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Down to the Barn. 4

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I’m finally on my way to Cliff’s house this time I just put a robe on after I showered. Arriving there Cliff met me at the barn. He sounded disappointed when he asked if I showered. I told him yes and that I thought we could make the scent of sex on me. “You and Black Magic?” He asked. I told him no and that I meant him and I, dropping the robe, as I walked to him. Down to my knees to undo his pants. His cock was growing already as I took him in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around his shaft as I lightly sucked and slowly slid my lips up and down his shaft taking more into my mouth with each down stroke. Once I reached the bottom of his shaft with my lips tightly around it I move even slower as I slid my lips up and down his hard cock. I’d keep just the head between my lips at the top and suck a little harder for a few before the slow trip to his balls. I continued doing this a few times. Before stopping at his shaved but sack and started sucking his whole cock like I had done to the mushroom head. But each time that I sucked I went lower and started to use my swallowing muscles to massage the head of his cock sliding my tongue out to lick his balls. Omg his cock swelled he started to jerk up into my face uncontrollably forcing my lips over part of his nutsack. I kept milking his cock with my neck muscles. Cliff started to tremble and was panting like my boy’s do, saying OMG over and over as he erupted down my throat I felt his cock pumping his cum with each shot I could feel the build up and release over and over. Before he stoped he had blasted my throat 5 times and. More 4 weaker shots. I had taken every drop even the dribbles into my throat I loved that. Finally pulling off his cock and walking over to the table that he made for me to fuck Black Magic on. I asked him if he was going to demonstrate it for me as I laid down on it. Cliff fucked and made love with me for over an hour in every hole. With me on my belly and om my back. I came so many times. And he came two more times flooding my pussy first then my ass. If I didn’t smell like sex now I never would lol. Cliff lead his pony over to me still laying on the table at first I took him.in my mouth as Black Magic mounted me on the table he slid that 18 inch cock in and out of my throat several times before giving me what seemed like a gallon of his horse cum. Cliff stood and watched in amazement. Now it’s time to give this boy some pussy. Black Magic mounted me again finding a warm wet pussy waiting for his hard horse cock. He fucked me 4 times before he decided to stop and left gallons of cum in me all over me and on the floor 3 times in my pussy and once in my ass. Oops I forgot the 5th one in my throat. Then I gave Cliff another blowjob till he came gushing again down my throat. Kissed his cheek as he offered me the money. I told him that his cock is payment enough. Then told him I’d be back before dinner. Cliff told me that Black Magic would be good for the night now. Them grinning I told him that maybe this is what I want as I grabbed his cock.

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  • Reply Bighook77 ID:1dw3wgdueled

    @Ren you m or f?

    • Dick023. ID:1doc9ouzs36s

      Girl I date wrote this

    • Dick023. ID:1doc9ouzs36s

      The girl I date wrote this

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