In a way thinking back on it we missed out on so much . Me and my sisters were 12 when mum and dad started talking to us about our bodies . They would get us to stand in front of them nude with my brother there as well . He lots of the time would be nude as well . They would tell us about all them spots on our bodies . Telling us all about our titts , nipples , clit , and pussys . Telling all about cocks and showing us on Brad . After 6 months they wanted us to learn more . Being like things were we never thought anything about anything they ever said or did . By the age of 13 they were already wanting us to watch as Brad would masturbate . Showing us how a cock would grow and get bigger . Telling us how people play with themselves and that’s called masturbation . Even to the point of watching Brad cum . Of course by this time hearing so many things and seeing so many things I was starting to really get curious about my own body . I’d often in the shower rub my titts and pussy . I knew it made me feel good . As time went by dad and mum started to ask if any of us girls would like to learn to masturbate . Stacey was really the more eager on of us 3 . Olivia was always the quiet held back one . I was more inbetween . So Stacy was the first to say yes . So one afternoon they had her in our room with all of us in there . Telling her to strip off so she did . They got her to lay on her bed . Telling her to play with her titts and nipples . By the way she was using her fingers to rub her titts and tease her nipples you could tell she had been trying by herself for alittle while . Brads eyes were fixated on her . Soon her nipples were so rock hard . Mum tells her to run her hands down her body till she reaches her clit . You could see the goosebumps form as her hands ran down her flat tummy and reached her clit . Even at the the late stages of being 13 she had a cure little hood . Mine was small . I’d seen Olivia’s as we always changed together and hers was only just bigger than mine . In a way I hated Stacy as she had better titts and a hotter pussy . Her finger started to massage the little coving of her clit . She gave a sigh . Soon as the bud clit started to show she used a finger of the other hand to start rubbing that . I knew I was feeling something watching her . Seeing one hand massaging the covering and the other rubbing that bud . She was starting to quietly moan . Brads cock was hard . In no time her clit was so hard . She was telling mum how it was so sensitive . It was starting to feel bad and not as good . Mum told her to keep going . Her moans soon getting loud and her legs shaking . I watched as her pussy started to flow juices . She was moaning so much and all of a sudden her hands dropped and her body shook . Olivia asked mum if she was ok and mum telling her that she was and that her sister just had a orgasm . Mum and dad let her rest for a minute and then got her to move her hand and start running a finger up and down her slit . You could tell she was already so moist . Her finger slowly started to part her small slit . She moaned as her finger touched her hole . Mum telling her to gently start pushing . Stacy started telling them that it was hurting . That she was to tight to put her finger in . Mum got hold of her hand and started to rotate it . Poor Stacey groaning then yelling ” ouch mummy ouch ” as I saw part of her finger enter her . Mum only made it so it went in up to her knuckle . But Stacy was sobbing as mum helped her work it in and out . I watched the wetness grow on her finger . Soon the groans turned into moans . Stacey again twitching . Her legs were like shaking nearly off the bed . Then all of us watched Stacey’s fingers get covered in her cream as she cummed . I was feeling wet myself and also horny . I hardly ever felt horny but watching Stacey made me so horny . Soon as Stacey stopped cumming mum and dad helped her get dressed and we went and made dinner . It was a very quiet dinner that night . We then did our nightly jobs and all went off to bed . The next few days mum and dad really didn’t do anything with us . But the time came where they decided it was Olivia’s turn if she wanted to or not . They took us all to our room . They told Olivia to undress and she reluctantly did . Mum helped Olivia onto the bed . You could see how nervous she was . Mum told her to start playing with her titts and nipples . She slowly started to . I think more thinking of what Stacey did to get the idea . I had never really known Olivia to play with herself in any way ever . Her fingers moving from the mounds of her titts to her tiny pink nipples . Her touches soon making her nipples grow . As they got bigger Olivia tells mum they are feeling weird . Telling her how it’s feeling funny as she touches them . Her nipples so sensitive . Mum made her continue for alittle bit longer . The deep breaths each time her fingers touched her hard pink nipples . Soon her hands were running down her cute flat tummy . Reaching the covering of her clit . The middle finger of her right hand started to caress it . She was breathing so deep . I saw Brad take off his pants . He tells Stacy to take hers off . So she takes off her silk pink shorts then her blue panties . He tells her to sit on her bed so she does and he sits beside her . He gets her left hand and places it on his semi hard cock . He tells her to start rubbing him so