Mom and I on her and my dad’s anniversary

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Dad could not take off of work at the hospital today even though it was his and mom’s anniversary,my mom left work two hours early so her and my dad could go out to eat before he went in,dad and I was in the living room making small talk when mom came in,happy anniversary honey mom said to dad,dad got up and kissed my mom and said the same to her.mom was wearing a purple skirt,purple nylons,with a lighter purple 6 inch heel,and had a purple bow in her beautiful wavy blonde hair,looked sexy as hell as she normally does.are you ready honey dad said to mom,mom winked at me behind dad’s back,see you in a few Tom dad said to me,they left in my dad’s Mercedes. I just got some good tree to smoke yesterday,I twisted a nice fat one and went behind our huge house and smoked some good pot.about twenty minutes later mom and dad pulled up,they were both coming in,shit I said to myself.dad told my mom to stay in the dining room,he went to their bedroom and came out with a box,mom opened it,it was another gold bracelet,dad put it on mom,so lovely honey thank you.see what your father got me Tom mom said to me showing me her wrist,see mom you got the best husband I said to her,dad smiled and said you hear your son honey,I got to run dad said,I’ll call you later.as soon as dad was out the door mom was watching out the window.lets go honey mom said giggling he’s fucking gone,mom took off towards their bedroom,I followed right behind.in my parents room mom was stripping out of her skirt so fast,I was tearing my clothes off.mom left her purple pantyhose on and heels,we got into a very comfortable 69 position,I started licking the crotch of mother’s cunt,she was going half way down my cock,I was licking and slurping away through the silky material at her pussy, I love the taste of your pussy mom I said,as I was lapping away mom farted right up my nose,a slight wind came out and filled my nostrils,I loved it,oh mom that’s it fart up my fucking nose I said to her as I stayed licking her twat,I love it mom.i breathed deeply in taking in her scent,I looked up at her and dad’s wedding picture as I had my tongue all over mom’s twat,mom turned around at me and said put your nose in their Tom,I put my nose up to her ass hole through the purple material and mom farted again,my dick was so hard and fully erect,God I love how you smell mother,better than any Rose I ever sniffed.after about twenty minutes of 69,I got out the scissors and carefully cut a hole in the crotch,mom got on top of me and slowly rode every inch of my cock,working her ass all the way on that dick,I was sucking her tits at the same time,mom knew how to work my cock,nice and deep she took it,just riding it nice and steady.as we were staring into each other’s eyes as my dad’s matress was getting it’s daily workout,I said to mom happy anniversary to you and dad,thank you sweet heart,life is great mom said,I got a loving husband and son.i turned mom over on her back pinned her nylon legs back her purple heels were resting on each of my shoulders,with my cock steady going way up into her twat,steady pumping it deep,what carat ring is that again dad got you mom I said as my cock went way into her juicy depths,three carat honey she said as my dad’s bed was creaking underneath us,he’s bought you alot of gold for gifts now mom I said as I stretched her cunt walls repeatedly with such stamina and force,he sure has honey mom said as she released her legs and spread them wide with both purple heels to the ceiling,I just love getting pumped by you Tom every night on your father’s expensive bed he bought for us,as I kept hitting mom’s twat deep over and over way the fuck in their I said at least we’re putting it to use mother,I’m thinking about getting him a new mattress for Christmas mom,we both giggled,the phone rang,I pulled my stiff 8 inches out of mom’s slick wet cunt,it was my father I bet.mom picked up the phone,hi honey how is your night going,she smiled at me,I’ll be back I whispered,I went to my room and fired up some more weed,when I returned mom was just hanging up with dad,I told your father you were watching a movie and I was reading a women’s book on the couch,is your mother good or what,the best mom I said as I draped her legs back and buried it way up her cunt again,oh honey by the way your father is going to be working a couple hours later tonight,how many times have we fucked on Dad’s bed tonight mom I ask her with my cock buried to the hilt in her twat,4 I think she said to me,I can fuck you another 3 I’m sure mom.since Kathy went away 3 months ago to college we been fucking about 5 to 6 times a day mon.threw fr.you know mom if their is a hell and I go their because of this it will be well worth it,I feel the same way son,but in the mean time I’m loving it,now fuck your mother’s cunt and keep fucking it,yes mother and I kept fucking her to,I looked up at their wedding picture,I love fucking your wife dad on your bed.

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