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My stepdaughter recently moved back into the house after dumping her loser boyfriend. She had two kids a 15 yo boy and a 13yo girl. The girl is a hottie. 5 foot tall and beautiful. Great ass and tits. I was going to the lake this weekend and asked if I could take the grandkids. My step daughter said I would be okay. My wife was coming on Sunday because she had some things to do. We went out fishing on the boat. I gave them some weed and we smoked. The 13yo never got high before and was having a coughing fit. Lol. We got back and the boy went to play basketball with some neighbor kids. My girl was going to change into a swim suit. I made a voyeur hole in the bathroom a while back for when she was over. I watched her change into a bikini. Her beautiful growing body was too much for me. Her bald little mound was gettting hairy now and she had some buds for tits. She came out and called my name. I was trying to hide the bulge in my pants. She looked at it like I was weird. She asked for something to drink. “You want a beer?”, I asked. She said she did. I gave her one. We went outside and sat down and talked in the lounge chairs. I asked her if she wanted another beer and she told me she did. This time I gave her a spiked drink. After about 10 minutes she was out. I carried her back to the house and placed her in bed. I reached down and started rubbing her crotch over her bikini. She gave a look of disdain in her sleep and pushed my hand away. I did it again. She said ” JACOB STOP!”. I laughed. “Well who the hell is Jacob” I thought. ” I wonder if her mom knows?” I also wondered how far Jacob got with her. I’m probably going where he’s never been before. I positioned her legs and slipped off her bikini bottom. I locked the door just in case the boy came back. It was almost artwork in front of me. Beautiful puffy lips a wonderful aroma of young cunt. Ahhhh. I spread her lips and revealed the cutest little clit. I stafted licking and sucking on it. Started to grow a little. Now she’s not so full of disdain. She started moaning. She put her hand on the back of my head and rub my hair as I was working my tongue on her. I started to finger her and she opened her legs even more. I ran my fingers in and out. Her natural lubricant was getting more and more slick until she locked up and came. I kept going. I kept going until she couldn’t take it no more. Her legs squeezed my head away to where I couldn’t lick her no more. I got up and I set her up on the headboard. I put my cock into her mouth. I gagged her trying to deep throat it. So I just masturbated into her mouth. I closed her mouth and she swallowed. I rolled her over and got her into a doggy style position. Her beautiful wet Mound was in front of me. I rub my cock up and down her slit. She started moaning I started rubbing
that beautiful little dot of a clitoris between my fingers. I grabbed my cock and put the head by her hole. She let out a loud gasp and my cock slid into her. She moaned painfully at first but then started getting into it. I couldn’t hold off any longer and I came in her. I got her cleaned up and I put her bikini back on her. She came out later saying she had the weirdest dream but did not want to talk about it. Wonder why? She also said she had the worst taste in her mouth. I told her she could go brush her teeth and see if that helps. I noticed blood on her bikini bottoms. She went to the bathroom and noticed it herself. She said “shit!” I came in and asked her what was wrong. She was being shy. She thought she got her period. Not wanting to talk with me about this stuff she said she was okay. I told her I could take her to the drug store if she wanted to go and I can get her what she needs. She agreed. Well it looks like I truly have gone where no man has gone before. So

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    Fantastic start are absolutely needs to be more to the story

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