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Honeymoon – Chapter One

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Melissa is a nympho, and when she gets married her teenage (15y) daughter gets in on the action. MF, Mf, Fm, mf, teens (14y, 15y, 16y), unsafe, impreg

From her teenage years Melissa was, to say least, over-sexed. Despite a strict religious upbringing, the genie was let out of the box when she was raped at the tender age of eleven by an uncle. Far from being damaged by the experience, she found that she absolutely loved the rough sex and being used as a slut. The memory of her uncle’s fat cock cleaving her hairless cunt made her cream wildly, and within two months she had fucked four more boys.

Her life thereafter went through regular phases. For months she would be the total slut, fucking anybody and everybody, loving been dominated by boys or men, replaying the rape scene. And then the religious side would surface, she would repent and immerse herself in church activities until the next phase of nymphomania.

She realized early on that she hated condoms, only ever making one boy use one. The sluts in the porn she watched regularly never used them, and she never did either, letting anyone and everyone blow their baby-making sperm inside her horny hole. Astonishingly she was almost eighteen before eventually falling pregnant.

One of her lovers at the time was a 22-year-old youth worker at the church. They were forced into marriage, but her new husband deserted her before daughter Hollie was born. As a single mom, she stayed for a while with her parents, but found this stifling. She managed to get secretarial training and soon found a good enough job to support herself and baby in a small flat, leaving the baby at a crèche through the day.

But the nymphomaniac phases soon started again. The first was when Hollie was about fifteen months old. Melissa met Greg at a pub on a girl’s night out, having left Hollie with her mother. She spent the night with him and was immediately under his control. For the next five months, she dressed as he wanted and submitted to being shared with a couple of his friends. Then she was jolted back to her senses when she discovered he was charging the friends for her services. As suddenly as it started, she broke it off, repented of her deeds and vowed to be a good chaste mommy to Hollie in future.

These phases repeated on two-year cycles. Somehow, she could suppress her sexuality for around eighteen months, but then it would resurface. The last phase prior to the present story ended about three months after Hollie’s thirteenth birthday. The trigger for Melissa’s repentance in this case was when her current boyfriend suggested that Hollie, at age thirteen, was old enough to join them in a threesome. Melissa was aghast, and vowed again to protect her little girl, who was now as tall as she was and exhibiting evident curves. Little did she know it, but Hollie was rapidly getting beyond protecting.

Like her mother, she was fast developing strong sexual urges, and was perfectly aware of what her mother had been up to over the past few months. In fact, on a couple of occasions she had managed to peek in on Melissa in bed with her boyfriend. Hollie had rubbed her teenage pussy as she watched her mother welcome the man between her widely splayed legs in evident enjoyment. Her mother never made her boyfriend use a condom and despite her school sex education, the unsafe sex combined with hearing her mom encouraging him to blow his load inside her made Hollie wildly cream her panties, imagining her mom conceiving a baby right in front of her.

She had gotten her first period around four months ago, and it awakened her biological breeding instincts. The memory of seeing her mother in action fuelled her fantasies over the next eighteen months, and by not long after her fourteenth birthday she was regularly playing games such as strip poker and had let boys fondle her fast-developing tits. She never let them fuck her but did everything else other than full blown intercourse.

All this being unknown to her, Melissa vowed again to be a good example to her little girl and kept to it for some eighteen months. But as before, Melissa’s vows could not survive her suppressed desire for sexual dominance by males.

It was about three months before Hollie’s fifteenth birthday and Melissa was looking to buy an economical new car. As fate would have it, she ended up at Stephen’s second-hand car emporium. She found herself immediately swept off her feet by his smooth charm, and that same night she was in his bed.

Melissa was thirty-three, not fat but with a sexily round belly, love handles on her hips and D-cup breasts that bounced enticingly. Hollie was slightly taller than her mother, quite skinny but with perky conical tits. Like her mother, she had large nipples that were easily aroused to prominent points. Mother and daughter both had darker blonde hair but tanned easily.

Within a week of meeting Stephen, Melissa was fully under his control and entirely neglecting her maternal duties to Hollie, leaving her mother and sister-in-law to look after her daughter. She left Hollie with one or other of them for entire weekends as she went off with her new lover. He had her wearing see-through negligees when acting as hostess for his poker nights, which both embarrassed and aroused her.

