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Daddy’s little angel – Part 10

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This is the continuation of the story about my adopted daughter. I meet a single mom and Ariana gets a playmate.

It was approaching Christmas, and Ariana had a role in the school Christmas pageant. I hate events like these, the obligatory social interactions with people I barely knew always made me uncomfortable. Ariana and I arrived at her school, and I gave her a quick kiss before she joined the other kids who were getting ready for the show.

Walking into the bustling hall, I aimed for a seat towards the back, hoping for some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on my side as the seats quickly filled up with chattering parents and relatives.

Just a few minutes before the show was set to start, a woman entered the hall and hesitantly asked if the seat next to me was taken. She was a stunning brunette in her late twenties with long hair, tanned skin, and legs that seemed to go on forever—she was exactly my type. She wore a modest sun-dress that accentuated her stunning figure . She introduced herself as Lucy, explaining that she and her daughter were new to the school and didn’t know anyone yet.

As we waited for the performance to begin, and chatted. Lucy’s sense of humour and shy demeanour were undeniably attractive. I hadn’t been dating since my divorce years ago and wasn’t actively seeking a relationship, but Lucy had certainly caught my attention. We watched the play, occasionally commenting on the performance, and her company made the evening far more enjoyable. As the play wrapped up and we waited for the kids’, we swapped numbers and arranged to meet for coffee the next morning.

The following day, after dropping Ariana off at school, I arrived at a quiet little coffee shop a few minutes early. I found a cozy corner table and, as luck would have it, Lucy walked in a few moments later. Unlike the previous evening, it she had dressed up for the occasion, wearing figure-hugging jeans, knee-high boots, and a stylish blouse. I told her on how beautiful she looked, causing her to blush.

We chatted about our kids—she had a daughter named Cindy, who, as she proudly showed me photos on her phone, had inherited her mom’s good looks. Time seemed to fly as we enjoyed each other’s company. Sadly, the time came to part ways, but not before Lucy gave me a hug and a quick kiss, saying she could not wait to meet up again soon.

Over the next couple of days, we texted and had late-night phone conversations. We soon arranged for Lucy and her daughter to come over on Friday evening for a pizza and movie night.

As I became increasingly distracted by Lucy, Ariana was getting less attention than normal and was getting moody and irritable. She had never had to share my attention with anyone else. Usually company meant that she was naked and getting fucked and sucking cock, being the centre of attention. When I told her about the Friday night plans, she stormed off to her room slamming the door.

Friday evening arrived, and the doorbell rang. As I opened the door, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was. Lucy was dressed in leggings, and a halter top and Cindy had on a little pair of green hot pants and black halter top. Cindy was beautiful, long brunette hair down to her waist, a cheeky smile revealing a missing bottom tooth, enchanting green eyes, and her mothers tanned complexion.

We moved into the living room, and I called out for Ariana to come join us. I hadn’t noticed how threatened and jealous she was feeling. In an attempt to asset herself as the ‘woman’ of the house, she emerged dressed up, with her hair all done up and a failed attempt at putting on make up. I introduced her to Lucy and she made it clear, as only a young girl can that she was not happy to have company.

Cindy on the other hand was ecstatic, she had no friends at her new school and now had another girl to play with. She immediately started to chatter away to Ariana. Having an adoring young fan softened Ariana’s attitude, and before long was enjoying the attention.

Pizza arrived and we opened a bottle of wine, settling in to watch the movie. Lucy, snuggled up against me and the girls laying on the floor in front of us. As the evening wore on, we continued to drink and as our inhibitions dropped started to make out. I slid my hand into Lucy’s top teasing her nipples as she moaned softly. I was distracted by the girls cute little bottoms as they lay watching the movie and kept trying to sneak a peak, enjoying the view far more than the movie.

The movie ended, the girls had fallen asleep and Lucy was clearly quite drunk. “I think you should stay the night. You’re in no state to drive home and besides I can think of better things we could be doing” as I squeezed Lucy’s inner thigh teasing her. We picked the girls up and tucked them into Ariana’s bed next to each other. Lucy winked at me “The look so cute sleeping together don’t they?”

With the girls in bed, I picked Lucy carrying her to my room “time for my girl to have some fun.” Lucy giggled “I saw you looking at the girls, I don’t think I am the only one you are interested in Daddy.” Not sure if I could trust her with what I was really thinking I replied “All I am interested in right now, is getting you naked.”

