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when a person thinks of church, one thinks person at the front trying to explain to his or her group of people what there book of words means, some believe in what is written, others not so much,

all the girls are told to go to the stage and stand in a single row facing the wall, do not talk and DO NOT TURN AROUND AT ANY POINT TILL TOLD TO, the did as told.

the church all the girls are in is not like what one would expect,

all the girls are put up front on a stage, Donna and Vicky are there looking around, it is a big stage, just enough room for all of them to stand single row at the front of the stage, Vicky does a quick count, she believes she counted at least 40 girls in all, they all face the wall, Vicky and Donna stand beside each other, Donna whispers to her mom, what is going on, out of nowhere the sting of a bullwhip hits Donnas ass, instant deep red line across her ass cheek, she screams out, in pain and shock, she even peed herself, her face turns red, one of the trainers walks up to Donna and tells her NO TALKING, trainer grabs Donnas ass and tells her if she does it again she will be punished with 100 lashes of the bullwhip, Donna said nothing,

spot lights came on, even if the girls did turn around they would only see light, they all heard people walking into the church, lots of whispering, Vicky was trying to figure out who was talking, male voices or so she thought, but not speaking American, sounded like overseas, German? Italian? French? African?, Vicky did not know,
Donna was standing there with her ass sore from only one strike of the whip, tears in her eyes, but made no more sounds,

There was a booming Voice, same voice as before,
OK ladies and gentlemen if you would kindly take a seat, we will be getting on with the serman in a moment or two, thank you, people do just that take there seats and looks at all the girls up on stage.

The voice starts out with a prayer, Vicky does not understand a single word said, then it is repeated 12 times each in a different language,

Voice tells them that the bidding will begin in 5 min, Vicky and Donna look at each other with puzzled looks, Vicky looks at the rest of the girls, non are looking around, non are talking, all stand and dont move, donna tries to look behind her, trainer walks up to her grabs , her by the hair and leds her to a sawhorse she is forced to bend over the sawhorse, voice goes who will give me 100, she hears 100, then 200 then 300 and so on till the bidding stops at 15000usd, voice goes sold to Miss Tin, Miss Tin walks up to the stage where Donna is bent over the sawhorse, she rams three fingers into Donnas cunt and works them in and out a number of times, She pulls her fingers out and she licks her fingers clean, she looks at Donna and tells her she will make a good fuck slave once trained right,

The Auction or Church as they called it went on the almost 3 hours, everyone of them sold to the highest bidder, Vicky was sold to a large man, 6ft5in, 400lbs, he was a mean man, he looked he would kill her as to look at her,

Vicky was taken to another building on the Ranch, she was presented to her owner, he took his time with her, she was forced to service he every need, he used her as a toilet as well as a fuck toy, fucking her ass to the point she could not close her asshole, she was sore and beaten and bruised, her owner took her to the horse stables, she was told to get into the breeding cage for horses, she did as told, her owner walked over to a stud, he was 21 hands tall, a massive draft horse, her owner, walked the stud over to the breeding cage, the stud knew what this meant he pranced around, shorting, scraping the ground with his feet, then he was pointed at his mare, he mounted the cage, his massive cock was out and ready to fuck, it was no less then 18 inches long and 6 inched across, Vicky figured she would be killed by this, she felt his cock head push at her cunt, she relaxed as much as she could as he pushed again, she screamed as the head opened her cunt, she was panting and screaming as the stud shoved as he felt her cunts wormth, she pasted out form the extreme pain in her cunt, the stud got more of his cock into her as he kept thrusting into her limp body, her owner woke her with smelling salts, she screamed, she could feel his monster deep in her cunt, deeper than anything before, he thrust again and got another 2 inches into her cunt, she was out again from the pain

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