Stephen had two sons, Marty and Ken, who at this time were aged fourteen and sixteen respectively. Marty was working in Stephen’s business, but Ken had a year of high school left. The boys stayed with their mother but spent many weekends and holidays with Stephen.

On a number of occasions, Stephen tied Melissa naked to a bed from early in the evening while the boys were visiting, coming into fuck her when the mood took him and then returning to drink and watch TV with the boys. Melissa was particularly aroused by the thought that one or other of the boys might walk in on her, as they seldom knocked.

Hollie’s fifteenth arrived about half-way through the summer vacation. Stephen offered his large house, pool and garden for the party which Hollie enjoyed enormously. Marty and Ken made her feel grown-up by flirting with her, and over the next week Hollie visited a few more times, relishing the attention from the two older boys, and occasionally some of their friends.

Hollie had convinced Melissa to let her buy a quite skimpy bikini. It was watching the boys eyeing her daughter’s figure and horsing round with her in the pool that triggered what might easily have become Melissa’s next repentance phase. Stephen and she were watching the three teenagers in the pool, and it was clear that the boys were catching intimate feels from time to time as Hollie giggled in delight.

Suddenly Melissa felt a cold feeling in her stomach as to what she was exposing her little girl to. Her fears were heightened when Stephen slipped a hand inside her bra and commented while feeling her tit.

“Hollie and my boys get on so well. We should all go away for a few days to my beach cottage so that they can see more of her. I’m sure they can entertain each other very well while we entertain each other,” he smirked.

Melissa felt herself going cold. What was intended by the double meaning? Was he suggesting that she should let Hollie get sexually involved with the boys? She pulled back from Stephen with a suggestion that it was time to go home. Stephen immediately sensed her discomfort, and the reason for it. He smiled sweetly at her.

“Babe what are you scared of? Perhaps I had not made myself clear. I’m asking you to marry me as soon as possible, so that we become one big happy family.” Melissa’s fears vanished instantly.

“WHAT!!!!” she cried, incredulous.

“Come on babe! We’re not children. It’s working out, isn’t it? Let’s make it permanent!” he said.

Instantly all Melissa’s fears vanished. She would have a permanent man and family for her daughter.

“Yes. Fucking YES!!” she screamed, bringing all the kids running to hear the news.

Within days, Stephen had convinced her to resign her current job in order to work for him, to terminate her lease on the apartment, and to fix the wedding date two weeks before the end of school summer vacation. She also accepted his suggestion that instead of a conventional honeymoon, all five of them should go for about 10 days to his beach cottage some three hours’ drive from their city.

Their apartment was packed up the day before the wedding, and all their goods were transported to Stephen’s house. This included Hollie and Melissa’s suitcases for the honeymoon, which Stephen would pack in his car.

Melissa did not want to spend the night before the wedding in Stephen’s house, so she and Hollie slept over with her brother and sister-in-law, who took them the next morning to the hotel where the ceremony and reception would take place. Stephen had taken control of all arrangements, including securing the services of a celebrant and organizing the reception.

The reception was a luncheon that ended around 2pm, and the five of them hit the road to the beach cottage. Melissa had worn an off-white calf-length dress, with a hint of a slit up the side. The top was halter neck style, with quite a high neckline but low cut at the back. She wore a strapless support bra which drew attention to her substantial bust. Hollie’s pale blue dress was mini-length and supported on top by spaghetti straps. Both were barelegged and wore high-heeled sandals.

Initially Stephen drove. Melissa sat next to him, while Hollie sat at the back in between the two boys and was conscious of their legs and hands continually brushing against her bare legs. She felt twinges of excitement at the contact.

After a halfway refreshment stop, Marty took over driving. Seated at the back now, Stephen slipped his hand into Melissa’s top to cop a feel of a tit. In embarrassment, she pushed his hand away, hissing that the children could see. Unbeknownst to them Hollie was eyeing the caresses quite intently and was conscious of a juiciness between her legs.

Eventually they arrived at the beach house. It was quite a way outside the nearest town, with open land on either side. It was surrounded by high walls, and the gates opened electronically, so that they drove straight in and parked next to the house. Melissa was quite impressed and gazed in admiration at the nearly deserted beach just to the other side of the house, and the rocky outcrops stretching out into the deep blue sea. She sighed in contentment.