Throwing Lucy onto the bed, I eagerly lifter her top off, seeing her pert little breasts with her nipples hard as diamonds. Laying next to her, I gently bit her ear lobe as my hands explored her body, and I moved down kissing her neck before teasing her nipples and gently biting them. Lucy moaned “I need your cock inside me Daddy, I can’t wait any longer, you’ve been teasing me all night.”

Not needing a second invitation, I pulled my pants off my hard cock free at last and roughly lifting Lucy’s arse off the bed I slid her leggings off, exposing her smooth wet pussy. Lucy pulled her legs up towards her shoulders “fuck me hard Daddy, give me your cock.” Briefly rubbing my cock along her slit, getting it slick with her wetness, before plunging it deep inside her in a single thrust.

As I fucked her, Lucy whispered in my ear, “I want you to cum inside me, thinking about our girls.” Her words pushed my over the edge and with a groan I came inside her “mmm, yes baby.” As I came I felt Lucy’s pussy pulse and her legs shook as she came with me.

Spent and still a little drunk Lucy snuggled up against me, “mmm I needed that Daddy, thank you.” We drifted off to sleep, my hand cupping her breast.

Early the next morning, we woke to the sound of Cindy giggling, coming from the girls bedroom. “It sounds like she is up to mischief” Lucy groaned “I really don’t want to have to get up yet.” Pulling her against me, so she could feel my hard cock pressed against her I said “I can’t check on them in this state.”

Getting up Lucy snuck up to the girls open bedroom door, intending to catch Cindy being naughty. She gasped in surprise and shock seeing Cindy naked on her back, her little legs spread wide and Ariana’s face buried in her pussy. Hearing her mom’s gasp Cindy pushed Ariana away hurriedly. Lucy blurted out “What do you think you girls are doing?” Ariana looked up at Lucy “I was just showing Cindy how nice it feels to have your pussy eaten.” Turning to Cindy, Ariana said “You like it don’t you? I told you it feels good.” Cindy responded “Mommy it feels so good, I like it.”

Too shocked to respond Lucy closed their bedroom door and came back to my room. As she climbed back into bed, she said “You would never believe what they are upto! Ariana is eating Cindy’s pussy!” There was no way that I could control my body’s reaction and my cock was instantly rock hard. Lucy looked at my cock and then at me “You taught Ariana how to eat pussy didn’t you?” It was clear from her tone that she was curious and turned on rather than angry or upset. Nervously I nodded, still unsure of how she would respond.

Lucy’s response could not have been clearer as she moaned softly, “Tell me what you and Ariana do Daddy, I want to hear it all.” She lowered her mouth, kissing the tip of my cock “Tell me what a naughty Daddy you are while I suck your cock.” I admitted to Lucy that I regularly fucked Ariana and that we normally slept together as she sucked my cock. As I was getting close to cumming, she stopped and sat on my cock, sliding it into her wet throbbing pussy. “Can we share your cock Daddy? It turns me on so much to know you fuck your little girl.” Grabbing her hips, I thrust myself as deep as I could go as I came “Yes baby girl, you can share.”

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    In it something is. Thanks for an explanation.

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    I wish i had you for my stepdad Arianas Daddy. My stepdad and stepbrother would force fuck me when i came home from school just about everyday when they drank, I would have loved to snuggle up to you wearing my spandex leggings and sports bra to play and suck your cock at least your not mean and abusive. Tara

    • Arianas Daddy ID:1ddnhes1j2j7

      Aww that sucks Tara.
      Daddy’s should be kind, gentle and firm with their little girls and not cruel <3

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    Yes please more

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    Part 11 plssssss

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    This is one of the best stories I have ever read I hope there’s more to come

    • Arianas Daddy ID:334a2ud0

      Thank you. I have a few more in the pipeline. Despite being fantasy for me. I think this is one of the most special bonds that a father can share with a daughter and if I am lucky at some point it will become reality.

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    Absolutely love this story all the parts.

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    Having read the whole series, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I am looking forward to the continuation. Very hot, very nicely written, a pleasure sir to read them.

    • Arianas Daddy ID:334a2ud0

      Thanks, I’m looking forward to continuing the series. Nothing sexier than young girls who are horny and curious about life!