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Mrs Tollan 2

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Mrs and Mrs Tollan won’t quit beating on Adrian

It was a battle of wills between Adrian and Mrs Tollan.

She knew something was really wrong with the boy, but she couldn’t let him win in front of the other children. He was making a fool of her and other teachers were beginning to say she couldn’t control her class.

Adrian knew he had her on the ropes. He was more than happy to let her beat on his bare bottom and to take the kudos of the class by not crying or being upset when punished.

After the supply cupboard incident and the subsequent bare bottom caning of Adrian by her Headmaster Husband, she had backed off slapping him and tried other things. She kept him in at playtime whilst the other kids were in the playground. Adrian wasn’t bothered and she kept him after school in detention. Neither deterred Adrian. Mrs Tollan made him sit in a chair a couple of meters in front of her desk and he had to sit in silent while she marked work or prepared lessons.

Because the teachers desk was on a raised platform about 6 inches higher than the floor where Adrian sat, he noticed he could see right up her skirt. So he looked forward to gazing on her white inner thighs and discovering what colour knickers she was wearing.

He got a better look at the frilly lacy black ones he saw when in the supply cupboard. She sometimes wore plain old white, not his favourite, but he had seen pink, yellow, red and a deep royal blue. All of those, even the white ones, excited him, but there was one special pair that sent him crazy and they were skin coloured and very shear, meaning he could see her grey pubic hair and even the slit of her pussy lips.

Although her pussy reminded him of a bank robber with a stocking mask, he got really hard when she had that pair on.

She eventually stopped keeping him after class because she wanted to get off home with hubby and not be working at her desk after school hours.

Adrian took that as a small victory but was a bit disappointed that he could only peaky at Mrs Tollan’s knickers at playtime.

He told his parents he was at a mates house after school when they asked why he was continually late home.

One of the unexpected delights he had found was that first and second year pupils had to take gym class in their underwear. He got to see a whole class full of girls and boys in their pants. During particular exercises, he would get a glimpse of partly bared bottoms as pants slipped down a bit, and little pussies and willies when their pants gussets gaped. He had a constant boner during gym class, but he wasn’t the only one. Most of the boys had tented underwear during gym class and some of the girls had noticed, but didn’t understand the significance.

The boys began talking about the girls and their knickers and Adrian joined in with that talk. There were definitely a few girls that were a bit more filled out than others who had spindly legs, arms and no butt to speak of. Their favourites filled the pants well with full and curvy shapes. Knowing other boys felt the same as he did, at least about this, made him smile.

In class there was a play house in the back corner where kids could play when the class earned a play period for good behaviour or good work. Sometimes during that time Adrian and a couple of the other boys would persuade some girls to show their knickers or what was under them. The boys would do the same for the girls. They were generally out of sight from Mrs Tollan when in they playhouse.

The play got a bit bolder with time and hands were placed inside of underwear and buttocks, pussies and willies were felt and played with.

Unfortunately, particularly for Adrian, Mrs Tollan had noticed there was no noise coming from the playhouse which made her suspicious of what was going on. She approached unheard and unseen to discover one of the girls with her knickers round her ankles, legs splayed apart and Adrian with his hand on her pussy.

There were three other boys and two other girls watching this and they had been copping a feel moments earlier, but Adrian was the one caught pink handed (lol) and felt the blind rage of old woman.

She dragged him to the front of the class and announced that he had been so wicked and disgraceful that he was going to be severely punished in front of the class. She made the kids sit down and watch.

She pulled his shorts and underpants down to silence from everyone followed by gasps or squeals as his hard cock stood erect.

What Mrs Tollan did next, which took everyone by surprise (including Adrian) was she rained slaps onto his cock screaming she would make that evil thing go away.

Girls screamed with shock and boys winced imagining the pain but Adrian was only perturbed by the initial onslaught and, once he realised what was happening, he thrust his cock out so she could get a better shot. Yes it hurt but he liked it and when she had finish his dick was almost purple, but still standing upright.

She dragged him over her knee and battered his young, soft white buttocks until they started to blister. The only thing that disturbed Adrian was that one of the slaps caught him on the back of his balls – now that hurt. He opened his legs slightly and let his balls fall through them and then clamped his legs shut. She almost made contact with his balls again during the movement to protect his nads and she caught him close to his bum hole. That stung a bit too.

When she had finished she made him stand with his hands on his head with his back to the class and his shorts still around his ankles. Mrs Tallon resumed lessons glancing from time to time at Adrian’s still purple and swollen cock. The class stared at his blistered bottom and Adrian thought he had died and gone to heaven.

He stood there contemplating the blows to his cock and how great it made him feel despite the initial shock and pain. It was even better than having his bare bum spanked and infinitely better knowing that everyone in the class had seen it happen and were still staring at his naked lower half.

At the end of the lesson she allowed him to dress as the other kids filed out, but asked him to wait after class.

When all the kids had gone and the two were alone, she came and sat on a chair next to him. In the softest voice he had heard her use, she said to him, “Adrian, I lost control and I am really sorry for smacking your penis, I shouldn’t have done that” . “My excuse is that what you were doing to that girl, whether she agreed or not, was wicked” she continued. “and when I pulled your pants down and your damned erection was there in my face again, I lost control and I am sorry”.

She asked if she had hurt him really bad. Adrian told her it didn’t hurt, although it did and his dick had begun aching a bit. He didn’t tell her that the pain was exciting to him and he felt his heart racing and his breath quickening.

The teacher told him that she was going to take his pants down to make sure he wasn’t badly hurt.

Adrian was delighted and pulled down his shorts and underpants himself. Without fail there was his cock, starting to bruise but standing stiff nonetheless.

She first checked his bottom, running her hands over his buttock and the top of his legs. She looked concerned at the blistering and there were breaks in the skin which were red and angry. She went to the supply cupboard and came back with a jar of Vaseline. She gently lay him across her knee and applied the petroleum jelly to his glowing bottom. She spread his cheeks and applied more to the red area in his butt crack and, seeing the redness of his scrotum, gently rubbed some there with the tip of her finger.

She stood him up and turned her attention to his cock. She took hold of it with her hand, gently lifting and turning it to examine it from all angles. She pulled back his foreskin and was dismayed to see the head of his cock turning purple. She took hold of his ball sack and examined it for damage. She took a great glob of pet jelly and began smearing it liberally, but gently, on his cock and balls. She sure that some went under his foreskin and then she softly rubbed it in.

Adrian wasn’t surprised when his cock began pulsating and wave after wave of pure pleasure rocked his body.

Seeing his reaction, she didn’t freak out, but a smile crossed her face. She thought she had a way to control this boy at last. She was wrong. Adrian realised he could now control her by threatening to tell his parents what the nasty teacher has done to him, after all he had plenty o winesss.Next time, it wouldn’t just be him standing naked from the waist down, he was going to get a closer look at those knickers and what lay beneath.

On his way home he revelled in the afterglow of his orgasm and looked forward to what the coming days would bring. The 60’s were certainly starting to swing for Adrian Kingsley Clifford.

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