Stephen stood next to her with his arm over her shoulder. And then once more his hand slipped in at the side opening of her halter neck to cup her tit.

“No, please, not here while the kids are watching,” she whispered to him. “I feel uncomfortable.” He just laughed.

“Come on doll, we’re on honeymoon and they aren’t babies. They know why we are here. We can give them a bit of a voyeuristic thrill, can’t we?”

Flushing hotly, she pulled away.

“Let’s get unpacked and into the house,” she almost pleaded. Stephen conceded.

“OK guys, start getting the bags out of the car,” he ordered. Soon, three backpacks and assorted smaller bags were on the doorstep. But something was missing.

“Where are our suitcases?” Melissa demanded. The two boys looked at each other.

“You said you were packing their fucken’ cases!” Marty shouted at Ken accusingly.

“No I never! I said I was leaving them in the hall for you to pack you fucken’ twat!” countered Ken. Melissa sighed and buried her head in her hands.

“FUCK! Everything except our purses were in those suitcases!” she wailed. “We have absolutely nothing with us, not even toothbrushes! We’ll have to go back honey,” she said to Stephen. He grinned and shook his head.

“Not a chance babe! Too far to go. I’m sure we have spare toiletries. And as for the rest, this is a quiet beachside cottage in a warm summer. You don’t need anything. In any case, I like my women naked!” he said with a big shit eating grin.

“NO!!! How did this happen! We need female stuff, like tampons and my birth con….” her voice trailed off as she realised, she was about to talk about her diaphragm in front of the kids. Stephen laughed.

“This is not funny! It’s so bad babe,” Melissa cried.

Despite her mother’s angst Hollie involuntarily felt a tingle of excitement running through her body as she absorbed the implications. Her mind ran wild with excitement.

“Oh yes. You are mine now! You promised earlier to obey, and I’m telling you you’re going naked whether you like it or not, slut!” Stephen growled.

Melissa felt the chill of sheer panic roll down her spine as she heard his words and tried to pull away. Stephen grabbed her arm and produced a fisherman’s clasp knife from a pocket. Melissa screamed.

“What the fuck are you doing? You’re my husband! The children…” she wailed.

Stephen sliced through the clasp of the halter neck which fell loose. Melissa tried to grab the ends, but the knife next sliced all the way from the top of the zip to her bottom. Stephen pulled her hands away and the garment fell to her feet, leaving her in the push up bra and thong panties. Two more incisions of the knife and Melissa’s useless clothing lay at her feet, leaving her naked in front of three males and her fascinated daughter. The boys’ cocks hardened at the sight of Melissa’s completely shaved cunt and perky tits. Stephen picked up the ruined clothing and dumped it in a trashcan. Her took her by the arm, and led her inside, followed by Marty and Ken escorting Hollie between them.

Under less trying circumstances the layout of the cottage might have dismayed Melissa. They entered straight into a large living room area, with an open plan kitchen/dining area to one side. Stephen half dragged her through to the single door at the other side which opened into a large bedroom with two king-sized beds. He threw her down on to one of the beds, and as she fell her legs splayed wide open to reveal her gaping, fully shaved pussy to the three teens. To her embarrassment, Melissa realized that they would be able to see how soaking wet her pussy had become. Her mind was resisting, but her traitorous body was surrendering to a male invasion. But she had to break away in Hollie’s interest.

Stephen had no problem holding her down, but he told Ken to get ropes from the outhouse. When he returned, they soon had Melissa’s wrists and ankles tied to the four corners of the bed. She struggled futilely, knowing the inevitable. Hollie sat on the other bed between the two boys, looking with big eyes, and torn between fear and arousal at the thought of the dirty sex acts she knew she would soon witness.

Stephen quickly stripped and was soon rubbing his swollen prick along Melissa’s juicy slit as she fought her own arousal.

“Please, not now! Send the fucking kids out, and I’ll give you what you want,” she pleaded. He laughed.

“No way! This is sex-ed 101, Lesson 1. Makin’ babies!” he grinned lewdly at her. Seeing him fist his turgid cock and rub it on her wet slit, she then realized he was about to enter her bareback and panicked.

