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I rubbed myself against a pre-teen in the subway

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I love my body. I love when I see men just ogling at me. Young, old anyone for that matter.

It was Saturday evening on the subway. So it was very crowded. I had another friend of my mine, Janice, 17. I’m Casey, and I’m 17. I love my developing body. Now I am 34DD. Yes! I love the attention I get. I was wearing a tube top, showing my abs. And micro skirt. We both were standing near the door and holding the poll in the middle. I was just so horny. A young boy, like 12-13, got up and stood near us. There was not much space to go around. So every one was cramped up. I looked at Janice and giggled playfully. I wanted to have some fun. So I leaned close to the poll and started to rub my boobs against the teens hands. He looked confused at first. Then he looked at me. I winked. He immediately turned his grip and was now cupping my boobs. It was too crowded for others to notice. It was amazing. He was a player. He just put his other hand inside my skirt. One cheeky bastard. I didn’t mind. He will cum before we reach the Destination. No harm done I suppose. And I felt him squinch. Yeah! He was cumming. Janice and I looked at each other and just laughed out loud. I’m sure he must be sniffing his finger, smelling my pussy fragrance. Next stop was ours and we left laughing. Fun times.

Let me know where else can my make kids cum.

Your slutty bitch 😉

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