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Update from my Amy days

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Message from a lady on Facebook just saying read your story

After I put the second story about about going to the NCO home a few days later I got a facebook book message asking me to accept this person as a friend all she put was it re your Amy days and stories.
I accepted after a few days she p m me she asked me where I was living I told her she said that could I possibly go round her house she lived about 10 miles away I asked her why all she said that I had a scar on my face below my lip which I do I said I would get back to her
I thought about it for two day how could this lady know about it curiosity I pm her asked for address and made a date for Saturday in two weeks
It arrived and I drove to her house it was in the country side large house no other houses around parked on the drive as I walk to the door it was opened and a lady was standing there she asked me in she took me to a back room that looked out to the garden there was a person at the back doing some digging we sat down on the sofa she looked about 60 had a dress on which was a bit short for her age nice legs dress showing a lot of bust .
She look at me and said you have not got any idea who I am I said not still trying to puzzle out who she was
She called down to the man he come walking up towards the house I looked at him I had a filling I know him but could not place where from he come sat down the lady said her name was Ruth he said his name was John l sill did not have a clue Ruth got out a photo album and was showing me pictures of her childhood and grandchildren two of the same age then she turn the page my eyes widened my month fill open there was a picture of Ruth and a girl pergent below it read Ruth and Mary .
Another two pictures showed me fucking Ruth and Mary.
Both of them just had a smile on there faces we talked for ages them showing me pictures of there child and grandchild they asked if I could stay the night I agreed we had dinner Ruth went up stairs while me and John was talking when she come back she was in stocking thorn and bra all she said let’s carry on from where we left off we both striped I was fucking Ruth John got behind me and asked if it was OK I said it’s been years so go slow which he did it was painful but nice all three of us fucking
I did not hear anyone come in the first I know was when a pair of legs appeared by my head and hands pulled my head up and told me to suck her cunt lt was clear shaven l got my tongue right up into her cunt Ruth told me that it was Mary She a called her so she come straight over as she only lived a few miles away we all fuck what a great night night my ass was sore for the next few day we have made plans to visit again soon Ruth had found my as they had my full name so she did a search for facebook

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    Fuck facebook.