she does . His eyes locked on Olivia’s finger going up and down her clit covering . Soon Brads hand is on Stacy’s pussy rubbing it . By now Olivia’s clit was starting to come out . Mum tells her to use a finger on her left hand to rub her clit . She groans as her finger starts to rub it . Little tears flow as her fingers are rubbing their spots . Harder and harder her little clit grows . Groan , moan , groan , moan is all we can hear from her . Brads has Stacy moaning as hid fingers work both her clit and slit . Her hand still slowly rubbing his growing clit . Olivia is moaning more now . Her clit is so swollen and sensitive for her to touch . The lining of her slit shimmering from it starting to get wet from her juices . Mum tells her to start to play with her slit . Two of her tiny fingers on her right hand start to run up and down her tight young slit . My eyes watching the pinkness start to show as they start to part . Brad grunting ad his Stacy’s hand rubs faster on his now rock hard cock . I see one of his fingers working in and out of her . Olivia’s finger has past her slit and is resting on her so tight hole . Dad moves in and uses two fingers and spreads her little lips . It turned me on so much seeing the light pink flesh of the inside of her slit . Her finger resting on that tiny opening . Mum tells her to start pushing her finger . Such loud grunts come from her as she starts pushing . She is pushing and rubbing . Grunting as she does . Then she let’s out a huge cry as her finger forces its way inside her . Mum asks her how it feels . Olivia in a crying voice telling mum she doesn’t think she can it’s hurting her . It’s to tight in there to put her finger . Mum telling her to work her finger to losen her little hole . So Olivia does all the time crying . As she continues to work her finger it gets to much for Brad and he cums . Aiming his cock at Stacy’s pussy and covering the outside of her pussy lips with his cum . Making her still sit there covered in his cum . Olivia’s finger starting to shown the signs of her pussy getting wet . Dad telling her she can’t stop till she cums like Stacy did . She is grunting less now and starting to lightly moan . Her moans sounded so cute and hot . I think she didn’t even notice as her finger started going faster . Only just going in to below the knuckle . I’m thinking about how hot it was watching her but also thinking that it would be me doing it soon and that scared . Soon her head was laying all the way back on her pillow . Her moans growing . Her legs starting to twitch . Her finger shining with her juices . She pushes in slowly now and it starts . Her finger starts to get covered in her white cum . My eyes stuck on her pussy as it kept cumming . Fully covering her finger in her cum . She kept coming for about a minute before she finished . As she pulled out her finger you could see her little hole covered in her cum . It was still the tiniest bit open . Well after she was done she got dressed and we all did our nightly jobs . The next week Olivia and I were surprised as it was Stacy who coped it all . Getting felt up by dad and having to give blow jobs to Brad . We felt sorry for her but happy it wasn’t us but at the same time it seemed she was liking it . But then it was my turn . I was lead to the bedroom and everyone followed in . I really didn’t need to be told what to do . I just stripped and got on the bed . I instantly started to play with my titts . Rubbing the soft flesh around my cone shaped small titts . Soon moving my fingers to my nipples . The more I played with them the more I felt them getting bigger . I could feel that weird feeling inside me as I played with them . The longer my fingers played with my nipples the more sensitive they got . I tell mum and dad that it’s to much they are starting to hurt ad I touch them . They are now just so sensitive . Without them even saying I let my fingers run down my tummy . Doing it such a sexual way send goosebumps all over my body . Soon my my right hand was at the covering of my clit . I let my middle finger slide up and down the soft skin of the covering . I gave a little moan as it felt nice . The more my finger run up and down it I could feel my clit reacting . I could feel it starting to come out . I used the middle finger of my left hand to touch it . My tummy got butterflies as my finger touch it . I gave a moan as I rubbed it more . Feeling a tiny tingling in my pussy . The longer I rubbed my soft little clit the bigger and harder it got . The more sensitive it got to touch . I could feel the wetness growing in my pussy . My body liking what I was doing to it . My breathing started to get deeper and I was more groaning than moaning as I had got my clit to the point it was pulsing on my finger . Pulsing and throbbing . I just let my finger slide down to my slit . It felt amazing in a way getting to feel the softness of my little slit . Running my finger up and down it . My finger slightly parting it and starting to feel my wetness . I then got to feel the tight small membrane that was my opening . The fear set in of having to push my finger into myself . I let my finger rub it ever so gently . Feeling just how wet my pussy had been getting . Giving slight moans as this part felt so good . I didn’t want the nice part to end and go to the painful part . Mum then telling me to push my finger inside of me . So I