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Lady Dog Walker Watching Me Masturbate part 6

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Continuing on from where I left off before having just Cum in my little sisters mouth …

After cumming in my 10yr old sisters mouth while watching Amanda ..my 30yr old dog walking lady friend ..stuffing her 13yr old daughter Sammi’s white cotton knickers up her pussy I needed to sit down before my legs gave way …as I rested against the earth bank looking from one girl to the other wondering how I ended up been so lucky …I noticed Amanda eyeing my young sister up from where she stood her fingers still thrusting in and out of her soaking pussy ..her daughters panties no longer in sight …when she suddenly climaxed and I could see her juices flowing down her inner thighs ..looking over to where Sammi and Megan were both still kneeling together I could see they had their heads together and were talking excitedly about what they’d just done …Megan seemed to have taken her first sexual experience well ..

Amanda came and sat down next to me to rest after her orgasm and smiled at me when she saw I was looking at her and her still exposed pussy …’What happened to Sammi’s panties.?’… I asked ..Giggling Amanda replied ‘There still inside me ‘….I blinked and asked ‘ Really ?’ ….’Yes’ ..said Amanda …’But I might have pushed them a bit too deep and I’m not sure I can pull them back out easily ‘ …I looked at her with panick written all over my face ..when Amanda grinned at me and said ..’Don’t worry we just need someone with small enough fingers to reach inside and pull them out’…confused I stared blankly back at Amanda not quite understanding what she meant …winking at me Amanda called out to my 10yr old sister and asked her to come over here …

Megan..stood up and shyly shuffled over to stand next to me and Amanda looking first at me with my soft cock still on view to Amanda with her skirt pulled up and her very wet pussy fully exposed …’Could you help me please Megan’ …asked Amanda….’ Err….yes’.. was all Megan could manage in reply …’I’m afraid I got a little carried away earlier and I seem to have lost my daughters knickers inside me’ …said Amanda ….Megan frowned not quite understanding what she was saying or asking …So Amanda pointed down towards her pussy and said ..’They’re inside here’…’but I can’t reach them to get them out’….’Could you reach them .??’ ..’your fingers are smaller than mine”….

It took a few seconds for Megan to fully understand what was been asked of her before the blush started on her neck and travelled upwards to her face …Amanda spoke up before Megan could say anything …’Please darling …I really need to get them out’….’come kneel down between my legs’…Megan slowly knelt down ..her eyes fixed on the very wet pussy before her as Amanda reached out for her right hand and explained that ..’You need to point your four fingers together and tuck your thumb inwards’ …once Megan’s hand was in the correct shape Amanda slowly brought it towards her pussy and started to rub Megan’s finger tips up and down her pussy lips ….my flaccid cock was starting to raise as I watched this 30yr old lady moving my young sisters fingers over her pussy …ever so slowly Amanda applied a little more pressure and Megan’s fingers entered her grown up pussy little by little …After a few minutes of slowly pushing and pulling Amanda had got Megan’s fingers buried upto her knuckles inside her body …asking if she could feel the knickers yet Megan shook her head and said ‘ no I can’t feel them’ …taking a firmer grip of the young girls wrist Amanda let out a moan and shoved little Megan’s right hand fully up inside her pussy..holding it deep before groaning out loud and pulling it back out and pushing it fully in …my cock by this stage was rock hard again and I took hold of it and started to jerk off watching as my 10yr old sister fist fucked my nymphomaniac friend …Amanda her eyes glazing over with last told her daughter Sammi to get over here and take care of me …as she dropped to her knees Amanda looked at me and said in a husky voice I’d not heard before ‘ fuck her….fuck her from behind …on her hands and knees ….Now’…who was I to complain…kneeling behind Sammi I slammed my full 5″ cock deep into her pussy while gripping her slender hips as we both watched her mum using my sisters hand as a dildo ….

I tried to match my thrusting with the pace Amanda was slamming my little sisters fist up her soaking pussy …Sammi climaxed several times until Amanda told her to pull Megan’s leggings down ….Sammi quickly did as she was told and I watched as Megan still on her knees between Amandas spread thighs had first her leggings then her yellow little panties with white lace trim pulled down to her knees exposing her little virgin pussy to me for the very first time …Amanda looked straight at me and said …’ nows your chance ….take your sister and make her a woman’ …wasting no time I climbed behind my little sister ..taking my hard cock in my hand I ran the end up and down her slit …marvelling at how wet she felt down there …Amanda laid there panting …looking up at me ….my sisters fist buried deep inside her pussy …and as I pushed my rock hard 12yr old cock fully inside my little sister taking her virginity..Amanda came screaming out …’ YES….Fuck her….fuck your sister …make her yours’ …Megan cried out as she felt my shaft penatrate deep into her young body ….Amanda reached forward with her free hand and pulled Megan’s head down to her pussy …forcing her to taste her juices leaking around her fist still buried deep …watching this I pounded Megan’s pussy as hard as I could knowing I wouldn’t be able to last much longer…gripping her hips tight and with one final massive push I buried my cock deep and came ….spurt and fantastic spurt …I filled my own sisters pussy with her brothers cum…..sensing that I was cumming in my sister Amanda reached her own massive orgasm and I watched as she squirted around Megan’s wrist and all over her face ….

Collapsing to my side I fought for breath after the most powerful orgasm of my short life …Amanda removed Megan’s fist from her pussy with a great big sloppy pop ..and pulled her up into an embrace kissing her gently on the lips …

Looking over to Sammi I was just in time to see her orgasm with two fingers deep inside her bald little pussy her eyes rolling back in her head ….

After several minutes of post orgasmic relaxation we all stood on wobbly legs and got dressed …I looked at Amanda and asked if Megan had managed to recover Sammis panties from her pussy …and to my disbelief she grinned and pulled them from behind her back where they had been all along …laughing …I asked if I could take a fresh pair of panties home with me to cum in during the week ..Amanda replied …’You don’t need a fresh pair of knickers to take home this week my love’ ….’you’ve got your very own cum slut to keep you busy now’ …

Sadly that was the last time I ever saw Amanda or her 13yr old daughter Sammi’ …but my fun didn’t stop there as we had created a sex monster in the form of my 10yr old sister Megan….she became insatiable..but that’s another story for another day lol

Hope you all enjoyed this final chapter and you managed to get off …😜

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  • Reply Jessica ID:4bn00en3fia

    I love the story i think you guys should dring more of the storyNow Leave Your Comment…

  • Reply Bob ID:1d4uq39lfq6s

    Dear Hornyboy,
    I enjoyed how you ended part 6, but I request that you write more parts.

    What took place at home with your sister, Megan?? Did she get involved with Daddy?? Did Mom catch you fucking Megan and decide to join in with you?

    Did you cum in contact with Amanda and her daughter, Megan, a number of years later? That would be an awesome addition to this hot story.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Mr.green ID:1ckzi8cgfpyb

    Bravo bravo standing ovation

  • Reply Joshua ID:5s5sz53gd9j

    Reading this after 4 months and I still cum to it

  • Reply Ricky6969 ID:5rb3bpd3

    Please continue

  • Reply Dogwalker lover ID:32pj2xrn49k

    Omg what a excellent story cant wait for next par , your method is good too

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1dd5hdh9hy1g

    Absolutely amazing I hope you continue to write your next stories.

    • Zoharian69 ID:p8vrljb0d

      Let’s hear some of your adventures with Megan… Please???

  • Reply Joshua ID:5s5sz53gd9j

    You got to make a a full ending you left a sort of on a cliffhanger 😅