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My grandma fucked me

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I am John, I am 33 , I am married and I have 2 stepdaughters .

So this story took place way back in 1989. I was 13 at that time . So let’s talk about my grandma (Anne) , so my grandpa was 29 when he married my grandma who was only 15 , they got married in 1959 , within a month my grandpa got my grandma pregnant . Yeah my grandpa fucked a underage girl , she was only 15 when she gave birth to my dad (Jeff). After 3 years in 1962 my grandma caught my grandpa cheating on her , she confronted him , but my grandpa ran away with 18 year old girl . She never saw him again . So it was only my grandma and my dad . She raised him she was only 18 . My dad told me that she never dated anyone while she was raising him .

In 1976 my dad was in high school , he was 17 years old and he got my mom (grace) pregnant who was 16 . My dad told me that he and grandma had a huge fight when he told her that he got a girl pregnant. He said that he ran away and came back home after a week. But I think my grandma was right being mad at him , because she knows how hard it is to raise a child when you’re just a kid . But eventually they sorted things out , I was born in 1976 , my parents got married when I was 3 years old . But they got divorced after 2 years.

But both my dad and mom were there to raise me , I never had to live without mom or dad . Both mom and dad had a job , so my nana or grandma used to babysit me . Then I was 13 everything changed. My grandma was only 45 , she had many friends of her own age . One day my mom had some work to do , so she called me Nana to babysit me , but she was busy too, so my mom asked my grandma , but my grandma was going away for weekend with her friends , so they asked me to join them , I agreed . So in car my anne was sitting in front seat , her friend was driving car and I was sitting in back with two of her friends. One of the friend was Helen , she was few years older than Anne . Her husband had died few years back , so me and Helen were playing , she started to tickle me . Then after around 30 minutes both of her friends fell asleep except Helen. Then she had her hands on my thigh , she started moving her hand back and forth , till she could touch me crotch . I guess my grandma saw her , after we reached there , Anne and Helen were arguing , at that time I didn’t know what they were arguing about . So we were staying in villa , so we spent all day enjoying , it was first time I saw my grandma in bikini . We clicked some photos , I still have that photos . So we came back to villa , we all had our own bedroom . I was scared to sleep alone but I was too embarrassed to say anything , so I tried to sleep alone , everyone was tired so they fell asleep , but I was scared so I turned on tv and watched some cartoons . Around 3 am I heard some noise , so I ran to my grandma’s room , she was asleep, so I didn’t wake her up , I was coming back to my room and I saw that Helen’s door was open so I went inside , she wasn’t there , her bikini was lying on the floor. I went downstairs looking for her , and there she was in a common jacuzzi. Then I realised she was naked . I just wanted to watch her , I could see her wet boobs shining, she was drinking beer , I watched her for few minutes,then when she got up to get another beer , I saw her pussy with huge bush around it . She saw me and asked “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”. I panicked and ran to my room, I pretended to be asleep , then after few minutes she came to my room , she called my name few times , but I ignored, then she said ” I know you’re not ASLEEP” . I got up , I was sitting on edge of my bed . She was in bathrobe , she wasn’t angry at all , she was smirking, then she asked ” You wanted to see me naked , don’t you?” . I didn’t say anything , I just sat there quietly, she removed her robe , I could see her tits and pubic hair . Then she kneeled down , placed both of her hands on my crotch , kissed my lips ,then my neck, then she sucked my nipples , she went all the down to my crotch, she removed my shorts . Then she asked “Do You Know What dick is used for “. I said I don’t know . I wasn’t hard , she kissed my dick and took my dick in her mouth . I got hard , I started feeling weird as if I wanted her suck my dick and never stop . She sucked my dick for a while , then she got up on bed and started rubbing my dick on her pussy , then she put the tip of my dick in her pussy . I had my whole dick in her pussy , she just layed on top of me without moving for few seconds . Then my grandma entered the room , she was shocked, she slapped helen , grabbed my hand and took my shorts and dragged me to her room .

When we entered her room she slapped me hard , and then hugged me , then I explained her that she was the one who came onto me and I couldn’t resist. Then she told me to sleep with her , she fell asleep while we were cuddling . I started spooning her , she was still asleep, I was hard again , I pressed my dick on her ass because I thought that she won’t wake up for few hours. Then I tried to touch her boobs , but I guess by touching her boobs I must have woken her up , she touched my crotch and realised that I was hard she turned and slapped me , she yelled ” I am your grandmother!” . I started crying, then she asked me to remove my shorts , at first I denied but then I removed my shorts , she saw my hard dick , she started teaching me to jerk off . But I couldn’t do it properly , so she grabbed my dick and started jerking me off . After while I asked her ” Why was Helen Using Her Mouth , Isn’t That Disgusting?”. She was confused and asked “she used her mouth? ” . And she added ” It’s just thing some people do “. I asked her if she’s gonna do it , and I asked her to do it , she denied but then she slowly licked my dick and started sucking my dick , I said to her that I wanna do that other thing too , she removed her clothes and sat on my dick and then put my dick in her pussy . She said that when I feel weird in my dick ,I have to tell her , she was humping on me, her tits were bouncing , then I burst my cum in her pussy , I couldn’t do anything, she realised that I came in her , she got up in sadness, she went to bathroom , I followed her , she was cleaning her pussy , I went to her and hugged her and said that I am sorry , she said that it’s not my fault and then hugged me back .

She asked me not to tell anyone about this , we came home , we didn’t talk about this . Then within a year I learned everything about sex , I started masturbating, I borrowed playboys . I was intimidated by sex , no girl of my age was interested in sex . One day I went to my grandma , she was happy to see me , I asked her If we can do it again , her smile vanished from her face . She was horrified by listening me . I kept saying please, she agreed eventually, this time I knew what I wanna do . We both went to her room , we got undressed, I pulled her towards me and kissed her , then kissed her neck and then her tits . She was aroused by it , I kissed her whole body . I told her to kneel down and suck my dick , I face fucked her , she was gagging , I pushed her on bed and started licking her pussy , she was surprised by it , she started moaning, then I fucked her for few minutes then I came in her mouth , I asked her if we can do this again .

We started having sex regularly , I remember on Christmas day we had a family gathering, everyone was there , grandma was in her room getting ready , I went in her room removed my dick and told her to quickly suck my dick. She suck my dick for few minutes. Then one day when I was 17 I went to her house , she was having sex with someone of her own age . I confronted her , then she told me that we can’t have sex anymore. We stopped having sex. Then I moved to different city, I got job ,I got married to a mother of 2.

Last time I saw my grandma was on my wedding. After 33 years, a month ago i got a call that my grandma passed away . I was saddened to hear that , she was an angel .

The End

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