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Foreign Affairs (Part3)

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Poor Irina and Vittorio. Such gorgeous young people. Tortured and raped by sadistic couple of traffickers. Will they live to escape this horror?

“Good morning my little lovelies. Did you have a pleasant night’s sleep then?
Chains ratled and groans and wails the only reply. “Tut tut children. No manners. Well we must teach you some. Shan’t we?” The old guy took them one at a time and led them upstairs to the shower room. Taking great care to keep them shakled and hand tied.

He enjoyed rinsing out both of their dirty cavities after leaving them to do the toilet. He took a long time douching out there arseholes and her cunt. Which he made her shave completely afterwards. She now looked even younger than the 15 yes she claimed to be. Now a little pre teen outfit to complement this enforced adolescence. Pretty as a picture as she sat at the breakfast table. Strapped to the legs of her chair.

Her thigh length white stockings matched her pink sandals. These in tandem with her light blue summer dress. Now raised up on her thighs as she sat. Her pink panties with a little flower motive in the centre. Were admittedly a trifle small for her size. Thus giving her freshly denuded fanny, a glorious camel toe from her puffy pink labia.

A little damp slit where she had been leaking out made her arse twitch as she sat uncomfortably. Hands now secured in a manner enabling certain tasks to carried out by herself. Like eating and cleaning up. Namely herself and her little girly boy friend Vito as she called him. I prefer cunt myself.

He too now sat at the table. Suitably secured likewise so I could leave them to feed themselves. No sharp implements and only finger food and cold juice or milk. Well we need healthy cum dumps. Can’t sell on skeletons as they say. I watched them from the monitor in the other room where they’d be starring in their own movies soon.

She was babbling at him and he in turn at her, saying, god knows what. Like I gave a fuck. After they were done and they cleared up. I took him and her into the studio. He was still naked. His little cock and balls swaying as he walked behind her. Her look was getting me hard as she looked so young and innocent in her new garb.

I had her pose for some pics, standing at the window, bent over a sofa, knickers tight around her arse. Some with them pulled aside or down at her knees, helped by Vito. Dress hitched up her back or pulled up at front by her. That shiny new baby like pussy, gleaming in the lens.

I was so fucking hard and as little fuck toy had been my assistant during this session, his pecker had risen too. Irena however was very humiliated, as i had planned her to be. I had her lay on the sofa and with her knickers at her knees still I made her touch herself with threats of violence to both if she refused to play along.

A swift smack on his bare arse and his howl of pain enough to have her complete attention. I had the cameras on, zooming in on her lovely little hands gently rubbing and teasing her pliable cunt lips. Moisture now leaking out her pussy, she’s got fingers going faster. Getting more into the grinding of her clit against her hand.

Those fingers disappearing up her hole now and then as she’s gotten herself hotter and hotter. Breathing harder, faster, so ohh so ready, to, oooh ungh unng, ahh nnn ahhhh. Irena’s squelching pussy squirting clear liquid all over her thighs and the sofa. Her screaming in some foreign

Vito’s young cock now a good four inches and brick hard. I caught him wanking it a few times as he watched her sexxy solo act. “Wow did we enjoy that?” I enthused, Irena lays crying hands cover her face. Though bit pointless considering she had just made her first porn movie? I thought.

I had Irena sit up, lay back against the sofa, her stocking clad legs splayed her knickers now off. Vito is positioned in between her sopping wet thighs. His rather long tongue lapping at her bald sensitive cunt and clit. His girly bare arse is pointed straight at me.

I kneel behind him unleashing my cock from its cotton jail. Lubing up his little starfish, my cock bobbing in readiness as I slick some of it onto my bell end. Vito knows not to protest as I’ve already shown my violence toward them. He wriggles and tightens his bum cheeks as I finger lube onto and into his arsehole. He crys heartily knowing what’s coming.

She in turn looks at me, pleading silently with her big teary eyes not to hurt him. I reach over him, kissing her fully on her pouty lips and pulling her dress down to expose her pale firm tits. Slapping them and gripping her nipples hard, eliciting more pain and screams from the wailing bitch. She’s grunting, in both pain and erotic ecstacy.

Vito enthusiastically tongue fucking and fingering her squelching cunt!!. I rub my aching cock in his little arse cheeks, spread open his young 13yr old girly hole. He moans but keeps fellating his companion. I enjoy knowing he’s aware he’s about to be raped viciously. He screams harshly as I push my cock firmly into the entrance to his anal passage. Stretching him over my thick, pulsing, knob end. His young anus stretching and trying to repel, this painful invader inching slowly along it’s internal walls.

He’s writhing slightly but held firmly. Me by his hips, her as she hold his head against her cunt. Pulling him into her hot sweaty gusset, her orgasms now coming in waves as he fights for breath. My slow entry up his arse now complete. Where I just hold him onto my balls, feeling his strong young arse muscles, gripping and releasing my cock in his vice like grip.

She in turn is crying, sobbing hard in humiliation and misery, but grinding her sopping wet holes into his face. Her tight wet bum rising and falling on to the sofa as wave after wave of dreamy orgasmic lightening bolts course through her clit, tits, arse. Racing up her spine to her brain.

Her joy suddenly ends as her partner bites instead of sucking on her lush vaginal opening. Her sudden pain and screeching curses are due to my frenetic thrusting in and out his tight lovely young bumhole. Eventually thrusting one last time and emptying the rather full contents of my aching balls up his fucked up rectal passage.

My dick feels stuck in him and I have to push myself off his arse checks with a loud schlurping plop. A flood of shitty, bloody, spunky goo, erupts out the squirming little cunt writhing on the floor. She is looking alarmingly at him, at me, at her crotch. Which is well covered in her cum and his sloppy spit. Her pussy is reddened and obviously bitten,as there’s a toothy bruise mark starting which looks very sore.

She’s eying up my drooping but still firm knob, shit and blood stained . I grab her by the hair pulling her face onto my greasy crotch forcing my slimy cock into her pouty mouth. Making her semi clean it and drinking the last vestiges down her throat. She splutters and spits as I push her back onto the sofa.

” Fucking sluts, pair of you. get this mess cleaned up. Then get yourselves cleaned up.” I tell them best as I can that they’ll comprehend. Kicking girly boy on his sloppy sodomised arse to get himself sorted. I had more planned for them in a few hours. Oh if they only knew. I headed off locking them in the guest room. Well that’s what I liked to call their cells.

More to cum.. if wanted.
Please read parts 1&2 first to follow story. Thank you if you’ve read so far.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Mrwolf ID:21c77a5yhj

    Amazing story… I hope you continue to torture and more

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    Sorry 😐. I posted part 2 under

    Just James as author.. oops soz.

    Thanks for reading and comments.

  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    Loved that assrape. That you gave him the pain and degraded them both at the same time.
    Want to see more. Must fuck the little bitch in the ass too. Make the boy fuck her cunt as you assfuck her. Give her a double penetration. Hurt her good.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667z20b

    I was looking for Part 2 as well. Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed this and shot a satisfying load. Love the filthy violent language you use about these trafficked cunts!!

  • Reply Mrwolf ID:21c77a5yhj

    Umm where’s part 2? Should read that before 3?