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I didn’t want the boys to come to our secret spot, until I found out what for.

My mom took me, and my sister hiking up a hill, and it was fun. Scrambling over rocks, and there was even this one that stuck out the hill like a little cliff. It was a little adventure, and the prize was the views from the top.

You could turn one way, and look out over the city. Mommy said that you could see the lights come on at night, but we had to get back before dark. The trail wouldn’t be safe at night, she was afraid that one of us would slip, and fall.

That first day, we hiked up, and then hiked back, but then we camped out there a few times on weekends. We even had a campfire with hot dogs, and marshmallows cooked on sticks. Mommy got a knife off her belt, to whittle sticks for cooking and told us that “Nobody else knows about this place.”

So, we kept the secret for years, until my big sister Joan got her learner permit. She wasn’t supposed to drive the car, without a licensed driver along to teach her, but mom let her anyway. I guess it goes without saying that our mom wasn’t like your stereotypical single mother.

She adopted us, because she didn’t want to get married, so we never had a dad. Not really, but mom did everything. Worked, cooked, fixed up broken things around the house, and when we got in trouble, she spanked us, too. Our friends had “Wait until your father gets home” moms. Their dads worked, while their moms stayed at home, cooked cleaned, and also had sex.

I was 11, and just starting to hear about this stuff. Not just kissing, but some of the girls got downright dirty in the girl’s room. Giggling, and talking about spying on their parents. “Doing it,” screwing, oral sex, and even playing weird bedtime games like barking like a dog, and eating out of a dish on the floor.

More regular stuff, like the maleman, and cheerleader outfits, to do routines at the foot of the bed, but that puppy play one I remember, just because it was weird, and funny. I’d been over to her house, and met Mr. Schmitz. It’s kinda hard to imagine him crawling around, naked except the leash, and eating corned beef hash out of a bowl on the floor.

Which isn’t to say that any of them had sex, kinky or not in front of the kids. They sent them away, “Why don’t you go out and play?” So, they had the house to themselves, or mommy put on her old cheerleader uniform after we went off to bed. One night, we had a sleepover, and we could hear her. Clapping, and cheering in their bedroom, so we knew they’re about to do it.

That was pretty much sex ed for me, until I went to middle school, but Joan already passed it, and she showed me her homework. With vocabulary words like Ovaries, Uterus, and Gonads, but no pictures. So, I got the talk from her, instead of mom, who never really talked about sex. Asexual was a biology word for Plants. Back then, it isn’t like these new identities like Transgender, and Asexual are new. They just talk about them now, but at the time, I hadn’t even heard of Homosexuals yet.

Sex was something you did with your husband, when you got married, and tried to hide from the kids. The only problem with that is, you could only hide something from children until we found them. Like Playboys under the mattress or whatever, but that was mostly a boy thing. This one boy got in trouble for bringing Playboys to school, but we didn’t get to see them, in the boy’s room. None of the girls raided their daddy’s stashes to giggle over in the girl’s room, because they’re all naked ladies, and they didn’t even show bush.

Then Joan came to pick me up from a friend’s house, in her boyfriend’s car. I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend, and she wasn’t the kind of sister to keep secrets from me. Maybe for me, if I had any secrets to keep, but maybe she didn’t tell me everything? He was a senior, so he had his own car, and let her drive us around.

He had a little brother, Derrick in the back seat, but he had to ride shotgun, so Joan could drive. Derrick sure had a lot of questions for me, like “Are you a tomboy,” and “What kind of shampoo do you use?” I honestly don’t remember on the Shampoo, but I never really considered myself a Tomboy. Per se, yes I wear overalls, and boots, to go hiking, and climb trees, but I still wore skirts, and dresses to school.

So, I had on a denim dress, which was kinda like overalls on top, only with a knee length skirt, instead of pants on the bottom. Knee length for dress code, but it was also getting chilly. Almost Halloween, the leaves had mostly changed, and some of them had started falling, so I had a flannel shirt with me, too. Grunge was just starting to be a thing, in Seattle, but they didn’t invent tying it on around your waist by the sleeves. It was chilly in the morning, but after school, I took it off, and tied it around my waist at the playground.

Which ment my bra straps showed, and Derrick pointed it out. Asked me what size bras I wear, and I hesitated. “Uh…” Joan was driving, so his big brother turned around, to look over the front seat.

“Derrick, come on, man.” He blushed, but he got this weird grin, I found out was his dirty little grin, he got when he was having sexy thoughts. “Sorry, he’s taking sex ed, so.”

Derrick got his book out, it said Health on the cover, but then he opened it up to a page with the Tanner stages in it. A naked boy, and a naked girl, standing right next to each other, but in the chart. They got older, and older, so you could see the girl take on a womanly shape, with hips, breasts, and pubic hair. So, I lifted up my arm, and tickled my armpit hair.

