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After getting fucked by Dad’s boss, I could not wait anymore and went downstairs

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I had stayed awake, waiting for Dad to come up after the dinner with his boss was over. I did sneak downstairs to peek on them all …

I was a bit tired, but I laid there just waiting for Dad to return. As I waited the creamy cum had kept leaking out of my pussy, and I played with myself sliding my fingers around in the cum. I did put my fingers up to my mouth and took a lick, wanting to feel what it was like and also taste it. My brother had left cum on me before, it was real thin and not sticky, and I had moved my fingers over Dad’s cock before when I had seen cum on it when he and Mom had fucked. Dad’s boss left cum that was just like Dad’s, and I liked the taste, no wonder Dad had licked and sucked on me, the stuff was not that bad.

I really did not want to wait longer, and got off my bed and walked downstairs. No one in the kitchen, or dinning room, as I came into the doorway of the family room, they were all in there. They all had their clothes off, Dad and his boss, Mom and the bosses wife. My Dad was sitting on the sofa with the bosses wife, he was sucking on her boobs as she played with his cock. Dad’s boss was sitting in Mom’s chair and my Mom was kneeling in front of him sucking on his cock.

I just stood there watching, my pussy was tingling and still leaking cum which was running down my legs. My hand just moved down and I started to finger myself. My Mom, because of the way she was kneeling, was able to see me, and she did. Mom told me to come on into the family room, and i walked over to her. She told me that Dad had told me what happened, and that the four of them had talked about it too. Mom looked down at the bosses hard cock she had been sucking on, and then looked back at me and asked me if I wanted to try sucking on it too. Well, it was kinda huge compared to my brother, the dildo and even my Dad. As Mom moved out of the way, I got down on my knees and could not believe that huge cock would fit in my mouth and I started licking it. He had moved his hands out and held onto my head, telling me to lick the top real good. As I moved to lick the top, he pulled my head downward and my mouth over his cock. Just the end of his cock fit in my mouth, I heard my Mom telling me to suck it like a tootsie pop, and that worked. I sure was not ready for all the hot creamy cum that just started shooting into my mouth. I swallowed, I gagged, tried to pull away but he held me there.

I was trying so very hard to keep his cock in my mouth and swallow all the cum. Some hands grabbed me by the butt cheeks and pulled me up a bit. I could not turn to see who or what was going on, as Dad’s boss held my head. Some fingers rubbed over my very wet and cum filled pussy. Then I knew what was going on as I felt a hard cock slide into my pussy, it had to be my Dad behind me. Dad had never fucked me before, when I was in bed with Mom and Dad, he let me play with his cock. When Dad bumped me real hard as his cock rammed into me, my mouth came off the bosses cock and cum spattered all over, and he was still shooting some cum out which hit me in the face. Dad came inside me, and he sat back on his butt.

My Mom lifted me up and sat me down in Dad’s chair right on the edge, and she told me to open my legs apart. The bosses wife then knelt down in front of me and started licking my pussy just like Dad had done. Oh good gosh she was doing it so much better, it felt like out of this world. I could feel her tongue every time it moved inside me, and licked me in just this one spot, making my pussy and entire body tingle. What felt funny was that she started to rub one of her fingers between my butt cheeks, and with the cum and my own wetness running down, my butt was soaked, she pushed her finger inside my ass.

As I sat there with the lady licking and sucking on my pussy. Mom was standing there watching. I looked over at the guys, Dad was getting down on his knees in front of his boss, and then started to suck his bosses cock. My Mom moved her hands down to between her legs and she started to finger her pussy. I saw that Mom had white creamy cum leaking out and running down the inside of her legs, just like it had done with me. The lady started moving her mouth and tongue back and forth from my pussy to my ass hole, and I did not know what was happening to my body, as I just started shaking. I am pretty sure I passed out or fell asleep.

The next thing I knew was Dad carrying me upstairs and into Mom and Dad’s bedroom. He laid me down in the middle of the bed, and they both got into bed with me. Just before falling asleep, I reached out and found Dad’s cock, it was very hard, my fingers wrapped around it and I held on.

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  • Reply Piti ID:oymqa57zra

    Man spürt die kleine Fotze ist dafür geboren geflickt zu werden ich voffe sie wird bald von Daddy ihrem Bruder und dem Chef ihres Dad zusammen benutze dafür hat die kleine schließlich drei ficklöcher

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    I hope there is more to come.in this story

  • Reply J ID:2q4yy1527ha

    I hope the mom got a taste of her daughters pussy too

  • Reply Pregnant fetish ID:60a9y93a8

    I hope you get pregnant 🤰

  • Reply Anonymous ID:2t4adov9i

    WTF.this is…..not very good this site is fucked up.I just like wanted a melo storie to masturbate to And how did this shit come up when serching TAME sex stories.TAME.If this is tame then i hate to see what not tame is.NOJUGYMENT you do you. i just would not be okay with this hapenig to me ever.i just wanna say dont you like look in the mrirro and just like feel fucked up and like a pedo or a freak how can you face your dad or daugter after this.SIDE NOTE:You are not a freak mabey a pedo but not a freak you’er probley a really graet guy so just get your life together.mabey get a dog NOT FOR WHAT YOU ARE THINKING.and laides just i dont know get a boyfriend that will satisfie you OR GIRLFRIND just get a life i mean you probley have a life a gold one maybe bad but you are a human you make mistakes we all do. i do. i made a misstak by reading this storie after i got to the insest part and i was just cories but i dont think my hart can hanle much more of this.please try to stop please.(sorry for the spelling i have dsylexa)

    • Anonymous ID:1d4cepsaucoc

      Umm this is a tame story my guy there is much worse on here

    • to the ID:2t4adov9i

      WOW.You took your time to right this and “nojugyment”But there are no tame sex stories and yeah im ashamed of reading this but i have the balls to admit that i read this of my own free will And i dont even have balls!I’m sorry but dose it make you happier to go out read this “storie” and jack off to it then shame every one eles for it!And your right we’er not freaks if any ones a freak it would be you!Now grow a pair and admit that you did read this “storie” and that you are the pedo