started to push . I yelped as I felt my hole open and just past the nail of middle finger entered me . My hole instantly closing back around my finger . I was so tight . I couldn’t even imagine at that point pushing more in but I knew I had to . So I started to softly and gently work my finger . I yelped louder and could feel tears forming in my eyes as I felt my hole give in and let up to my knuckle inside of me . I instantly felt the wetness inside my pussy . I start to move my finger back and forward . Grunting at the discomfort more than pain I was feeling . Feeling my hole streaching having my finger inside of me . I jumped as my finger touched my hymen . My grunts slowly turning into moans as the discomfort was slowly changing to a nice feeling . I moaned alittle louder when my finger touched a certain spot inside of me . The more I let my finger touch there the deeper I was breathing . The wetter I was getting . The more pleasure I was feeling . I stopped moving my finger in and out and just ley my finger rub that spot . Adding alittle more pressure on there . I could feel myself twitching . I was moaning louder as I could feel my toes starting to curl . I knew what was starting to happen . I could feel the slickness inside me as my juices flowed . Then getting to feel myself starting to cum . Feeling my sticky cum covering my fingers . Oh it felt so good . I couldn’t believe that I felt so good . Yes it was a tiny bit painful and uncomfortable to start but now in a way I was disappointed that it was done . Dads eyes had never left my pussy the whole time . After I was done we all had to go to the lounge room . There was a family meeting . We were told that anytime we wanted to masturbate we had to do it in front of them . That anytime Brad wanted us to play with his cock we would . I didn’t think any of us would masturbate in front of them as we would be to embarrassed to . I hated knowing Brad could make us play with his cock at his will . A few times over the next two weeks Stacy masturbated infront of us all . She really didn’t have a shy bone in her body . She even managed to get two fingers inside if her . I don’t know why but every time she did I got so turned on . I felt myself getting so wet . I only did it twice and dad watched me so closely . I started getting this weird feeling that for some reason I was his favourite . Olivia reluctantly did it once . It was more Stacy pushing her into it . Brad more got Stacy rub and play with her cock . He seemed to enjoy her doing it . He would always have her pants and undies off and cum on the outside of her pussy . I did it twice . It still was such a weird feeling having his cock in my hand . Feeling it growing . Watching the pink head of his cock growing . Feeling the veins of his cock popping out . He would only keep me topless . Then I would feel his warm sticky cum being shot over my titts . Again Olivia got it easy and only did it once . You could tell she wasn’t that good at it . He didn’t get into it as much as Stacy and me . After them couple of weeks had passed and we felt like that’s as far as they would make us go we found out it wasn’t that there was still more . We get lead to the room and made to strip again . That was not so hard anymore I think we were use to it . We were then told to get onto our knees . To be honest I was alittle confused . Then dad and Brad took of their pants and boxers and walked up to us . Their cocks semi hard . They told me and Olivia to open our mouths . I did but Olivia was reluctant and Brad pinched her nose making her open her mouth to breath . Dad put his cock in my mouth and Brads cock went into Olivia’s . Dad told us to start sucking . I started to move my mouth up and down dads cock . It was such a weird feeling . Brad was getting alittle frustrated with Olivia as he must of thought she wasn’t doing a good enough job . He soon grabbed her head holding it still and started to work his cock in and out of her mouth himself . I could feel dads cock starting to get bigger in my mouth . Feeling the sides of my mouth atarting to streach . It was uncomftable . He tells me to use my tongue on the tip of his cock so I do . Brad is thrusting in and out of Olivia’s mouth faster . I can see tears flowing from her eyes . I can soon start to taste dads pre cum as his cock is fully hard . His pre cum coating my tongue as it works the tip of his cock . I can see drool dripping from Olivia’s face . Dads cock is starting to move faster in my mouth . I can hear Brad grunting and saying to dad that he is going to cum . Dad tells him to make sure she swallow it all . I can hear her coughing and gagging as he Is cumming . Dad didn’t take much longer till I was tasting his salty cum . I was trying so hard to swallow it all . It was making me cough and gag . I could feel it pouring from the sides of my mouth . Soon he was done . We had just had our first lesson in sucking cock . Over the next few months Dad and Brad fingered us and made us suck their cocks alot . We had to learn what deep throating was . Stacy got use to it fast . Me I didn’t like it much as it hurt my throat and made me gag and cough so much . Olivia could hardly do it at all . As that time went on we did start to find out what Olivia really liked and that was mum or me or Stacy . When she did things with us she got off on it but never with dad or Brad. They still had their time