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Mom helps dad rape daughter

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Dad wants to rape daughter and mom helps.

My daughter just turned 10 and I wanted to rape her more than anything. She was a sexy little thing, no tits or ass, but her preteen body made me so hard.

My wife took notice of my desires, and she supported it. Unlike most women, she knew her place, below me, her husband. I fucked her whenever I wanted, sometimes while she was doing dishes or other women chores.

One day, I decided I would rape my daughter that night. It was a Monday night and my work day was terrible. I got home, my wife setting the table for dinner. “I am raping our daughter tonight, and you will help me.” I whispered in her ear. She smiled at me and said, “Yes, sir. Before or after dinner?” I thought about it, but decided to after. I want to deep throat her and make her throw up all over herself. My wife nodded at me and called my daughter down for dinner.

While we were eating dinner, I stayed silent. However midway through dinner I reached under the table to my wife and started fingering her roughly. She was a bit dry, but I didn’t care. My daughter noticed her uncomfortable face and asked what was wrong. “Oh nothing sweetheart just eat your food.” She replied. I continued and even pinched her clit a little.

Once dinner was done, I told my wife to clean up later and bring our daughter to our room. She nodded and told our daughter she had a surprise for her and to follow her. I trailed behind them, my cock already getting hard thinking about raping my daughter. My wife shut the door behind us after we got to the room and told my daughter to sit on the bed.

“Do what I tell you to do, and I won’t have to hurt you too.” I told my wife. She nodded and stayed behind me. Without saying a word, I grabbed my daughter roughly and started ripping her clothes off. She started squealing and wiggling calling for her mom. I ignored her and just got rougher, inflicting more pain to her. Once all of her clothes were off I pulled my cock out and just thrusted up into her all the way.

The scream she let out was so loud, if we had any close by neighbors they would have for sure heard her screams. “Come punch her in the stomach till she shuts up” I ordered my wife. She did not immediately, hitting our daughter as hard as she could. My daughter looked so confused and hurt, it just made me harder. I fucked her faster and faster, her pussy was so dry, but my pre cum made it wet enough to feel good.

Once my daughter had stopped screaming and was now just yelping and crying, I told my wife to sit on her face. She did so, and sat fully down with all her weight of my daughters face. Our daughter wiggled underneath us unable to breath. “How wet are you right now?” I asked my wife. “Very” she replied and was grinding herself on our daughters face.

I felt myself about to cum and pumped faster and faster till I came deep into her pussy. My cock was full of blood, and I knew exactly what I was going to do next. “Scissor her while I fuck her throat” i said to my wife. She got up and put our daughter into a sitting position before they started scissoring hard.

I grabbed my daughters face and forced her mouth onto my bloody, cum filled cock. I pushed as hard as I could and finally was able to get into her throat. She struggled so hard, but I held her harder and continued to brutally fuck her throat. Eventually I felt her throat start heaving and that motivated me to go even harder, grabbing her head with both hands.

The puke pushed my cock out and I got out of the way as the puke spewed out of her mouth and all down her stomach. I started laughing and jerked off a bit more before I got soft. “Bring her to the bathtub and leave her there. Then do the dishes.” I told my wife.

My day ended up a lot better than it started.

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  • Reply Nadia Ishmed ID:fx7qyy6ii

    That was an amazing story! Made me cum so hard please write some more!!
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  • Reply Mindy ID:1clr3qltj382

    What is about a mom tat would ever do this to her real daughter.
    My foster mom I know knew her husband was molesting me but she let it go on.

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      You should just continue to try every day just keep pushing in and out slowly. Eventually you’ll get it inside.

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    Turned me on

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    Great work you start training right

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1ef35u8fwkui

    I loved this tale of incestuous, under-age vaginal rape and I really hope that daddy does her arse real hard, real dry and real soon. I also enjoyed reading about when the child vomited as her daddy was force fucking her throat, but daddy should have kept his cock deep in her throat as she was still puking…

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    Hot story would love to hear more and talk . Email.or sessiom me.

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    Did you breed her

  • Reply DaddyTR ID:rpvr1ozm

    so wrong, never into rape

    • Luna.Lou ID:5srducg6ib

      Then don’t read it dumb fuck

    • [email protected] ID:7zv1ksdm9c

      There are some parts I didn’t like (like the puke) but not something I haven’t done and would do again. Luna.Lou … want to chat?

  • Reply Drip Devil ID:5srcts5nm4

    Post more stories about you raping her

    • anonymous ID:1dd2e0hmxpws