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First time with my sister (true story)

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Hi, My name is Erik and im 50 years old at the time and this is my first time telling anyone about this. This is a true story and i like to share it.

Hi, My name is Erik and im 50 years old at the time and this is my first time telling anyone about this. This is a true story and i like to share it. First time i fucked a girl i was 10 and and it lasted for more than a decade. Her name is Sara and she is my sister.

My sister and i are both blonds and when we where young we both had white hair and blue eyes and looked like two normal kids at that age. It all began with me finding my dads porn magazines and started to play with myself. Me and my sister where at the time sharing bedroom, both where affraid of the dark, so she had seen me several times having fun with myself. One day she came over to my bed and asked what i was doing so i shared the magazine with her and it ended up both os us where naked and playing with ourselfs. Sara jumped off the bed and got a pencil and came back to me and sat right towards me with her legs spred and started to push the pencil into her pússy. It went strait into her and she started to push it in and out telling me how good it felt. I asked her if i could try and she said yes so i grabbed the pencil and started to push it in and out of her. I took the pencil out and licked it and Sara wanted to lick it as well. We both liked it alot.
I Asked Sara if i couuld touch her and she said yes. It felt so good, that smooth little pussy and when i let a finger slide between her pussylips it felt warm and wet. I laid down on my stomach so I could get closer. I wanted to lick her as they did in the magazines so i got closer and put my toung out. Jesus she tasted good and i was really horny my little cock was rock hard. I took my finger and pusched it into her. I heard on her breading that she liked it and she lean her body back. I keept fingerfuck her for about 10 minutes being fascinated and excited of her pussy.

When i stoped Sara laid on her back for about 5 minutes not saying a word and she had her own hand om her pussy. I stod up and my cock was really hard and i begun stroking it. Sara looked at me and asked if she could touch me so I walkeddd towards her as she sat up on the egde of bed standing with my cock right infront of her. She started to rubb and stroke it and look at it. Try and lick it i said and Sara put her tounge out and licked my cock and then she took it all in her mouth. Damn it was good feeling her little mouth around my cock. None of us knew at the time how to suck so she just helt it in her mouth like it was in the magazines.

We got interrupted by mom who called us down for dinner as we heard her walking up the stairs we both put our clothes back on and rushed out before she came into the room. After dinner i went out and played some hockey with my friends and came home around 8 in the evening. Mom had poored up som wather in the tub and my sister was already in it. Mom told med to get a warm bath before i got to bed. I jumped into the tub and looked at my sister who smiled at me. Look what i can do she said, she stood uup and placed one leg on the edge of the tub and took her hairbrusch and pushed the back of it into her pussy. It was so nice watching that little pussy open up and see the shaft dissapering into her. Sara told me she felt really good about it. She told me shes being doing it for the last hour and she could not stop because it was so nice. I sat in the tub watching her penetrate her puussy with the hairbrusch and stroke my cock.

Sara, i asked, you think we should try and see how it feels with my dick inside you? Sara stooped and looked at me and said; thats what i been thinking of ever sence i got the hairbrusch inside. We both knew it was not time right now because mom could come any minute now so we jumped out of the tub and put our bathcoats on, brusched our teeth and went into the kitchen. Mom told us we had to go to bed because we need to get up early in the morning.

Our mom was selfemployeed and had a daycare center for other familys kids so in the morning 5 more kids would entering our house. We got into our room and mom and dad came and said goodnight.

When the heard that they both got downstairs Sara jumped out of her bed and came to me. We started at once touching eachother and kissing. Sara rubbed my cock and i was penetrating her pussy with a finger. Sara got down on me and licked on my cock and put it into her mouth. I wispered to Sara that i wanted to try her now so she stooped and lay her down on her back and i laid myself over her. Sara put her hands down and spread her pussylips and i put my soaking wet cock in her opening. I started to push it in and it slowly slowly went into her. I will never forget that feeling as my cock slide into my sisters pussy for the first time. I remember her breading, how she looked. Everything is still like a movie in my head when i close my eyes thinking back for it. I started to fuck her and my cock was going in and out of her. I can tell you we fucked the whole night the first time and that was the start of a 15 year long secret. My first orgasm came after a week of fucking and for Sara it took almost a year. My first ejaculation was when i was 12 and that also change our sexlife because sara is addicted to sperm.

I have so many tales to tell, not only with my sister but other tabu stuff. It seems like my life is one normal one and one dark secret one.
So i hope you all liked it. Its hard making a true story more sexier and dirty than it is but this is how it started. I dont mind having contact with likeminded so if you like to get in touch and talk you can reach me in [email protected]

Thank you!