“I’ve got pubic hair too, but I can’t show you that.” Yet, I didn’t say that. Not yet, but I was starting to entertain the thought. Some of the girls at school, in 6th grade didn’t have boyfriends per se, but there were a couple of boys that liked to play Doctor, “Show don’t tell” which is pretty much I’ll show you what I have in my pants if you show me your’s, that’s how I found out that boys pee standing up.

I never played any of those games, with either of those boys, but they hadn’t asked me. Yet, I just heard about it from girls they asked, and said yes. He put the book up, and I saw him pitching a tent in his pants, but he just ignored it, until it went away. “Huh,” I leaned over to whisper, while the teenagers weren’t paying attention. ‘you ever play show don’t tell?’

“No, how do you play that?” He didn’t keep his voice down.

‘you show me your privates, and I show you mine, but not here. Maybe later?’

‘and the don’t tell part, that’s part of the rules?’ He finally started whispering back.


‘I played that, but she called it, look but don’t touch.’

‘so, that’s the rules, you can look, but you can’t touch?’


“Okay.” I leaned back, but then he reached out, to take my hand, and just held it between us in the back seat. I was so excited, I started shivering, but I also couldn’t wait to tell the girls at school that I was getting a boyfriend. I went out on a double date, with my sister, her boyfriend, and his little brother, one thing led to another, and…

I didn’t know, what would happen next, but I was ready to find out. Mostly, I was just excited to have a story to tell, in the girl’s room, at school. I know, it’s called Show don’t Tell, but come on. You really believe that the boys don’t run off to brag to their friends, too? It’s mostly to keep the secret from grownups, so nobody gets in trouble for fooling around, before marriage. (It’s funny that they try to teach Abstinence Only in schools, nowadays. Ask Bristol Palin how that stops pre-marital pregnancy.)

So then, we got to the trail head, which is just this rest stop on the side of the road. Up to the mountains, but most people just stop to use the picnic tables, and restrooms on the way through the foothills. At least so I thought, but when we pulled up, I asked. “What are we doing here?”

“We’re going for a hike.” Joan got out, in overalls, combat boots, and a hair tie. I waved her over, so she could bend down, and I whispered “You can’t take them to the secret spot, it’s a secret.”

She laughed, and shook her head. “Yeah, maybe when we’re little girls, but they know all about it, everyone does.” She had to point out the sign: [Overlook Trail> pointing right at the path to the once secret spot. There didn’t used to even be a rest stop here, until they put in the bathrooms, picnic shelter, and barbecue pit.

“Oh.” I didn’t even think about the fact that I was wearing a dress. I just grabbed my bookbag to get my gym shoes out, because I didn’t have boots, but they were high tops. For volleyball, and basketball, so they were the closest I had. I sat on a picnic table to put them on, while Derrick watched.

Then, Joan called me, “We better get going, while we still have enough light.” She pulled on a backpack, one of our camping bags, and her boyfriend offered to carry it, but she just shrugged it away from his hand. “It won’t fit you, it’s a girl’s haversack, just try to keep up, okay?” She dared him, but it turns out they had that kid of relationship. I threw my books in back, with my school shoes so we could lock the door, but Derrick hung back with me.

Then, he asked me if I was a Lesbian? “A what?” I shook my head. You know, a homosexual girl? I shook my head, “What’s homosexual mean?” It means you like girls, sexually. “Oh, I don’t know.” I never really thought about anyone sexually. I never had a boyfriend before, but I let go his hand. “Hang on a sec.”

I saw some nice tree branches, sticking out of a log. It was pine, but all the needles fell off, so I found a pretty good sized branch, and bent it until it snapped off. “What are you doing?”

“I’m making a walking stick.” I found another tree with a low crotch, so I could bend the stick in between them, and snap it off at just the right length, without a hatchet, saw, or even a knife. I learned that trick when I was too young to play with a pocket knife, and start whittling. So, I picked the bark off with my nails, and Derrick asked me to make him one, too.

That let the teenagers get ahead, so by the time we caught up, Joan was sitting on a rock at the base of the boulder. “Oh, there’s a short cut here, where you can climb up, or go around.” I picked up my skirt, and decided. “I better go around.” Not dressed for the rock climbing, but Joan finished tying the strap to a rock, and got up.

“Why, you afraid I’ll see your boxer shorts? Because I already saw them down at the picnic tables.”

“Oh,” I shook my head, “No, I just don’t want to scrape my knees on the rock climbing up.” Speaking of which, Joan was already halfway up, but it was only about 15″. So, I took Derrick’s hand, and said “Come on.” Led him around the wussy trail So called, because you only took it if you wussed out, and got too scared to climb up, but as soon as we’re around the bend, I stopped.