with her buy she never enjoyed it . But then the time came when our parents decided it was time . It was time to make us women they said . I think as Olivia wasn’t so willing with dad and Brad that’s why she was the first to get this unwanted lesson . She was stripped and layed on the bed . Dad taking off his pants with his cock already hard . He layed on top of her slim body . His cock started running along her still little tight slit . As it parted her slit and started to touch her hole she was crying for him to not put it in her . But she knew it was going to happen . I had a full view of his cock as it started to force open her tiny tight hole . She yelled as the tip entered her . Him not moving it . Letting her whole pussy adjust to the head of his cock . She was groaning and grunting as he forced more and more of his cock in . She wouldn’t stop crying and screaming . I knew his cock had got to her hymen when she started to hit out at him . Her instincts taking over . Mum held her hands as dad pulled back and I watched his hips thrust forward . She was screaming so loud and her body fighting him . As he pulled back ever so slightly I saw the smears of blood on his cock . I knew Olivia was no longer a virgin . The smears of blood covered the slit of her pussy . He started to slowly thrust in and out of her pussy . Olivia was crying and grunting to his thrusts . Tears covered her face . As he gets his whole cock inside of her tight hole his speeds up . Brad has now moved in and is running her clit as dad fucks her . Mum leaning in and kissing her on the lips . Dads hands are gripping her hips as he fucks her harder . In seems to go on forever but eventually he pushes in hard and cums inside of her . He pulls out and I can see her once tight little hole gapping open from the fucking it just got . Dads cum dripping from it mixed with traces of her blood . She just lays there as dad wipes of his cock with a damp cloth followed by her pussy . She twitches as he does as her poor pussy is still so sore and tender . They all leave our room . I can hear her slight sobs all night . All I can think is who is next on the list me or Stacy . We didn’t have to wait long to find out and it was me . But I didn’t get dad . Brad wanted to take my virginity . I don’t think it really mattered much as they both had about the same size cocks . Dad wanted Brad to feel what it was like to fuck a virgin . I knew who ever did it I was going to feel it . They undressed me and layed me on the bed . He stared by running his cock along my slit . I’ll be honest it felt ok having his cock run along my slit . Then I nearly jumped off the damn bed as I felt that head of his cock push against my hole . The discomfort of feeling the pressure as he was pushing trying to enter me . I let out a loud groan as I feel the tip of his cock go inside of me . It felt so uncomfortable feeling my hole streaching . He preceded to pull the tip fully out and push it back in . I could feel my hole streaching and soon I feel his shaft enter me . I was groaning at the feeling of more of his cock going into me . Then I feel his cock reach my hymen . He grabbed my hips with his hands and thrusted in so fucking hard . I felt the intense pain as he thrusted forward and took my virginity . All I could do was scream over and over . He proceeds to fuck me harder and deeper . Feeling his cock filling my pussy up . It was hurting so much . Eventually the pain got less and I was starting to feel alittle tingle as he was speeding up . I could feel my pussy tightening around his cock . I knew I was about to orgasm . I couldn’t believe I was going to orgasm my first time having sex . I could feel that wave of pleasure taking over . Then my pussy started to spasm with my orgasm . I think having my pussy doing that around his cock set him off as while I was having my orgasm I felt him start cumming . I could feel his warm cum shooting into the back of my pussy . Filling me up . Soon my orgasm passed and he had finished and pulled out . I could feel his cum dripping from my pussy and down my thighs . In a way I had mixed feelings I wad glad it was over but I wanted more . During the night I could help but keep feeling my pussy . Feeling my hole how it was always that tiny bit open . If I put my finger inside I could feel his cum . I knew how sexual Stacy was and couldn’t wait to see her get fucked and watch her lose her virginity . Well two nights later that night came and mum , dad and Brad came in . Stacy instantly without being asked stripped off and layed on her bed . Dad stripped and started off by playing with her clit . She was moaning in no time . He then started rubbing her slit with the head of his cock . You could see her getting wet . Soon she was moaning again then I watched as his cock parted her slit and found her hole and disappeared inside of her . Her wetness letting the head of his cock in with ease . She groaned alittle but was still moaning . I could believe my ears when I hear her say fuck me daddy please fuck me . She was so into this . She yelled as he took her virginity . Again seeing his cock smeared with blood . Seeing her slit getting smeared with her blood . Soon as he had taken her virginity he got into a rhythm fucking her . Stacy even moving her body with him . Moving her body in motion with his thrusts . Grunting and moaning . Their bodies tied together fucking . Soon she was moaning and telling him she was going to cum . I watch as her head rolled back and her mouth opened trying to take in deep breaths as her orgasm took over her and her pussy started creaming . Her thick white cream covering his cock as it fucked her . Her body trembling . Dad followed suit and cummed in her . He stayed inside her till she has finished . When he pulled out I could see that cute hole of hers pulsing open and close . She was so sweaty . Breathing so deep . For the next 3 weeks me and Stacy got fucked by dad and Brad alot . My body started to get use to being fucked . It really didn’t hurt after the first few times . Kept on having to give them head whenever they wanted . I was starting to drift away from Olivia as I felt like she had it easy as she only got it from mum . Her and mum had their own thing . I would often see them eating each other out or playing with each other . Olivia never had to have sex with dad or Brad again really . At this point I thought we had been through it all . Had been taught how to masturbate not that we did that much as we would be used by dad or Brad that often . We learnt what it was to orgasm , cum and squirt . Learnt to give blow jobs and to deep throat . So in my head what else could there ever be . Well one night about 6 months after we had lost our virginty I found out there was one more thing we was to learn . Olivia was in with mum . Dad was licking my pussy while Brad was fucking Stacy . All of a sudden I heard Stacy scream . Yelling out ” ouch Brad stop . No Brad stop ” . Dad stop licking me and goes ” What’s going on ” . Stacy yells ” brad tried cock to get his cock into my arse . Dad goes over and looks at her and tells her it’s called anal and she should let him fuck her there . Brad said he was going to fast and it slipped there and he didn’t mean to . Dad asked Brad if he wanted to fuck her little tight ass . Brad thought foe a minute then said of course I do . I could hear Stacy sobbing pleading for them to not do it . I really had not heard her pleade like this ever before . You could hear how scared she was in her voice . How much she really did not want this . Even with her being such a sexuual person this was not something she was wanting to happen to her . I watched as dad pulled her asscheeks apart . Brads cock pushed in and reached her anus . He was pushing at her hole . She was crying as he kept pushing . That ring of her rectum resisting with all it could . But soon I heard her scream and yell as I saw the head of his cock spread her rectum and the head of his cock was inside her . You could see her rectal hole trying to close around his cock . He kept forcing and forcing his cock pushing so hard . She soon screamed out so loud as I watched another inch or so of his cock streach her hole and enter her . As he pushed more inside of her I saw his cock get a trace of blood on it . I could see her tight anus with traces of blood on it . He had torn her little anus . He just kept going till his whole cock was inside her ass . He was telling dad how tight her hole was . She continued to cry and scream as he was fucking her . I was sort of turned on watching her little ring flexing around his cock as it was forced in and out of her ass . But at the same time I was hoping this was a once off and it was only her that would get it . As he started going harder into her ass you could hear her cries getting softer and soon she passed out . The pain had gotten to much for her . He just kept going till he cummed deep into her ass . As he pulled his cock out of her ass you could hear a sloppy pop sound . Her anus gapping open . Then flexing pushing out the cum . Him telling dad how amazing it felt . She was soon coming to and crying . She just layed there unable to move . Dads cock was fully hard and I could see his eyes looking at me . I knew what that look meant and I stripped . I was thinking he was just going to fuck my pussy and got into my normal position . But he came and moved me onto my tummy and pulled my legs over the end of the bed . I knew my ass was about to be fucked . I could instantly feel his hands spreading my ass cheeks . I feel his cock pressing against my ass . I couldn’t believe he was going to try and do this to me . Even without anything like lube . It was instantly hurting as his cock was pressing against my tight ass . I was crying out . My head turned looking at Stacy . Her eyes still flowing tears . She was still laying in her prone position . I was already starting to cry . He was adding so much pressure against my hole . I started to grip hold of my sheets so hard as I screamed and screamed as I felt his cock enter me . I can’t sat I remember much after that point other than the intense pain and burning in my ass ad he kept forcing his cock into me . I know at some point I passed out . For the next few days me and Stacy were in so much pain . We could hardly move . Olivia never had to go through it . She did tell us mum fingered her ass but no way was that like being fucked in the ass with a big cock . Well over the years I got pregnant twice but lost both babies . Stacy has a three year old girl five year old boy . Who knows if they came from Brad or dad . There was alot more that happened to us but that’s another story . I’d love to hear who you think is the best looking


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