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A trip leads to a backseat romp with my stepsister part one

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Sara put her finger to her lips shushing me as she freed my erection from my shorts.

We were going on a trip to the coast and as usual my step mom had packed the entire house into car as we were going to be gone for a couple of weeks. The suitcases filled up the back of our station wagon and one of the seats in the backseat. Our father grumbled about how mom has to take the whole house with us and where were the kids going to sit? So half-jokingly I offered well Sara can sit in my lap for the trip, Sara was like eewww no way but relented after there was no way she could fit in the other seat comfortably, I climbed in patted my lap your seat awaits you.
She hopped on, OOF you weigh a ton I said but seriously, at 5’5″ and about 90 pounds she was light as a feather. As it was a hot day I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, she was wearing a tank top with a skirt, we headed on down the road as the trip went on our parents were watching the road with the radio on and us talking and giving each other a hard time, typical stepsister and brother actions. The highway began to get bumpy causing her to bounce up and down in my lap, it didn’t hurt but it did cause my cock to begin to get erect, soon it was at it’s full 8 inches and since I wasn’t wearing underwear just a pair of shorts with buttons as a zipper, it was tent poling the shorts. As we would hit a bump it would tap against Sara’s thighs. She looked down saw what was going on then looked at me, like really dude?
I shrugged my shoulders, and she turned around facing away from me, she squeezed her thighs together to stop my cock from banging into them. This had the effect of making my erection even harder as the bumpy road would bounce her up and down jerking me off. After a few minutes Sara looked at me put her finger to lips shushing me as she slowly lowered her hand down and began to unbutton my shorts, when she reached the last one barely holding my cock contained it actually popped off and my cock sprang free, she began to lightly stroke it causing it to twitch and me to bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud. I reached one hand under her tank top and moved up to her breasts, finding that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I cupped her perky right 32 cup breast in my hand, gently pulling and twisting her nipple, my left hand found its way under her skirt to her panties which were damp, I began to rub her pussy through them causing her to begin moving her hips rocking them back and forth while she jerked my cock, I reached under her panties and began rubbing her pussy directly.
after a couple of minutes I took one finger and pushed it into her pussy and stroked it back and forth until she put her hand over her mouth to keep from crying out as she came. her hips jerked spasmodically as her orgasm rocked her body. She slumped against me as I remover my hand from her cunt and placed my finger against her lips, she licked and sucked her juices off it, as she was doing this I could feel one of her hands grasp my cock as the other reached under her skirt and moved around, at first I thought she was going to jerk us both off then she lowered her body down as the head of my cock brushed against her vaginal lips I realized that she had moved her panties to the side and now wanted to fuck me. Just as the head penetrated past her lips my dad called out pothole just as we hit it. The effect was as the car went down and up thrusting my cock all the way into Sara’s pussy, we both yelled FUCK as we slammed together, my dad said sorry it’s going to get really bumpy from here, after chewing out my dad our stepmother looked back asking are you sure you’re, okay? Yeah, we’re okay, since Sara’s skirt cover our midsections, she couldn’t see that my cock was inside her daughter’s tight pussy. She turned back and as the road got rougher it bounced Sara up and down my shaft, so we were fucking without having to move a muscle.
Her pussy was tight and soft her vaginal muscles gripping and pulsating around my cock, I could feel the urge to cum rising in my balls. I tapped her thigh to get her to pull off, but she was too far into her orgasm, and I couldn’t hold it anymore, my sperm surged up my shaft causing the head to swell up (Sara’s words) until it erupted into her spasming pussy. We both covered our mouths to keep from groaning out loud. I had no sooner finishing pumping sperm into her then pulled up in front of the house. I gotta go to the bathroom Sara said and hopped out leaving me with my cock hanging out, after tucking myself back in as best I could I hopped out me too! I ran after her holding my shorts closed after getting inside and to the bathroom, I pounded on the door Sara opened it I entered and closed it. What the heck Sara? I could have gotten you pregnant! she looked at me nah I’m on the pill. I let go of my shorts and my semi erect cock fell thru the hole where my zipper used to be. It was covered in our juices, get a towel so I can clean up will ya. No they will see the towel messed up and know something happened, let me clean you up with that she got on her knees and began licking our juices off the shaft and my balls in the process causing me to become erect again, as soon as she saw that she put the head in her mouth and began sucking me off. I looked down as my 19 year old stepsister bobbed her head up and down my cock clearly, she was expert at blowjobs she used her tongue all over the shaft I moaned I’m going to cum! She opened her mouth as far as she could and deep throated me all the way to the base.
As soon as felt the head of my cock touch the back of her throat, I came she gagged a little but managed to swallow all of my load. after the final spurt she did a long slow suck back to the tip to make sure she got every drop. She let my cock fall out of her mouth, MMMM that tasted good! She stood up she looked down at my now flaccid dick hanging out my shorts, I’ll go get you another pair of shorts and she left, she came back you have to see this, she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front door and there in the front seat were my stepmother on top of my dad riding him so hard the springs were squeaking as the car bounced up and down, finally with a loud YES YES YES OOOHHH GOD YES ! they finished together. As my stepmother got out of the car arranging their clothes I don’t know what came over me Richard one minute I smelled something in the backseat the next minute I was fucking you, My dad same here! We both laughed.

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    Please post part 2

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      It’s not his story to begin with 🤣

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    Too bad she wasn’t your 12 yr old sister.

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    This isn’t your work. This was on xnxx.com years ago