“Put a fucking rubber on! I don’t have my diaphragm in,” she pleaded. Stephen sighed.

“I must have forgotten to mention that I never use rubbers babe. Rubber is for tires, not for sluts’ cunts. I also like my women not only naked, but pregnant!” he said with an evil smile. He climbed back on top of her, and his thick rod slid effortlessly to the hilt into her soaking wet and hairless hole. As he started to hump furiously against her, she at first tried to resist in spite of her bonds. But the combination of the helplessness, totally in Stephen’s control, the humiliation of being raped in front of the teens including her own daughter, and the physical stimulation of a fat, unsheathed cock in her pussy brought her to rapid orgasm.

“Rape me you fucking bastard! Fuck me! HARDER! You’re right, rubber is for tires not pussy! I hate the fucking things. Fuck my hairless cunt and blow your fat baby making load up it! Try and impregnate me you fucker! Come on! Give me a fucking BABY!” she screamed, nearly passing out with lust.

Her filthy language only made the sperm boil hotter in Stephen’s bloated nuts, and he fucked her as hard and deep as he could. The lewd squelching and slapping sounds of dirty unprotected sex resounded throughout the room as he fucked his now willing bride. Her cunt cream mixed with his pre-cum leaked out around her stretched cunt lips and was churned by his pumping cock into a thick white fuck foam that coated their combined genitals.

Sitting between the two boys on the other bed, Hollie felt her own teenage pussy juicing up and her nipples hardening as she watched. She absently let her hand wander into her soaked undies and her fingers slide over her slick teenage pussy lips as she watched her mother be a total slut right in front of her. The fact that Melissa was being fucked bareback and with no birth control excited and thrilled her as she masturbated her soaking hole.

Stephen soon reached his climax point as his cock cleaved Melissa’s foamy pussy and announced his intentions loudly to his teenage audience.

“I’m gonna fucking cum! Right up this slut’s fertile cunt!” Stephen growled as his cock slammed in and out of her cream slicked snatch. He felt the tingling in his balls, and it activated his male biological impregnation instinct to not pull out. He growled with impending orgasm.

“Yes baby! Give me your fucking sperm! Cum in my fertile womb! Aagh!” Melissa came again.

With a satisfied groan, Stephen thrust savagely into her cunt and blew his load. Huge squirts of his thick white semen spat forcefully from the tip of his turgid penis and splattered deep into Melissa’s reproductive system. Five powerful and voluminous squirts of hot white cum filled her soaking snatch to the brim, and rivulets of white nasty began to seep out around Stephen’s embedded cock to run down over his bloated balls.

“Fucking JESUS!” he groaned as his release made his legs shake.

Within seconds, millions of his virile sperm were swimming free of the sticky fluid they were ejaculated in and seeking out her egg. Before he could even pull his deflated cock from her well fucked slot, one of his sperm had successfully found and fertilized it. She was pregnant already but would not know it for a while yet.

After they both came down from their respective highs, Stephen lay a while in post-coital bliss before pulling his cock from his new bride’s semen filled quim and rolling away. He gestured to his sixteen-year-old son Ken.

“Come on son! Time for your practical class. Show me what you’ve learnt about making babies,” he encouraged. Ken grinned eagerly.

Melissa had resigned herself to being fucked by her husband in front of the kids and quite looked forward to being fucked by him again. But she was suddenly jerked back to consciousness and the realization of what Stephen had said penetrated her foggy brain. It would get much worse. She was about to be fucked by a young teenage boy.

“NO!” she screamed, tugging again at her bonds. “You can’t do this. It’s wrong! It’s sinful!” she screamed.

“Relax darling. Forget your cultural inhibitions. You know you like to have that hole between your legs filled by as much man meat as you can get, probably more than I can provide. Enjoy it. I have taught my boys well!” Stephen said.

Ken certainly wasted no time. He dived between Melissa’s legs and started licking her pussy with enthusiasm, lapping up the remains of his father’s cum with gusto. Against her better judgement, Melissa found herself becoming aroused again at the perverted sex that was taking place and once again almost forgot about her daughter intensely watching her as her arousal took over.

