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I wish it was me – Part 13

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Daddy had moved the loveseat from the living room to the den, so we could comfortably sit beside each other. I noticed how hard daddy’s cock was, it was sticking right up against his stomach and the head of his cock was very red and wet, I assumed it was covered in precum and I had this overwhelming urge to lick all the precum from his cock’s head. But daddy told me to have a seat beside him. Daddy told me we were going to watch some movies together which showed other little girls being loved and he wanted to share these movies with me so that I would understand how his love for me was going to grow and become stronger. Daddy said we were going to have a bond that was very special and rare and not enough little girls got to experience this bond with their daddies or other men who also wanted to love them.

Daddy started the first movie, it was a little out of focus and a little dark, it didn’t look like the movies I was used to seeing on TV. I asked daddy what was wrong with the movie. Daddy explained that we were watching very private special moments between little girls and their daddies, so the movie making was not professional, it was typically filmed in a house with a mommy or another daddy behind the camera. Oh, that made sense, like home made movies, right daddy? Yes, baby girl, exactly, we are watching very special homemade movies.

The first movie was of a little blond girl, she looked younger than me and she was laying naked on her back and her legs were spread and bent at the knees. So we had full view of her open pussy. I have to admit, I though her pussy looked very intriguing, after knowing how you can lick another girl’s pussy like how I liked mommy’s pussy, I was seeing this little girl’s pussy in a new light. And I now understood why mommy liked to lick a pussy and have her pussy licked. I think I now shared that desire with my mommy. As the little blond girl laying on the bed, a much older naked man came into view and sat on the edge of the bed with the little girl. The older man started caressing the little girl’s nipple, she didn’t have any breasts yet, unlike me, I had started to grow breasts. Then the man started kissing her and moving his hand down between her pussy lips and started playing with her pussy. I was surprised and exited, I was starting to get a tingling feeling in my pussy as I watched the man play with the girl’s pussy on the screen. And again, I could feel my pussy get wet. The man on the screen started pushing his finger into the little girl and she started pushing her hips into his finger.

I turned to my daddy to ask a question, and he just told me to watch the whole movie and I could ask all the questions I had after the movie. I said OK, and noticed that my daddy had his hand around his cock and was moving it up and down just slightly.

The man on the screen now had two fingers in the little girls and she was still smiling and thrusting her hips up to meet his fingers. The movie had no sound, but it was obvious that the little girls was enjoying being touched by the older man and she appeared to want more….the man on the screen pulled his fingers out of the little girl and sucked them into his mouth. When he went to put his fingers back in the little girl, he now used three. Again, the little girl moved her hips, and she threw her head back and closed her eyes and continued to smile. The man continued to move his three fingers in and out of the girl for a bit, then he leaned forward and sucked on her nipples. I could see the little girl’s back arch and she moved quickly down on his fingers and held herself there as her legs trembled and then she just went limp on the bed. I was guessing that she got that special feeling like when I do. The man on the screen kept his fingers in the little girl for a few moments until she opened her eyes and smiled at the man. Once the little girl was smiling again, the man removed his fingers and again sucked them into his mouth. The man them moved down the bed and got between the little girl’s legs. The camera now moved and was pointing sideway on their two bodies.

This was the first time I was seeing the man’s large cock. His cock looked huge; it looked even bigger than my daddy’s hard cock. The man placed his cock on the little girl’s pussy and was rubbing up and down, I just learnt how nice that could feel and it make my pussy get even wetter. I thought the little girls was very lucky to have this man rub his cock on her clit and I knew she was going to feel very good again soon. But the man stopped rubbing his cock up and down on her clit. He positioned his cock at her pussy opening, and he started to push his cock into the little girl. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…the red head of his cock was now in the little girl. I heard my daddy moan as this moment, and I looked over at him, to see his eyes were half closed and he was holding his very hard cock in a tight grip. My daddy loved watching this man put his cock into this little girl…

As I turned back to the movie, the man was pushing more and more of his cock into this little girl. He would push a little in and then he would pull his cock out a bit and push it in even deeper. He just continued to slowly and patiently work his huge cock into this little girl. The little girl had her arms around the man’s neck and was almost completely raised from the bed as this man had a hand under the little girl’s ass lifting her up to receive his cock. Once the man had his whole cock in the little girl, he held it there for a moment and started kissing the smiling girl. Before the man could start moving again, the little girl started to thrust her hips up and down on the man’s cock, just the same way she did when he had his fingers in her.

The man’s eyes were closed and he stayed still and let the little girl make all the movements. After a few moments, the man started thrusting into the little girls and her whole body would come up off the bed as his large hard cock impaled her. The little girl hung on tightly around the man’s neck and pulled her body up to him. The man continued to thrust deeply into the little girl and I think I could see his cock make an impression in her stomach, but I wasn’t sure….Suddenly the man thrusted really quickly and his upper body started to shake. At the same time, I heard my daddy groan very loudly, and his body also shook, and his cock exploded in his hand and covered his stomach and chest in his cum.

I didn’t know where to look? At my dad who was now covered in his own cum, and shouldn’t I be licking all that cum off his stomach and chest? But I also wanted to see what was happening in the movie. I looked back at the movie just as the older man was removing his now semi-soft cock from the little girl’s pussy. As he removed his cock I saw a rush of white liquid leave the little girl’s pussy. I assumed it was the man’s cum, coming out of the little girl’s pussy. The man lowered himself to the girl’s pussy and started licking the cum out of her pussy. The little girl started to thrust her hips into his mouth and not shortly thereafter, her whole body shook, and I knew she had cum again. Then the movie ended…

Daddy put his arm around me and pulled me to him. Instinctively I turned my head to his chest and started to lick the cum off his chest where I could easily reach. We just sat there in quiet for a bit, me in daddy’s arms, listening to his heartbeat.

