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Seeing my daughters friends wild sides 4

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My continued spying on Kelly leads to a deeper connection between us

Spying on Kelly through her bedroom windiest became an addiction. I knee her nightly schedule and would be looking through her window when she went to her room after her shower. Watching her take her towel off. Her perfect 11 year old body. Her beautiful small breasts, her perfect bald pussy

After taking her towel off and applying lotion to her naked body I would watch as she laid down on her bed. Her small hands would begin to caress her body, taking her time playing with her breasts. One hand would slide down to her thighs and then up to her pussy. Her legs would part and her fingers would begin rubbing in circles. As her fingers moved faster she would start to move her hips up and down. My eyes would be locked on her until she came

Thursday arrived, everything seemed normal. I was cooking dinner when Kelly arrived home from cheer practice wearing her short right lycra shorts. Her warm up jacket open revealing her sports bra, God she looked ao.perfect, my cock growing hard, why did my daughter have this effect on me.

We were sitting on the couch watching TV, she was close to my side, giving me the chance to sneak glimpses of her legs or the faclbric of her shorts at her crotch. She was on her second wine cooler, which told me it was almost shower time. She had been quieter than normal all evening

“Daddy, can I ask you something?”

“Of course”

“Do you like spying on me through my window?” Her question caught me off guard and I couldn’t speak “I know you do it every night”

“Sorry baby, I know it’s wrong,”

“If yiu want to watch me after my shower all ypu have to do is ask” she said

“You would really let your daddy watch you get naked?”

“You never know unless you ask” she finished her wine cooler ans stood, walking to the kitchen ro discard it. When whe returned, she took my hand in her small hand “Come on” she said and helped me to my feet.

We reached and entered her bedroom, Kelly led me to the bed and had me sit down on the edge of it “Stay right here” she said and left the room. Her bedroom door was open, I could hear the faint sound of the shower running. Was she really going to come back and get naked with me on her bed?

A few minutes later I heard the shower turn off. I started to grow harder as I heard the bathroom door open. Then she appeared in her doorway, looking so perfect in just her towel. Kelly shut the door and walked toward me

“Daddy, mommy has been gone so long and ypu always take care of me” she stood just close enough to touch “now I know it is my turn to take care of you. I knew it when I saw you with Jade”

“I didn’t expect that to happen” I replied

“You have needs daddy, I felt a little jealous when I saw her. I wondered if you liked me that way and then I saw you peeking in my window, that made me so happy” she loosened where her towel had been held together “I don’t mind that you like girls my age”

Then Kelly opened her towel, her naked body so close to me now. I looked at her breasts, down ro her pussy, and back up to her beautiful face. Kelly smiled at me as she bit her lower lip. She stepped closer and my legs opened, she stepped closer and took my hand, lifting it to her breast. Her skin was so smooth, her breasts felt so nice on my hand.

Kelly leaned forward, her face nearing mine. And then she kissed me. Not the light lip peck we had always done, this time was a woman kissing a man. Her kiss was so soft. I had my eyes closed, lost in the kiss when I felt her hands star to undo my jeans, her hand reaching into my underwear, her small hand on my cock. I slid my hand down her flat belly and to her bald pussy. Kelly kissed me harder when my fingers parted her pussy lips.

Kelly let go of my cock and pulled from the kiss. I thought she had changed her mind. I looked up at her, she looked nervous. Then after a long pause, she lifted my shirt off. My fingers returned to her pussy as we began kissing again.

“Lay down daddy” Kelly said softly, i laid back and scooted up ro the pillow.

I watched as my gorgeous daughter grabbed the waist of my jeans and underwear, pulling them off of me, she dropped them on the floor. Then she climbed onto the bed on her knees and lowered her head. She started to kiss my stomach from one side to the other, her small hand slowly stroking my cock. She moved her lips to my shaft and took her time kissing up and down it. She started to lock it, circling the head. Then she slid it into her mouth. She only took part of it in, bobbing her head, it felt amazing but I could tell this was her first time doing it. I couldn’t believe the perfect gorgeous girl I had watched grow up was now sucking my cock.

After a few minutes, she took my cock from her mouth and slid up my body, her soft skin against my body. I wrapped my arms around her and we resumed kissing. My hands exploring up ans down her back, down to her perfect little ass. I rolled until she was on her back, my weight on top of her. Her legs were parted, the inside of her thighs against my sides. Our kiss was slow and romantic, my hand slid up and down the back of her thigh.

I broke from the kiss ans started to kiss down her chest to her beautiful little breasts. I looked up as I sucked her nipple, she had the most loving smile on her face, her fingers running through my hair. I left her breasts and began kissing down her belly. All sense of right and wrong were gone, I only felt desire as I neared her pussy.

My lips instead kissed down the inside of her thigh to her knee. Kelly moaned softly with each kiss, I took my time, savoring the feel of her soft skin on.my lips. My mouth moved to her other knee and started to kiss up the inside of her thigh

“Diddy, I love you so much” she moaned softly just before I got to her pussy

“I love tou too baby, you’re so perfect” I looked up at her

“I’ve only been with Ebony daddy, no other boys”

I loved the thought of being the first male to taste her perfect preteen pussy. The taste was unforgettable, so amazing. Kelly moaned happily as I licked her pussy, sliding my tongue to her clit. Kelly’s moans grew louder, I slid a hand up to her small breast, fondling it as I licked her pussy faster. Her cries of “Yes daddy” grew louder the more I sucked and licked. Her hips began to move up and down. I moved my hand back down and started to rub her pussy as I licked. Her hips began lifting off the bed, she started to cry out “fuck yes fuck yes” her pitch getting higher. Her ass was in the air, I was lickkng her pussy and rubbing fast. Then her back arched and she froze in place, letting out a loud happy cry as she came. When her ass dropped back onto the bed, I moved up her body.

Kelly wrapped her arms around me, we kissed passionately. As we did, I moved my hand down ans lined the head up with her opening. As we kissed, I pushed against her. God she was so tight. I was starting to think my cock wouldn’t fit, then with another push, the head started to enter her. Almost instantly, I felt the resistance of her hymen. Kelly was kissing me harder and moaning into the kiss. When I pushed and broke it, she broke from the kiss and let out a painful uncomfortable moan

“Should I stop baby”

“No daddy, don’t stop”

“Are you okay?”

Kelly nodded, I pushed a little deeper, pausing each time to let her adjust. Her pussy hugged my cock so right, I pushed deeper, slowly the painful moans became more happy. Soon I was fully inside the 11 year old girl that I had helped bring into the world. She was now more than my little princess, she was my little woman. I had been the lucky man to take her virginity.

We made love slow and passionately, kissing almost the whole tine my body was pressed to hers. My hips moving in a loving way, making love to her gently. Kelly’s ankles were on the small of my back, I picked up the pace a little, growing more intense by the minute. Kelly dropped her hands rk the bed and I interlocked my fingers in hers. When she came, her hands gripped mine tightly. Her pussy tightened on my cock, pushing me closer to cumming. I could feel it build, racing toward climax, she was so right, so wet, I could not pull out in tine and came inside of my daughter.

We laid there kissing and motionless, enjoying and celebrating what had just happened in our kiss. I waited until my cock softened a little to pull out of her. Breaking from the kiss, we smiled at each other

“Sleep in here with me daddy” she said

“Anything for you baby”

We didn’t get dressed, Kelly pulled the blanket over us as I laid on my side, my naked little girl in my arms. Falling asleep was easy that night

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