As he lay eating out his now stepmom and swallowing his dad’s semen, Ken worked his trousers and underpants loose and kicked them away. He moved up Melissa’s body, leaving a wet trail of kisses across her belly, up to her nipples, eventually to kiss her full on the mouth. She was now on such a high of passion that she unthinkingly parted her lips to allow his tongue to explore her mouth. At the same time, his naked and unsheathed prick found its way to the opening of her nether lips. Melissa just groaned into his mouth and made no protest as he plunged deeper into her unprotected pussy. Once more her sexual desires conquered all other feelings. She wrapped her legs round his young body and drew him deeper into her with moans of satisfaction.

In the meantime, a still naked Stephen had sat next to Hollie who was gazing in goggle-eyed fascination at the increasingly noisy sex act on the other bed. Melissa was by now screaming to Ken.

“Yes, you dirty little fucker! Fuck your stepmother bareback! I’ll never make you use a rubber my love! Cum deep in my pussy and make me fucking PREGNANT!” she wailed. Stephen grinned at her lewdness.

“That’s it boy! Remember what I taught you about fucking sluts. Always bare, never use rubbers and never fucking pull out. Make sure you squirt it up there deep, all over her eggs,” Stephen encouraged his son. He put an arm round Hollie and cupped her teenage tit.

“Are you still a virgin darling?” he asked.

“I’ve never had full sex, but I have sucked about three cocks,” she said shyly.

“You know we are all going to fuck you as well as your mom, don’t you pumpkin?” he whispered gently. Hollie nodded, a little fearfully, but also with a feeling of excitement running through her loins. Her best fried Marcia and she had fantasized together about how they might go all the way.

“We will not hurt you though my baby,” he said reassuringly before his Stephen’s knife re-appeared. Within seconds Hollie’s spaghetti bra straps were history. In another downward swipe, Stephen cut through the back of her bra and slit her dress all the way down the back. The dress and bra fell uselessly off her front, leaving her in her flimsy pink bikini panties. That lasted only a few seconds as a final slash of the knife eliminated them as a useful covering. Stephen tweaked a nipple with one hand and shoved a finger of the other hand into her pussy as the thumb massaged her clit. He was delighted to find her pussy completely bald.

“No fucking pubic hair. You shave it?” Stephen murmured as Hollie moaned in pleasure.

“Yes daddy! I keep it shaved smooth, so I look much younger. The boys love it!” she giggled as he fingered her wet slot. Hearing her call him daddy made his cock throb. Her pussy really did look like a preteen’s, completely bald and with no visible inner lips. Stephen licked his lips in anticipation of fucking this prime teenage fuck doll.

By now, both Ken and Melissa were reaching a noisy climax on the other bed. Stephen’s fingers worked more energetically on Hollie’s hairless pussy, and she felt herself getting worked up.

By God, she wanted to be fucked. To experience what her mother was so clearly enjoying.

“Aaaah, fucken hell I’m nutting!” Ken suddenly groaned as thick white ropes of teen jizm began to spurt from the tip of his penis into his new stepmother’s unprotected cunt.

“Aah FUCK! Cum in me! Knock me up you handsome little fucker!” Melissa howled as she was inseminated for the second time, Ken’s virile sperm joining those of his father in her fertile womb. Melissa watched Ken’s spasmodic jerks knowing enough to realize that he was now filling her mother with another load of sticky white semen.

“She must have a billion sperms swimming around in her womb right now!” Hollie thought, shivering with excitement at seeing her mother possibly making a baby right in front of her.

As soon as the passion on the other bed eased off, Stephen motioned Marty to sit on the other bed, as he gently pushed Hollie back to lie on her back, with her legs slightly splayed. Stephen pushed her thighs further apart and ran his tongue along her smooth teenaged quim. Hollie groaned in exquisite pleasure.

It was her groans that brought Melissa back to wakefulness, and she saw to her horror how her new husband was molesting her daughter.

“NO!” she screamed. “Please leave my daughter alone. She’s only fifteen! You and your boys can fuck me as much as you like in any holes and without protection if that’s what you want. I won’t struggle. But leave my baby! She’s too young,” Melissa pleaded. Stephen lifted his head with a grin.

