Raped by dog

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I’m a 13 year old girl, I’m not all that pretty but I have a big butt and boobs. My mom and dad are divorced, but I live with my mom. My dad bought me a golden retriever for my 13 birthday, and it’s gotten pretty big. One day, I went into the shower, and my dog, Max, is usually in the bathroom with me, so I didn’t think of anything. I got out, not with a towel since I wouldn’t need one right now. I went to the counter and started brushing my hair. My legs moved apart naturally, but suddenly I felt something warm and rough start licking my pussy! I looked behind me and it was max! I tried swatting him away but he wouldn’t. He mounted me and pushed me to he ground, I was a small child, an weak, but he was tough and was over my head while standing. He put his paws on my shoulders, while he started to hump me. I started crying and trying to move away but he wouldn’t let me. He bit my stomach and I screamed. He finally got his dick into me and I screamed in pain, it was huge! About 20-25 inches. I felt him hitting my cervex over and over. This went on for 30 minutes, and the pain started to turn into pleasure. I stared moaning for a while, maybe 10 minutes, until something the size of a baseball entered my pussy, and i screamed in pain, when I realized it was his knot to keep the cum in. He kept fucking me until I was fully on him, and the knot was the size of a toddlers head, soon, he released his hot knot in me, and I was moaning so loud. I was still crying at the thought of loosing my virginity to my dog, so I tried to pull away, realizing what I had just done. I couldn’t pull away though. Oh god, I’m stuck! Max turned around, so we were ass to ass, and started walking away, pulling me with him. It was so painful, after 30-45 minutes of pulling me around, he stops, and his knot slips out of me with a pop. Why’d this happen?

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  • Boi

    He was horny and wanted to mate so he made you his bitch

  • Anonymous

    Did it ever happen again? By the way, male dogs love sex. It\’s a thing they have if & when they become attracted. Not to weird you out!