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Mother day force

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A week before mother day 2013.a week before mother day. I over heard my Mom on the phone she said, I wish I would have had craving aborted. Out of all my kids Craig is the world, and Jan is mommy little princess and daddy girl.

My anger was building up in me, Princess Jan could never ever do anything wrong. Somehow I was going to make my BITCH mom, and her little princess pay for what.Mom said.

2dayd later, I hear Mom and Dad fighting.Mom said, your Mother always.comes first you sorry SOB! I am your wife, the mother to your kids, it’s going to be Mothers day for crying out loud

Dad comes flying out of there bedroom, stomping his feet,! And sits on the sofa. Mom come out of there bedroom, kids your dad has just informed me that he is going to be spending mother day at your Grandma’s,not his wife.

Dad get up grabs his keys, and stomps out the door, slamming the door. Mom said, there he goes running of to that bitch Mother of his again. We heard Dad truck start up.and burn rubber and Dad was gone.

Mom said,I guess it will be just the 3 of us here for Mother’s day. Jane said, that okay Mom, I. Will cook you Mothers day dinner. Mom, said, thank you Mommy’s little Princess. The rest of your Sisters and Brothers will be at your BITCH grandmas for Mothers day.

A light bulb went of in my head. I smiled and went to my bedroom smiling, I sat at my desk thinking what am I going to do. I know Mom’s getting raped by me. But what about.Mom and Dads.perfect.little.Princess. she getting

rape to. I was going hard just looking about it. As I kept on smiling perfect, another idea pop into my head smiling a 3 some with Jane and . Mom!

Now I had a plan forming, I just had to figure out how to pull it off, I. still had a few days before Mothers day,I got an idea in order for my plan to work I had to.take total control.over Mom and Jane fast.

So, Mother day finally came, dad was already gone. Mom said time to get ready to go to church. I said, Mom you said we was staying home. Jane said, yeah Mom J promise to cook you dinner for mother’s day.

Mom said,we are supposed to meet everyone at church. Mom and Jane get ready for church,I keep my tee and shorts on. They both were wearing brand new dresses for Mother’s day. I knew Dad wouldn’t care, if we was there or not, today was about his BITCH mother!

So Mom called out Jane, Craig, let’s go. Jane, came into Mom’s bedroom..Mom said Jane you look like a real little.princess. Jane blush red. I over heard her.. thinking to myself, of course

I was also thinking to myself it’s now or never, I flew into.Moms bedroom and hit Mom as hard as I could in the face, Mom lost her footing and feel into her bed.

What the hell was that for you are acting like your father, she was crying and rubbing her face. Jane heard Mom crying and came running in, Jane asked Mom. Are you alright BAM! I slapped Jane as hard as I could just like Mom,Jane starts to cry, Mom calls Jane over and tell her to sit on her bed so she could check her face. Mom looked at me like she had knifes coming out of her eyes, you little BASTARD! Why the Hell did you hit me, Iam your mother, but to hit your sister now that really low! I told Mom, to. Shut.the fuck up BITCH! IM IN CONTROL BITCH! Unless she what’s to see Jane get hit again.

Mom said, DON’T YOU HIT YOUR SISTER AGAIN! Mom, like you have anything to say about it.I could see the fear in both of the faces. MOM said,leave your sister alone! Like I said Mom like you have anything to do with it

I walk over to Jane and grab her by her long blonde hair and tell her to take all Mom’s clothes off as she cry’s from me pulling her blonde hair. Mom tells me to let her hair go and she will get her to take of all her clothes
I let go of Jane hair, and Jane tells Mom, MOM NOI CAN’T DO IT! Mom said it’s okay baby,get behind me on the bed and untie my dress, Jane does as Mom said, and get behind her on the bed.

Jane unties Mom’s dress then unzipped Mom’s dress, Mom stand up and the dress falls to the floor. I said Mom take of Jane dress, Jane said to cry bad
Mom tells Jane it will be okay Mommy’s little Princess, stand up, Jane stands up and Mom unties and unzips.janes dress, and let it.fall.to.the floor.

I tell Jane to get back up on the bed by Mom. As Jane is crying bad, she does as I said. I tell.Jane to left up Mom bra from the front

Mom is wearing a 44 DD black bra I know because I look at her bra one day.. Jane pulls up Mom black bra
Mom tits are big, her nipples big. I tell Jane to suck on one of Mom nipples. Jane said NO!mom I can’t. Mom said, it’s ok Darling do it. Just do it, I don’t want him hiring you anymore. Mom clothes her eyes to be continued if anyone wants to talk about this story or if you need help with mom email me [email protected]

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    The grammar etc leaves a lot to be desired but overall I like where this story is going. The raw anger jumps out. Looking forward to you fucking them both, hard!