“If you saw the juices flooding her slick little pussy, you’ll know she’s ripe for plucking and fucking! And look at the tips of her titties, they are rock hard,” he growled.
Melissa struggled again with her bonds but could do nothing as Stephen crawled across her daughter’s body. She saw his prick gently probe the hairless young cunt lips which easily opened to admit the invader. She wanted to look away or close her eyes at least but was drawn in fascination.

Hollie, for her part, felt her tiny vaginal canal slowly being stretched. “I’m finally going to get fucked!” she thought to herself.

There was initially some slight discomfort, but no pain as felt fuller and fuller. The discomfort was soon replaced by an exquisite delight that soon edged towards full ecstasy as all the sensitive nerve ends were stimulated. Instinctively, she thrust back at him, and her legs wrapped round his buttocks. Their pubic bones ground against each other. Like her mother years before, she was instantly addicted to sex, and she would never get enough. They only distantly heard the wail from the other bed.

“At least wear a fucking condom! She’s too young to get pregnant!” Melissa wailed at them. But Stephen wasn’t listening. There was no way any rubbers were being used tonight, or ever again. As Hollie absorbed the words in the back of her mind, the very thought of gambling with pregnancy brought her the edge of her first male induced orgasm. She shrieked out her pleasure.

“NO FUCKING RUBBERS! EVER! I FUCKING LOVE SEX!” she screamed as her new daddy’s bare cock slammed in and out of her sloppy unprotected cunt. “Fuck me, Fuck me hard boys! I’m a born slut like my mom. I’ll fuck Ken and Marty as well. I’ll fuck all the boys at school. And none of you are EVER allowed to use condoms, and you can all cum in my pussy and make fucking babies in me!” Hollie screamed, her lust taking over her senses.

Despite her misgivings, hearing her daughter begging to be impregnated had her hot as hell and she gave in to her lust, frantically frigging her sperm filled cunt as she watched her daughter get knocked up by her new husband. Stephen fucked Hollie’s baby bald box and took her through three climaxes until she came hard, clamping her cunt muscles down on his cock as she screamed for him to impregnate her.

“Cum inside me daddy! Fucking get me pregnant! I want to make some more little sluts for you to fuck!” she squealed. Stephen lost it at that point.

“Here it cums baby girl! Take it and make us a baby!” he roared as he discharged his second load of sperm. His spunk load squirted from his cock into his new daughter’s bald vagina as Hollie came again, feeling the hot squirts of his semen splatter over her young cervix. The tiny cervical opening dilated and sucked in the life-giving fluid, sending Steven’s sperm swimming through her teenage reproductive system. When he finally pulled his deflated cock from her spunk filled snatch and rolled away, she made no effort to close her legs and the sticky white baby making fluid could clearly be seen leaking out of her bald cunt.

Fourteen-year-old Marty, the youngest of the group and the only male who had not yet unloaded his balls, was horny as fuck. He did not even wait for a signal from his dad. He had stripped off and had been masturbating furiously while watching the action, so he was very ready to fuck. Marty threw himself on to Hollie, his cock slamming easily to full depth in her juicy sperm slicked teenage fuck hole. The feeling of his cock enveloped in tight teenage cunt flesh lubricated by his own father’s sticky semen blew his mind.

Although this took Hollie a little by surprise, she soon warmed again to the stimulation of her pussy and had her legs around him as she drew her new little brother deeper into her fertile pussy. He was a handsome young lad, and she kissed him passionately as they made mad love to each other.

“Oh my god I love you, Marty! Fuck me baby!” she shrieked. “I’m going to come again. Fuck me and make me CUM! Don’t fucking stop! I want you to impregnate me!” she squealed. She found how to pinch her vaginal muscles around Marty’s thrusting cock in a rhythmic fashion, which heightened her own sensations and drove Marty wild. It was a very passionate fuck, and despite their inexperience the two teenagers made love for nearly twenty minutes before Marty reached his climax and emptied his swollen testicles into her fertile vagina. His balls tingled, spasmed then exploded in a creamy, spermy mess in her teenage cunt.

“Yes baby! Blow your load deep inside. Fertilize my eggs!” Hollie panted breathlessly as Marty ejaculated inside her. She had already decided that she liked him much more than the other two, and after they had come down from their respective highs they lay in each other’s arms and kissed and cuddled for a long time. She hoped that if she was pregnant, that it was Marty’s baby growing in her tummy.


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