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  • Reply skimofkr ID:gnrzoz8ri

    Good stuff. My 11.5 old sister Carley and I started fucking when I was 14. We had many years of bliss. She became my wing man and would bring home little girls for sleep overs so I could fuck them. She loved watching them lose their virginity. She also like to play with them.I was a lucky boy. So much young pussy.

  • Reply Raphael ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    I think we all have 50 percent. Norm and 50 percent dark. We don’t need to be Suduce by the Darkside oh. No I jump in with both feet. [email protected]

  • Reply Spider ID:bk960i54q

    Please read this and correct the grammar, it’s s great story, it should provide more detail, and bf proofread and corrected

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    This is a repost, you should have taken the time to correct all of the spelling errors

  • Reply Erik ID:2y8tpact0k

    Our Neighbour is coming up in 24 ours!

    • Raphael ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Don’t listen to them it’s good they should be reading them they always leave stupid remarks about English or grammar or spelling.. [email protected]

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1end5bq113ur

    When I started to suck it he got so hard and he told me to spread my legs open and put my ass out then I let him put his cock in my ass for the first time before he dropped me off that day I let him fuck my ass a couple of times

    • Erik ID:2y8tpact0k

      sounds like a nice experience, did you like it? Have you kept doing it to someone else?

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1end5bq113ur

    When he asked me to go back into the living room and lay on the couch I took off the rest of my clothes and got on the couch he put the pillow on the floor and told me to let him see me naked I walked to the end of the room and then he told me to put my underwear on and pull them down a little so he could see my little ass he got next to me and pulled them down to my ankles and told me to get on the couch he started to play with my balls and then he told me to start sucking his cock

  • Reply Say it isn’t so ID:1end5bq113ur

    When I was a teenager my mom would always ask the coach if he could give me a ride home after practice not a big deal because she would always pick me up after work about two hours later one day when he drove me home he told me I could watch some tv while I waited for my mom so I was just sitting on the couch in the living room when he asked me to come up stairs and bring him some paper towels because his bathroom sink was leaking when I walked down the hallway he told me to get some towels from his bedroom and I saw that he had some magazines out on the chair I gave him the towels and when he went back into the bedroom he apologized for the and told me he didn’t realize that stuff was out I told him I had never even looked at them and then he asked me if I wanted to take a look at them he said it wasn’t a big deal so I started to look at the first one and my little cock started to get hard he sat on the bed next to me and asked me if I liked looking at them and I said yeah of course he turned it to a page that had a girl sucking on a man’s cock and he asked me if I had ever been naked in front of a man before when I told him that I had played with myself in my bathroom bye myself he said he would enjoy seeing me do it in front of him he told me I could take off my bottoms and he wouldn’t mind he said he would do the same when he put the magazine on the bed and started to take off his clothes I moved over to the end of the bed and could see his cock he asked me if I wanted to leave my clothes on and when I told him that it felt good he took down my pants and underwear and asked me if he could touch my ass a little I let him play with my ass for a little while and then he told me I should call my moms work and tell her that he would drop me off at my house so she didn’t have to pick me up she was not even worried and told me she would see me at home later when I hung up the phone he said he didn’t know what I was going to tell her about what happened

  • Reply Erik ID:2y8tpact0k

    LitteCherry why did he not wannna fuck? I could not think of anything else after i had a finger inside her.

    • LittleCherry ID:62957kh49c

      I guess he never took a chance. I didn’t know what happened then but I really liked it, when I started finding out. I still wish he touched me.

  • Reply Kevin ID:2px1ognpxvh

    Keep writing. Thanks for sharing

  • Reply Erik ID:bug6cwvk0c

    Thank you everyone who liked it

    • LitteCherry ID:62957kh49c

      My brother only made me touch him. I was 8, I wish he touched my little wet pussy.

  • Reply PervyD ID:7b6kq4nqrd

    Really good story, love reading it.

  • Reply Alex69 ID:1crdunbayuy2

    If you want to talk reach me at [email protected]

  • Reply Alex69 ID:1crdunbayuy2

    I also stared playing with my sister when she was ten y I was twelve, she was very hot and slutty at the age, we did it for about 5 years. 😈

  • Reply Shaggy44 ID:4lnu6pbv3

    write more would love to hear

  • Reply Lenin (16M) ID:7ylren520b

    I really wanna fuck a 10 year old in the ass so badly

    • Gunn ID:7zv0hosnd4

      I too would love to

    • [email protected] ID:2wcj27x7zi

      Who wouldn’t?

    • Erik ID:bug6cwvk0c

      I did that too

    • 17F ID:1cpdtbv4op67

      Oh I need men lined up for my baby sister and me

  • Reply Jeff ID:1dao5f2z8xvv

    Great experience shared. Thank you Erik. Many of us have had similar experiences but not always easy to share. Looking forward to more.