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No one will know

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My sister knocked herself out and I took advantage of her. I was horny and couldn’t help it.

I’m a 16 year old boy, and I was a virgin until yesterday, yes I know 16 is a late age to be having sex for the first time, but it’s not easy getting a girl these days.

My 12 year old sister wanted to go out with her friends but mom said she wasn’t allowed because she hadn’t been doing her chores, before mom left for work yesterday morning she woke my sister up and ordered her to clean the bathroom from top to bottom before she was allowed to go out.

My sister screamed at mom as usual and went in a mood, mom said if she got home from work and the bathroom wasn’t spotless, that my sister would be grounded for a month and have her phone taken off her.

So my sister grabbed the cleaning stuff from the kitchen and went back upstairs to clean the bathroom.

I was in my bed watching porn on my tablet and having my usual morning wank, I watched some more porn afterwards then felt like having another wank, but I was bursting for the toilet, so I got out of bed and dashed to the bathroom to have a wee, the door wasn’t locked but it wouldn’t open more than a few inches, I pushed and pushed it but it was hitting something.

Then I managed to look inside and could see my sister laying on the floor, I managed to stick my hand in the gap of the door and move her feet out the way so I could open it, when the door opened it absolutely stunk in the bathroom of chemicals, the air was stinging my eyes.

I scooped her up and carried her in to my room, it was closest, and I put her on my bed, I tried to wake her but she wouldn’t respond, then I panicked thinking she was dead, but I checked her breathing and she was breathing, thank goodness.

As I sat on the bed calming down from my panic, I saw my tablet laying on my pillow, with the porn video still playing, then my eyes glanced down at my sister, who was wearing her nightshirt and it had ruffled up allowing me to see her pink panties underneath.

The porn video playing, seeing her panties, and the fact I was horny and all worked up ready for a wank suddenly made me think, there’s a girl on my bed, and I’m staring at her crotch, the lovely slit of her pussy showing through her thin cotton panties, and I had an erection and was gagging for it.

She was unconscious anyway, who would know if I did anything.

I pulled off her panties and almost blew my load just at the sight of her bald pussy, by some miracle I managed to hold it in, I turned up the volume on the porn video, filling my room with sex sounds, I got on top of her between her skinny legs and I lightly thrust my hips, rubbing my cock along the crack of her warm pussy.

She was my sister so I was only planning on humping her pussy from the outside, having my cock touching a real life pussy would have been enough, but I got too enthusiastic with my thrusting and my cock slipped in to her crack, suddenly I felt a pinch as my cock entered her and the rim of her tight hole clung around my shaft.

I paused for a moment thinking I better pull out, but then I thought again who would know, I was already inside her and she hadn’t woken up, I could get away with this.

So I continued and I thrust in and out of her, first I went slow, then I laid fully on top of her, put my hands around her under her back, held on to her skinny body and I fucked her like any virgin would, fast and hard.

Hers was my first pussy, and it was awesome, tight warm and wet, lumpy inside which felt amazing as her inner lumps massaged my cock, I watched my tablet as I was fucking her, watching the hot college girl getting fucked and listening to the moans on the video made it feel like I was the one fucking the hot college chick.

I ejaculated at the same time as the girl in the video moaned out with orgasm, “Yeah – Yeah, baby – Ooah – Yeah baby – Ooaah!” I groaned out, while pumping my seed in to my sister.

I can’t tell you how good it felt losing my virginity, my first pussy, first time ejaculating without using my hand, and knowing the my seed was now inside a girl, I felt like I’d fulfilled my duty as a male, I’d fucked a girl, finally!

Once my legs had stopped shaking I got off her, put her panties back on her, and carried her in to her own room, then I called my mom and told her to come home quick.

By the time mom got home my sister was awake, turned out that she failed to open a window while cleaning the bathroom, and all the fumes from the different cleaning products she was using to clean the bathroom had combined to make a sort of chloroform gas and it had knocked her out.

My dopey sister had knocked herself out.

Luckily she was fine after a few hours, though she had a massive headache for a while, and she had no idea I’d fucked her, its been a day since it happened and she hasn’t said anything, which is great for me.

I can’t look at her in the same way anymore though, every time I see her around the house I can’t help but smile at her, it’s pretty cool knowing that she has no idea I was balls deep in her just a day ago and she’s walking around with my seed inside her.

God I hope she’s not pregnant.

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  • Reply Rooter ID:1dfkgj06wlff

    We all hope she going to have your baby.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8rc

    It’s great that you raped the little slut before thinking of getting help for her. She could have snuffed it with your spunky cock inside her! Great fun!!

  • Reply Teresa ID:5xrlcf2zk

    That’s hot asf

  • Reply Ruffun ID:3zxjhzgx8rj

    To kim,the ass is the fun hole to take! How old r u?

  • Reply Kitty ID:7nu6wvq6i9

    Lol it would be a great story if she was…

    • Lauren ID:2x0gjo7hhr9

      I agree with you Kitty to
      bad she’s not pregnant.
      Would definitely make it more interesting.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhi

    Loved it, all females deserve a good cock fucking.

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    You should have fucked her tight ass after her tight pussy . I hope she is pregnant

    • Kim ID:7ylrenct0k

      I’m female , and love those story’s but No ass fucking , totally painful for most women .

    • T ID:7zv2zz3zrb

      I hope she gets pregnant also nothing better than a young girl with a baby

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:8bw8pby20d

    I hope you took photos of her 12 year old pussy!
    You should have taken photos of her pussy after you had fucked and cum in her.
    If you did,please share one with me at [email protected]

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Fantastic story I hope you get the opportunity to have your hard cock inside your sister again

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre69 ID:29kcjdmzrb

    Great Story Do Part 2