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Maybe I’m a bad father

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I may or may not have done a bad thing. I made love to my 10 year old daughter on Tuesday, it was amazing, and it felt so right, so beautiful.

On Tuesday I did something with my 10 year old daughter Maya, and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

Maya had a cold over that weekend and she still wasn’t feeling great on Monday or Tuesday, so she didn’t go to school.

I spent the whole day with her upstairs in her room, we both just cosied up on her bed, surrounded by snotty tissues and menthol lozenges, we ate and drank in her bed, both in our pyjamas, Maya demanded I wear mine seen as I was in bed with her, and spent the whole day watching loads of Disney movies on the TV, it was really nice.

In the evening she started to perk up and feel better, and we were just laughing and joking, and we got in to one of our tickle fights, she ended up on top of me tickling me under my arms, and she gave me a quick peck on the lips, and it was at that moment everything just stopped.

She got this look in her eyes, a sparkle, she leaned down and kissed me again, only this time her lips stayed pressed to mine for about 2 minutes, my heart started to race, inhaling the strawberry scent from her hair dangling over my face, I opened my mouth and licked her lips.

She moved her head away briefly and giggled, then she kissed me again, her mouthed opened like mine and she licked my lips, so I opened mine and our tongues met and started to wrestle in each other’s mouths, it was like I was teaching her how to kiss properly, and it was nice.

I rubbed my hands over her small frame, down her back, over her plump little butt and down her legs, then as I rubbed my hands back up her legs, they went up her nightshirt and I grabbed her butt over her panties and squeezed it tightly, her legs parted and fell to my sides, giving room to allow my fingers to slip between her cheeks and down her pussy slit, the front of her panties were a little damp.

My cock twitched and started to harden, as I ran my hands up under her nightshirt, I lifted it up and pulled it off of her and threw it on to the floor, then I held her pretty little face and continue to kiss her passionately, exchanging a lot of saliva in our mouths.

I began to question what the hell was happening, what was I doing, this is my little girl, she is practically still a baby, and I’m kissing and touching her sexually, and I was getting pleasure from it.

Then my cock throbbed, it was fully erect, Maya felt it pressing against her skin beneath her, she pulled her mouth away from mine and looked down between us, she saw my bottoms move as my cock flexed, she reached down and felt the shape of my cock over my bottoms, then pulled the front of my bottoms down to expose it, she giggled and looked back at me with what I can only describe as excitement in her eyes.

She smiled, giggled again, then continued to kiss me while curling her fingers around my girth and rubbing my hard cock back and forth, any thoughts I was having of this situation being wrong quickly faded away and I lost control and just went with it.

I wrapped my arms around her and rolled us both over so she was on her back, I sat up, took off my top, bottoms and boxers, then I looked down at her laying beneath me almost naked, her little body was so beautiful, so pure, so innocent, and yet very sexy.

She giggled again as I yanked off her panties and I began to drool at the sight of her smooth bald little pussy, I shuffled myself down the bed to give myself enough room to lean forward and put my head between her skinny legs and I ate her pussy, burying my tongue deep in to her folds.

She moaned pleasurably and held on to the top of my head as I pleasured her clitoris, once her pussy was soaking wet I licked my tongue up the length of her body, swirling it around her nipples and then wrapped my arms under and around her and kissed her again.

We lay on the bed, our arms around each other, Maya’s legs wrapped and clamped on my back for around 20 minutes, just kissing and feeling each other’s naked bodies rubbing against each other, my cock was rubbing in the crack of her pussy, which was no soaking wet, she became sexually aroused and her pussy relaxed, my cock sank in to her folds and she squeezed her eyes tight shut and held her breath, as if experiencing discomfort, but she wasn’t crying, and she didn’t scream.

Then, as my cock penetrated her body, her eyes sprung open and she breathed out a long moan, I was inside of my baby, her tight innards squeezing around my girth, I began to lightly thrust in to her, our eyes locked, with the tips of our noses touching, breathing heavily in to each other’s mouths, we made love, with music and songs from the Lion King playing on the TV in the background, and it was so beautiful.

Because she was so small it got uncomfortable arching my back, so we rolled over again and Maya straddled on top of me, I held on to her hips and helped her to rock back and forth on my cock, her little moans were heavenly, she smiled when she gained her balance and felt confident enough to ride me on her own, so she put her arms out and our fingers interlocked.

She rode me for a good, very good, half hour or so, then she moaned out loudly, experiencing her very first orgasm, and she called out, “Daddy.” As she came, she was dripping with sweat, her little body soaking and shimmering in the light, and my balls were soaked from her juices and the heat of her pussy.

Then I held her thin waist and helped her to bounce hard a fast on my cock, the pressure built up, and I exploded, ejaculating my seed in to my baby girls body, feeling every drop streaming out of my tip and flooding her insides.

She fell asleep almost immediately when we were done, her little body completely exhausted, she looked so beautiful laying asleep, naked, with my white seed slowly seeping from her hole.

So that’s basically what happened, and we’ve been okay with each other since, she isn’t upset or traumatised, it was just a moment, a beautiful moment between a father and his daughter, I really enjoyed it and so did she.

I just have to get this off my chest because I can’t tell my wife, or my friends, I know I crossed a line, and the world tells me it was wrong what we did, but if that is true, then why did it feel so right, so good, so amazing.

I bonded with my little girl on a whole new level that night, and I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

Am I a bad father?

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    you’re an amazing father… i wish i had a dad like you <3 i'm pretty sure she's always gonna remember and cherish the moment her sweet daddy took her virginity and made her feel like the most special little girl in the whole world

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    No you’re not a bad father you did good

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    Good fathers teach their little girls. I did

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    Such a beautiful father and daughter. please no guilt nor shame……Enjoy (I did very much)

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    You are a good father you did not force it on her and she wanted it from you. It was more lovemaking.

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    I cant wait til my daughter is a little older

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    Awesome!!!! I am hopeful you and your daughter will have many more opportunities to build this beautiful loving relationship.

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    Welcome to the club bro

  • Reply No ID:1eep8nne6pvn

    I mean of fucking course it was wrong, that is your 10 yr old daughter, someone you have to love, not SEXUALLY love. If anyone finds this out you will go to jail, and hell maybe your wife will divorce you.

    • Anonymous ID:2t4adot0c

      Maybe??No if his wife loves their child she willl. but i would all so like to say that is fake because what little kid would make out with and rub someone without being told also she would have freaked out if he really did rape her, she had no idea what was hapening. but if it is true you are not a good father. also No, i think you read this story , no? so who are you to juge. you want this to happen two.now i admit there is a diferents between wanting to and doing it . but plese don’t juge the people who right these stories you can take comfert in the fact that you did not do it.so you can stop pertending to be the higher man. good day

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      Man I completely agree with you, no child would ever be able to understand the circumstances and the situation. You should never do this to a kid. I almost vomit reading these responses, man there’s sick people.

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