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Teaching was a bore until I met Botum, age 11, and her friends

I’d had enough of teaching in the west. I was going to give it up for good and then I had an idea given to me while chatting with a complete stranger. He gave me a really good idea and I followed through. I’m not going to go into great descriptive detail and any reading this will have a good idea where it is. Some say, ‘go west young man’ and not being that young, I went the other way. It turned out to be quite easy to pick up work. I suppose I had the right background and came from the right place. Luck always plays it part too and I was lucky in meeting some good, mature like-minded people.

Coming back from my first day’s work it happened.

A small, decent studio place had been arranged for me. It was cheap enough and in what they call a colourful area. I was happy with what I was earning even though it might not have compared with what I had been getting, but then things were cheaper and much more fun where I’d moved to.

I had a place in quite a small building with three floors. The ground floor area had all kinds of food stalls around it and there was a car park that was usually mainly full of motorbikes but with one apartment. I paid my monthly rent to them. The other two floors had two apartments on each floor and mine was on the top floor. When I moved in, the opposite apartment was empty. It was alright. One large room that had a kitchenette, a sitting area with a curtained off bed, a small shower-room toilet and a nice little balcony overlooking the front. It wasn’t that big, but it was quite suitable and I could walk to the first school I had contracted to work for with ease. It was basic and clean and interestingly, it also had one of those fancy key number lock pads on my apartment entry door.

“You, you” I heard as I squeezed past some people. I’d just got back after my first day’s work at the primary school. I’d been given years 3, 4 and 5 as the new English teacher.

A fat woman on a little stool sitting in front of a vegetable stall right at the front of the building was jabbering at me. I stopped to look at her, but couldn’t understand what she was saying and I started to shake my head.

“She wan’ you” I then heard. A man’s voice. I looked around and as he continued I spotted him to one side of her and further back. A man grinning at me, cigarette drooping out of the corner of his mouth. He was standing there straddling a motorbike. “What?” I said.

He beckoned me. “She wan you. Teacher. Gir.”

That’s about all I could make out at first. It took a while and a lot of jabbering between him and the fat woman but the general idea was that she had found out I was a teacher and she wanted me to give private lessons to her little girl. It turned out she was an aunt and she made it quite clear she was very poor. All of this took quite a while to sort out and I was beginning to get hot and thirsty. “You, me, drink” motorbike man said and pointing to a bunch of men sitting nearby. It looked like a make shift temporary bar of sorts. “I pay, you no worry, I pay.” He added, beckoning me.

Through several glasses of some kind of homemade stuff it became clear that the woman wanted me to teach her girl English, that she couldn’t really pay me but she would give me vegetables instead. I didn’t know at the time, but this man was behind it all and I wasn’t this wasn’t his first sale. I think I realised later that keeping his ear to the ground he would tell these women he could arrange things and that they would pay him money to get what they wanted. After all, he could speak English and they couldn’t even if he probably needed more than a few lessons himself.

“You teach, you teach. She nice gir.’ You li, she sessy, you li okie.”

He said that and then when I asked him a few questions he said more in a low voice, his arm around me and grinning. “She sessy. Good gir. You li. I know you li. Good for man. Sessy girl. You not worry. She sessy for you.”

I needed a shower. “Alright” I said standing up. “When?”

We walked back to where the woman was squatting and after more jabbering, he told me to go up and the young miss would come and knock on my door within less than an hour. It was only about 3pm at that time. I’d come back early around 2pm on that first day due to the timetable schedule. For most of the week apart from Mondays and Fridays I’d get back around 4pm or a bit earlier.

I’m glad I did agree.

Botum arrived for the first time at about 4pm that day. Just one look at her and I was stiff as a board. I’d had a shower and had been lying down wearing a thin pair of tight nylon shorts. I’ve always liked those kinds of shorts to lounge about in. They’re really made for girls. They have those angle cut legs and V notches at the sides. I like the tightness of them. They also make my small packet more pronounced.

“You teesur me, I Botum” she said grinning up at me.

She certainly was “sessy.” I’ve always been MAP but never with school pupils, no point making trouble for myself, but this was a clearly different situation.

There were some real hot girls in the primary school where I was teaching. It only took half a day to see that. At coffee break I was lucky to talk with someone who turned out to be like minded. He was a lot older than me and a lot more experienced. He smoked and suggested we take a little walk. “Some of them are really horny.” He said, “I was telling one of the girls off one day, pointing a finger at her and she took it and started sucking it. The other girls in the class all started giggling although funnily enough the boys didn’t. But my advice, don’t mess with them from the school. No point taking the risk. It’s alright doing that in Africa. In fact, some of their fathers offer them for sex in return for extra teaching over there, but best not to here. Plenty of other avenues for that here.” He didn’t expand on that because we had to return to work, but he did say we would continue our little chat at a later time. This had been earlier that morning.

Botum looked up at me with her piercing black pin pointed eyes and grinning, her little pink tongue popped out as she licked her lips. Nervous probably, I know I was, but in a good way.

She was just sex on two legs.

Pretty shining long black hair with two side pigtails fixed by two sweet yellow hair ties and a pony tail at the back topped her off. Below that she was wearing her school uniform. The usual two-piece, white blouse and pleated skirt although it turned out I was wrong about that. The skirt seemed much shorter than I had noticed but then I hadn’t been there that long and she was wearing black tights or I assumed they were tights and to prettily finish off the whole outfit, a pair of black shiny schoolgirl shoes with two little black and white pom-poms fixed to the bar clasp that ran across the top of the shoe.

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