“Huh, okay.” I braced myself, but I was starting to feel sweaty in my shorts. It wasn’t sweat, I just hadn’t gotten wet before, so I chalked it up to the hike, but I’d also seen his boner in his pants. In the car, so I was curious, and anxious to see that naked. So, I just bent over, and dropped my shorts.

“What are you doing?” Derrick dropped his jaw.

“I’ll show you mine, if you show me your’s. That’s the rules, right?” I held the front of my dress over my crotch, modestly, but I also tried to dry it, and the denim felt so good, I kept rubbing it gently. “Mh,” biting my lip. “Get it out.”

“Okay!” He didn’t need any further encouragement, so he unzipped his fly, and fished it out of his underpants. Flaccid, just like the boy in the Tanner chart, but right about Tanner Stage III. I giggled, and stopped rubbing my sensitive lips, then watched him grow right before my eyes when I lifted it to show my privates.

“Huh! Huh!” I started panting, like I just ran a mile, and shivered with a cold sweat. He pinched it, and pulled it with 3 fingers, but slowly while my eyes followed them up and down. My mouth wide open, and I touched myself, too. Only then remembering the phrase hot, and wet. I shivered again, but some of the girls described it. This feeling as hot, and wet, and with my fingers, I realized they ment that literally.

“KIDS?” I let go, so my skirt fell down, and Derrick turned away to unbutton his pants. Joan held her hand up, to shade her eyes, and tucked her pinky in. “We only have about an hour and a half, so save it for the campsite.”

“OKAY!” I pulled my shorts back up, and Derrick got it tucked back in, so he could button up his jeans. Meanwhile, his brother threw the rock up, so Joan could tie the climbing strap off to one of the trees up there.

I grinned, and sniffed my fingers, before we grabbed our walking sticks, and continued on around the boulder. Derrick finally got sick of the uncomfortable silence. “I like your legs, especially the muscles in your shins.”

“Really?” I picked my foot up, to look back. “You mean my calfs? The shins are in the front, so there’s no muscles there, just bones. The muscle’s in my calfs.”

“Yeah, those. Most girls don’t have any muscles in their legs, they’re just long, and skinny.”

“Huh!” I smiled, and thought about it. “Yeah.” The girls running around the playground, laughing, and their legs scissoring so their skirts pop up over their knees, and flap behind them. Chasing them when we played tag, and I was it, but I never really thought about his question.

The important question, not if I was a Tomboy like my mom, or my big sister Joan. The answer was yes, of course I’m a lesbian. I’d just never heard about that before, but then again, I’d never seen a penis, get hard for me before, either. So, I wasn’t confused, nor even bisexual, I was just curious. In general, but I didn’t have to think about literally chasing skirts around the playground.

I just loved playing tag, especially when I was it, and naturally chased skirts as a little girl. My first chance to do anything, even remotely romantic was with a boy, of course, because that’s the way things were. Little girls pined for older good looking boys, even if they’re gay. Sometimes, you even got married to have kids, and just kept a mistress on the side, but he only asked me that. When he saw my boxer shorts, to see if he had a shot.

Well, yeah. He had more than a shot, I was horny for the first time in my life, and getting hornier by the minute. The only other girl within miles of here was my sister, and she had her own boyfriend to fuck as soon as they set up the tent. I mean, they didn’t even wait, we took the scenic route, hand in hand, but when we got up there.

We could hear them rustling the sleeping bags against the floor of the tent, but then Derrick snuck closer. Almost on tippy toes, and he had that dirty grin I’d only seen once before, but as we got closer, I heard the distinctive thock thock thock of their bodies slapping together, and covered up a giggle.

Derick kept going, and whispered ‘they’re doing it,’ when we got far enough away.

“Screwing?” I really had the giggles now.

“Yeah, where you going?” I stopped and looked back. Reaching up to unbuckle the shoulder strap, I smiled, and even tried to picture the way I looked. Sexy, I knew damned well what made a girl look sexy, but I put my leg up, on the toe to flex my muscle, since I knew he liked that. Even as I realized that I liked the other kinds of legs.

Long, lean, smooth girl legs, in short skirts, running, and laughing so I’d chase them, with no idea what to do to them when I caught one, but I knew what I wanted now. So, I slipped the other strap off my arm, and dropped the dress.

“Come on, I know a place.” I showed him, over the other side of the hill-top, there was a little dip, before the next hill went up towards the mountains. Where we could have some privacy, to get naked, and explore each other’s bodies.

He took off his shirt first, he was pale, and skinny, with very little hair, but I tickled his armpits until he let out a girly laugh. “Hmn.” He licked his lips, and pulled out the sides of the training bra. So, I lifted my arms, and let him stretch it around my shoulders. Then, he felt down my hot body, and kissed my neck. Rubbed my nipples with his thumbs, and followed his hands down with his mouth. Turning me at the hips, to kiss them one by one, then slipping my waistband down slowly. He followed them down, and stopped to swirl his tongue in my belly button.

