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sex with my sister

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I make love to my sister 3 times a week I can’t even remember when it started. As young kids we always ran around naked and slept naked in a double bed. Our Mum used to drink a lot and let us do whatever we wanted to do. We used to take turns laying on the bed with our legs open while the other one rubbed and tickled. We where to young to orgasm but It felt good. One of our Mums boyfriends used to babysit us for a while when she was at the pub and he caught us. WE thought we where in trouble but he gently lay us down on the bed and showed us how to rub the clitoris to feel better. After a while he pulled his pants down and we played with him as well. We really enjoyed it. After a month our night sessions went to him putting his fingers inside us and then he offered to kiss it better in case he hurt me. He didn’t hurt me but t his kisses felt really nice so I was happy to let him. By now I was 10 and my sister 11 and he said we where almost old enough to take his penis inside. I was a bit worried because it was big but our play times felt really good so I was eager to let him. THE first time hurt a lot .
He used to say we had the nicest pussies ever and he encouraged us to touch and lick each other as well.I’m bot sure if our Mother suspected something or was just jealous of the attention he gave us because one day he disappeared and our game was over. I was the most adventurous of the two sisters and I had let hm put his penis inside me but my sister had emotional issues and was worried. As he entered me she would lay beside me kissing me and watching. It hurt the first couple of times and I didn’t like it but he brought us a PlayStation and a new game every time I let him so I got used to it. Then he was gone. No more icecreams, new clothes, PlayStation games or pussy licks. I missed them the most. My sister had anxiety and it had always calmed her down so we decided to keep doing it ourselves. We would lick kiss and finger in our room most nights growing up.

At 12 she had her first orgasm with me. We didn’t know what it was but she grabbed my face pushing it deeper into her pussy, clenched her buttocks and rode my face. Her moans confused me but when she came I felt her relax like she had never relaxed before. I loved that I had calmed my sister down and the look of peace on her face was so good. I did it three more times until she said no more and fell asleep.
After that I pleasured her with carrots fingers and my tongue whenever she was upset. Then she would do the same to me. We never saw it as wrong it was two people who cared for each other relaxing each other and making each other feel good. She got a boyfriend at 15 but he couldn’t please her like I did and I would eat his sperm out of her and make her relax after her date. My Mother caught us once and yelled at us but we didn’t care. We beenknew we wanted to get married to men so we did in our 20s. Neither man knew it but we would meet 3 times a week for our sister time. WHen she got pregnant my sisters anxiety got worse. She almost had a breakdown. So I went to her everyday. Stripping her naked, kissing her breasts and pleasuring and relaxing her. She says to this day she wouldn’t have got through the pregnancy without me.
I became pregnant 3 months after her and our daughters where born 3 months apart. Twice a week we still managed sister time giving our babies to a sitter and having four hours of love. She massages me and makes love to me and then I love her back. We drink each other’s milk just like I taste all the other delicious juices from her body. Being so close means we can communicate so honestly. WE talk about whatever we want to do and try it together. Our lovemaking is intense often for 4 hours at a time after which we lay happily in each other arms and express our love for one another. We don’t ever want to stop. in 2018 Our daughters are 10 and we are letting them stay with their Dads for a week and having sister time for a whole week. I can’t wait to pleasure her for a whole week. Our daughters play together and they like to bath and sleep together. Recently my daughter told me she had washed her cousins vagina after shaving. I asked if she wanted to and she said yes. I asked if her cousin want her to and she said yes so I said well that’s ok.

A few week later we walked in on them licking each other’s bodies, we were shocked at first but then we did it together infront of them and then my daughter came and said she wanted to try it with auntie, I lay my sisters daughter down and i start licking her clit, it was very Alippery but hearing her whisper to me she loved me made me so wet, my daughters small tongue inside of my sisters mouth made me even hornier so i started kissing my duaghter and she Kissed me back and before i knew it all our pussies were licked. now it is 2022 and they Are 14, they have very well developed bodies so we decided to go on a. mommy Daughter trip since we haven’t had sex in a Logn time, my duaghter has a boyfriend so i didn’t tFuck her a lot during those years, but me and my sister were love making a lot and i was making love with my niece, we would buy her bras and we noticed her boobs were growing a lot, so we tricked her into not wearing anything on top at home so we could make sure what bra to buy but instead we would just lick her titties.
But spring break started and we did a mommy duaghter trip We got in the car and parked in A hotel for the spring break, as soon as we got there i decided to go in the pool with my daughter, seeing her in a bikini made me so wet so when we got in the pool i pulled down her bottom and i fingered her and she put her hand under the water and started touching mine, she then kissed me and we go out the pool and met up with my sister upstairs so we locked ourselves all in the room and stripped and we started touching eachother then me and my sister started love making like how we did when we were younger and my daughters started doing the same, we all came and i rubbed my daughters bottom and same with my nieces bottom and i started licking both of there Assholes and they were not used to it but soon they would start moaning and my sister started licking my pussy and gave me and orgasm and my daughter came at the same time as my niece. The next day my daughter broke up with her boyfriend and we recorded more of our love making, we pretended we were a couple in person and would kiss and makeout a lot with no shame, my daughters body is amazing and we are making love behind my husbands back but soon we will tell him. i will give update soon

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    Nice I slept with my sis she was older. Best sex!!! Kim:soundslikefun007 if you want hear more of the story.

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    Yes part two please

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    I bet your family would have a great time at a clothing-optional beach 😉

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    Part 2

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