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“you coming”

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As I exit out the school gates I see a man blue wearing blue jeans a leather jacket sunglasses his hair jet black but slightly grying his kempt beard and curled mustache with much more gray on it. He’s leaning up against a motorbike. I can’t take my eyes off him he’s looking back at me and he smiles lifting his sunglasses I see his eyes the bluest I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop staring I feel a rush off ecstasy through my body -BANG-

“Fuck!” I shout aloud my head ringing as I’m thrown to the floor by a pole that I stupidly walked into

I can hear the man laughing at me. God my whole body is burning I feel so embarrassed. I look up and see him walking over to me still laughing

“You alright little missy”
“Fuck off” I say too embarrassed to look at him
“Oh come on it’s not my fault I’m too gorgeous. Mon hen I’ll give you a hand” he holds his hand out to me. I reluctantly take it and he helps me up his hands feel rough like leather
“Is your head alrigh”
“It stings like hell” I say rubbing it
“Do you want a ride little miss”
“Aren’t you here to pick someone up? Why else would you hang around a school?”
“I like looking for easy targets” he says and I laugh
“Nah I was picking up my kid but she wants to walk with her friends, she’s too cool for her old man these days”
“That sucks.”
“Nah just growing up I guess. I wouldn’t be caught dead with my parents as a young one even if they were as cool as me” I laugh as he says that
“Mon I’ll give you a lift” he puts his hand out again signaling for me to take it I again hesitate
“Oh come on I don’t bite”
“Even if I wanted you too” I cover my mouth
“That just slipped out I’m sorry” he laughs at me
“Come on you” we walk over to his bike and he puts a helmet on me
“So which way we going?”
“Ehh just drop me off at the park on Saturday st”
“Saturday st huh. I hate that street”
“What why?”
“It’s got a stupid name. Makes me feel like I should only go there on a Saturday”
“That was a stupid joke”
“Oh come on. No it wasn’t”
We got on his bike I’ve never been on one so I don’t really know what to do with my hands I guess he can tell this as he grabs my hands and wrapps them around him. It’s strange but I feel so save with him I rest my head into his back and we drive off it’s not a long drive so we’re there in basically 10 minutes I climb off his bike
“This just seemed like a waste off petrol”
“Oh but it wasn’t I got to ride with a beautiful young girl that’s worth it” I blush
“You’re so pretty when you blush” he climbs off to making sure the bike doesn’t fall down
“You know I used to come here a lot when I was a kid I wonder” he pauses
“Wanna see something cool”
“Sure” I smile he takes my hand and leads me to the old small shack that’s been in ruins for years we get there and I go in ahead off him and the inside looks worse than the outside I see a dirty matris and my heart jumps a lil the safeness I felt is slowly going away and he realises and quickly says
“I know what that looks like… I lured a young girl into a shack but I genuinely had no idea that was in here”
“Oh” I laugh feeling a little silly. He walks over to one side off the room and pulls up a couple off floor boreds
“No now this is what I wanted to show you”
“Yeah me and my mates and a few off the dad’s made a club house here. We mostly used it to smoke weed but then we bought that old warehouse down past the school so we didn’t come here any more. I’m surprised no ones claimed it as theres yet”
He walks down the barley stable wooden stairs
“You coming?” He holds his hand out and I take it following him down into a room with coutches, very old porn mags, old cigarette butts the like a very ’90’s teen hangout place’
“Yeah we used to spend most our days here I miss it honestly” he sits on one off the coutches and invites me over with him. I sit by him and cozy into him. He pulls out 2 joints from his pocket
“You wanna smoke up with me”
I decline
“Oh come on help me relive my youth”
“Mhm alright then” we spend the next good couple off hours talking and getting high I don’t know how high he is but I’m baked out my skull barley able to move when we realise the time
“Ohhh fuck we’ve been at this for almost 5 hours”
“What no way! I need to get home” I say but not actually moving
He laughs at me
“You’re too fucked up. Come on I’ll help you” he lifts me up and takes me up the stairs and outside putting me back onto my feet it’s gone dark now and we stumble over to his bike
“Are you too high to drive?”
“Fuck no I do this all the time”
“Mhm oka-” Im cut off before I can finish talking
“Shhhh!” He says and pushes me into the bushes
“Ah what the fuck!” I yell
“Shut the fuck up whore” he says seemingly going from really high to really sober quickly
I’m to high to even react I just stay silent as I watch him look around then unbuckle his jeans pulling them and his boxers down reviling his huge cock
The panic set in again but I can’t move he gets on the ground with me lifting up my skirt and ribbing my tights like an animal
“You wanted this from the second you saw me didn’t you. You filthy fucking whore” he rips my panties and my school skirt lifting my bra up I’m completely exposed and I can’t even bring myself to scream I just freeze he knells up a bit and shoves his cock into my mouth
“You better get that nice and wet cause it’s the only lube I’ll be using” he deep throats me and I choke on his dick my eyes tearing up uncontrollably. He keeps slamming his dick against the back off my throat and I keep gagging. I try to move, to get him off me but I can’t and I throw up on his dick he pulls it out my mouth
“Dirty little whore” he cleans his dick on my ripped clothing
He throws me over onto my stomach and wraps his hand around the back off my neck and shoves his dick inside my pussy
“Oohh your a naughty girl eh you’ve been fucked before well there’s no point fucking you there then” I breathe a slight sigh in relief as he takes his dick out me. I go to get up just happy it was over when he shoves me back to the ground and rams his dick inside my ass. I scream in pain but he quickly covers my mouth. He leans forward and whispers into my ear
“I love it when they scream” he licks my ear
I try shake him off but he shoves me into the ground harder my tears has caused the dirt underneath me to turn to mud. I sob more my face covered in mud and tears. He continues to ram my asshole for what seems to be 30 minutes but I’m in to much pain to even know. He pulls out pulling me around to face him and cums all over my face. I collapse onto the ground and he laughs at me.
“I’d offer you a lift but I don’t want my rid getting dirty, you understand how it is. Come visit me sometime tho I’d love to do this again” he goes to leave but then turns back to me and pulls out his phone and takes a couple off photos of me then leaves me in the dirt

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