“Up pt!” He spit out lint, and I laughed, but he looked up, and grinned. Topless, and for a moment, really pretty. To my eyes, not at all girly, but I could see a little boyish beauty there before he slipped his hands back, gripped my buttocks tightly, and pulled me in to bury his nose on my pubes.

“Oh, huh! Oh, my god!”

He stopped to ask, “You like that?” I just shook my head, and grabbed his, to jam him face first between my legs, and hump him roughly.

“Uh, talk about hot and wet, uh!” He found my clit. “Yeah, right there, lick it faster, fastuh!” My knees gave out, and I hunched. I kinda knocked him back with my knees, but he felt up my calfs, and scooted out on the rocks.

“Come here, sit on my face.” To think that I was worried about scraping my knees on the rock climb, but as much as it hurt grinding them into the rocks, the pleasure that he gave me with his tongue more than made up for it.

“Oh, ah hah uh huhn!” I finally fell back, on top of him, and just squirmed with the overwhelming pleasure dancing all over my body. “Ohhhh,” I moaned, “Oh god. Jesus, it’s even better than they said!”

“Uh, let me up.”

“Oh, sorry. HhuhH!” I just rolled over, and tried to breathe. Raggedly on my hands and knees, but then I heard his zipper. Turned to look up, just in time to see him drop his pants. Stretched between his knees, so he could kneel next to me, and wave it in my face it.

“Suck it, just suck on it.”

“Oom hm? Snh!” I hand to breathe through my nose, but I just closed my eyes, tried to ignore the annoying smell of boy sweat on his pubes, and think about what he’d done with his tongue. This was oral sex, a blowjob, I’d heard about them, but now that I had his penis in my mouth, I decided that I didn’t really like it. It felt wrong, in a way that I didn’t have words to describe, but god, damn. That boy could teach a course on cunnilingus!

Philatio, I thought to myself. Dryly, clinically, his words echoing in my head, still swirling with post orgasmic pleasure. Suck it, just suck it, he’s a teenager? Is he, a teenager? His brother said he was taking sex ed, which ment middle school health class, so maybe 12, and maybe 13, but what does that matter?

I heard that boys his age are lucky to get it out of their pants before they blow their wad, but this one, he was different. Not like the other boys, he went right for eating me out, before he even unzipped his pants, the second time, and he made me feel so good. So indescribably good that I just wanted to make it up to him but he pulled out.

“Huh, lay down.” He pumped it in 3 fingers, but rapidly. Breathing excitedly, and his eyes were all over my body. My modest, perky little breasts, washboard midriff, prominent hipbones, pubic bush, hairy thighs, and boxy calf muscles. “Uh huf fu fuck!” Finally, he slowed down, and milked out a drop of translucent white fluid. “OHHHHH! Fuck!” It twitched, and spat, so the first drop rolled down to his fingertips, and nails. “Oh yeah. Oh fuck. Yeah.” He fell over, propped himself up on his hands and knees, but sideways over me. Over my chest, his turgid little member gave one last jump, and dribbled a few more drops of hot sticky fluid before it slowly bent down. Hanging, and swinging with his gasps. “Whew! You’re amazing.”

“Yeah? Well you weren’t so bad yourself.” He stood up, so he could fix his pants, and I propped myself up on my elbows. Trying to get used to the disgusting tang of his boy juice. There was no way in hell I’d even consider tasting it, but I have to admit, a little pride feeling it run down my shoulder, and breasts to my arm, and tummy.

“Let me help you up.” He gave me his hand, and hugged me. Naked, to his bare chest, but there was something missing there, too. A couple of things, but he kissed my forehead, and smelled my hair. “Snh, I like your shampoo, too.”

“Thanks,” I shrugged out of him, and looked around at my underwear on the ground. He picked up his shirt, to mop the nasty sweat, and nastier dick puke off his chest. “Can I see that?” I took it, and wiped off my arm first. “Ew, gross. You don’t drink pineapple juice, or anything?”

“No, why?”

“I heard that’s supposed to make semen less disgusting somehow.”


“Oh, no. That’s okay, at least you didn’t try to make me swallow it. Have you seen my shirt?”

“Yeah, you dropped it up there when you took off your dress.” He put his shirt on, and went up to retrieve his clothes, while I shivered, and tried to process what just happened. I just had sex, yeah oral sex, but still, we had sex. I had sex with a boy, and he was really good at it. Especially the oral sex, which he relished, and licked me off to my first orgasm, but why does this feel so wrong?

It took me years to figure that one out…

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