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Detour 2

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The next morning I got up and 2 of the guys were up and simi hard in the kitchen. They made coffee I joined them naked of course. They grinned and said there’s our girl. I noticed their cocks twitched and got a little bigger. Sammy was one of their names and Charles was the other. Charles has the biggest cock at least 15 inches of beautiful cock. He told me that they were hoping I’d get up. Oh yeah I said to them them asked if that had any thing to do with the throbbing cocks under the table. Charles asked if I could blame them and that it’s not a common thing to find a woman like me. That could take him completely. I asked them if they liked that to get sucked balls deep. Sammy spoke up and told me yes mam that they do. Sliding off the chair and under the table. I lightly took both cocks in hand and stroked them. I took Sammy;s in my mouth first his cock grew quick then moved to Charles till all 15 inches was hard and I’m my throat. Up and down as slow as I could. Moving from one to the other untill I felt Sammy start to swell more his legs stiffened as he started jerking upwards. He started to cum as I went balls deep then he moaned out. With one more thrust he started pumping. Gush after gush down my throat with that pulsating monster. He slumped back breathing heavy short breaths with a smile and a very relaxed look. Moving between Charles legs to please the biggest monster cock there. Between sucks I asked if he knew how big it was he didn’t know lol I just had to measure it. And I was wrong his cock was 16 and a half inches long
And Sammy’s was 12 I continued giving him his morning blowjob till he let loose his mammoth load. I forced him down a little further in my throat to lick his huge balls. As his cock pulsated. and throbbed each time he pumped another huge stream in my throat. Then he to slumped back in his chair. Breathing hard and totally satisfied. I got up and asked if they were getting the camper first thing. They thought I was joking about that.last night
No I told them and that I’d love to have 9 big handsome men around. And that they could take turns in twos sharing my bed with me but that would leave one to have you by their self Charles told me and that one would be him since he is the boss.
Perfect and if you have a visitor then there is a spot for him too with a laugh. Then told them that I leave the place unlocked if they get here before I do and that I had to go to my neighbors Cliff to take care of something. I knew they wanted to ask so I told them to go ahead but don’t judge me. Ok Sammy asked me what I had to take care of. Then I explained it all to them and my three boys to. When I was done they both had raging hard-ons again. And told me that was hot. Then Charles asked if I was going to leave them that way. Walking over and said that I’d never deprive your beautiful cock as I straddled the twitching monster facing him then Sammy came in from behind and claimed my ass. After fucking for about 30 minutes they both came hard deep in me almost at the same time which triggered me. I came so hard and long that I had to rest before walk in the mile to Cliffs house.


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