Daddy eventually pulled away from me and looked down at me and asked me how did his baby girl like the movie? I told daddy the movie made me tingly in my pussy and it made my pussy very wet. Daddy said he was very happy to hear that…then daddy moved off the couch to his knees and spread my thighs apart and started to gaze at my pussy. Daddy said my pussy was looking very grown up and he liked how wet it now got on its own, as he lowered his head to my pussy and placed his lips against my pussy lips. I sank further into the couch as I closed my eyes and waited for daddy’s tongue to find my clit. Daddy teased my pussy lips with his tongue, licking the outsides of my lips and the crease between my thighs…his fingers caressed further down my lips where my pussy entrance was, but not separating my lips or penetrating me. Daddy licked my pussy lips harder slightly moving them apart with his aggressive licking of the edges…I pushed my hips towards daddy, wanting more. I heard daddy chuckle, and say his baby girl now has needs and daddy was going to fill all of his baby girl’s needs. Daddy’s tongue now separated my pussy lips and just grazed the inside of my lips, still avoiding finding my clit.

Daddy’s finger separated my lips at my pussy’s entrance and slowly I felt daddy fingertip enter me. Remembering the little girl in the movie…I moved my hips down to meet daddy’s finger, trying to get daddy’s finger deeper inside me. Daddy started to move his finger in me quicker, as he lifted his head and just watched how my body reacted to having his finger moving inside me. Then daddy inserted two fingers in me. Daddy’s fingers were larger than mommy’s and they filled me up a lot…but surprisingly, I didn’t find daddy’s two fingers to be too much for me. I felt full, but in a satisfied way, and my extreme wetness was making daddy’s fingers move in and out of me with ease. Daddy continued to move his fingers in and out of my pussy without giving my clit any attention…I couldn’t believe how good it felt just to have daddy’s fingers moving in me…then daddy stopped and removed his finger…he whispered, relax baby girl…I am going to make you feel even better. Then daddy put his fingers against my pussy opening again, and as he pushed, I felt it was larger, he was trying to get more fingers in me then just the two he had before. I tensed up a bit; and daddy just cooed…and said for me to relax…that I will like being filled up with something large, just let it happen, let daddy make his baby girl feel good. I took a deep breath and pushed my hips towards daddy letting him know I wanted my pussy filled again with his fingers and I trusted that he would give me pleasure. Slowly daddy moved his three fingers in me, a little at a time, just like the little girl in the movie, he put his fingers in a bit, then he moved them back and then in again a little further…he continued like this, and I couldn’t believe how full I was feeling. I could feel my pussy stretch…to accommodate his fingers. It didn’t hurt exactly, but it was intense in its own way…feeling my body open up for the first time like this…to be penetrated by something so much larger than just one finger…daddy continued to move his fingers in me slowly.

Then daddy stopped and looked up at me and said, baby girl you now have three of daddy’s fingers buried deep in your pussy…how does it feel? I looked down at daddy and I told him that I felt very full and stretched, but it felt good. Daddy said he was happy to hear that. He was glad my pussy could open up for his three fingers…it was good start to get his cock into me. I realized in that moment, that daddy was going to put his cock in me like the older man in the movie did to the little girl. I don’t know what I hadn’t realized this before…daddy had been playing with my pussy for years and I have been sucking his cock for years…but I never realized that eventually he would be putting his cock deep in my pussy not just a finger.

Then daddy started moving his three fingers in and out of my pussy, I couldn’t believe how good it felt once I adjusted to the larger size. I started moving my hips up to meet daddy’s thrusts….I wanted his fingers in me deeper, faster…I just couldn’t get enough. Daddy continued to move his fingers in me as I started to moan, I surprised myself when I heard myself moan…daddy just encouraged me, saying his baby girl likes to have something buried deep in her pussy…just the way baby girls are supposed to like having something hard in their pussies. Daddy said, baby girl you are making daddy so happy by taking my fingers in your pussy and getting them all wet with your juices…arching your back to get more of daddy’s fingers deeper in your pussy, telling me you are ready for daddy’s hard cock to be in his baby girl’s pussy…filling you with daddy’s seed. I couldn’t believe what daddy was saying to me, but he was right…now that I knew how it felt to have my pussy filled, I needed to feel this again and forever. Just then daddy lowered his head, and his tongue found my clit…and over the edge I went, my entire body shook and spasmed, I had never had such an intense sensation before…my moaning turned to screams as I felt my pussy convulse around daddy’s fingers and a sudden gush of wetness rushed out of my pussy.

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  • Reply IncestFeelsGood ID:1cyit7azwpvh

    The man fucking his daughter, daddy and his little girl both watching, and daddy cumming all over himself made me orgasm so hard. Wow, you have a gift for writing this. My daddy and grandpa never filmed our times together and now I wish they had so I could do back and watch. Though if they had, without transferring it to updated mediums, I wouldn’t be able to watch anyway. Thank you so much for making my memories come back to life.

    • I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

      I am glad you are enjoing my story, feel free to email me: [email protected]

  • Reply Sarah ID:3zaqoqglv9i

    As baby girls should 🤤
    Beautiful 😍 so hot 🥵
    Tell us more 😘💋

    • I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

      Thank you Sarah, I have enjoyed writing it

  • Reply TPD ID:1frbb70qj

    Amazingly written, as always. Thank you!

  • Reply Shdgdbsjs ID:1du698tj4b4t

    Cannot wait for more of this story!

  • Reply :) ID:41fwlepzk

    This story is the best.