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My coach

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Οf the very young age i was fan of water sports,for this reason my parents write me at age of 8 in a local polo team for kids.Our coach was Mr Alan, a little screaming man but very good for his job.At first it was a little difficult but his help i become very better and for reward taking more time in games, as result now at the age of ten i am one of best players in team doing very proud my parents and bigger brother Ben 15yearsold.
Soon understand that mr Alan wanted something more for the time he spent with us,this happen while during the training i feel a terrible pain in my right arm,it wasnt looking something bad but coach for good and bad he sent me to doctor,there doctor give me a cream to put in my arm but thanks god it wasnt something serious.When i end with doctor i see that team had finish training, so i go to showers and then to locker rooms to put down my speedo and put my clothes to return house.but while i was bowed for to take my clothes of inside my bag, the door of my locker room open and someone get inside.
The stranger comne very near me so i could feel something press in my ass above my speedo, i scary stand up and one voise tell me dont worry its me and hands come above my arms,i understood of the voise it was mr Alan,i ask him what he want he aswere come to see if i am ok, i aswere yes it wasnt something serious,perfect he say but now his hands from my arms go under in my chest rubing it with his hands doing me to say the truth have chills,at the same time he had press his body in my so i could feel his hard thing in my ass and with his mounth kissing my left side of my neck.Howewer all this i was feeling nice i knew this wasnt right,so i try stop him with go away from him this was in my mind but my body want it so i stay there.
Mr Alan ask tell me i am a very cute and nice young boy and ask me if i like all this i aswere with my eyes close enjoying the take care of my coach yes but not so much your thing in my ass,he aswere i doing him have hard on too much and from the other boys,lets see yours and of his hands go from my chest inside my speedo and grabing my cock which wasnt full erected to say the truth but not for more,because he start playing him and i moan.He say i also had a very nice cock and if i want to see his cock,in this condition any other boy will had scream for help or run but i was enjoying it so i aswere yes and he take his burge of my ass and he take out him from his athletic trouser and revealing me a big thin hairless cock.
I was looking in it shock mr Ian ask me if i want to take it in my hand i say no,he say dont worry it doent bite and he take my hand above his cock doing me playing his cock with my hand,it was incedible how hard it was also the same moment my cock had hit red and moaning and two of us until finaly cum to each other hand.Mr Ian sit in a chair i had in my locker room taking deep breaths are you are ok i ask him,he say yes thanks Evan now you can change and go,in frond of you sir yes he aswere dont worry and i change at the time i was full nude i see he had again a hard on but this time he didnt ask something of me and i left swimming pool and taking road for my house where my parents and Ben waiting me for dinner.All this time even in bed i was thinking all this with coach and wondering if this will happen again.

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  • Reply AP ID:e5xelfyhj

    Evan, you actually write pretty good, better than the 99% of yhe people who come here and never post anything. You just need to throw in some periods.
    Writing memories is good and if you feel that it helps you process things (like it does me) then write away and ignore the comments. Like I said 99% of people don’t post anything.
    Honestly, if these are memories, the true events of your past, I think you’re pretty damn brave for sharing them. There are things in my past that it would help if I were to get out but I’m not ready to share them as the are too extreme having been real.

  • Reply Lurker ID:1i2lwlyz6ib


  • Reply Anon Killer ID:145e852um9b

    Why are the majority of writers on here not so good at writing? I get it’s probably because of a learning disability or English isn’t their first language but come on man

    • AP ID:1db7syrpj3ne

      This system kind of polices itself. Consider how much did you pay to read any particular story on this or most other sites that have erotica?
      Most writers or amateurs. How much do they get paid for writing on these sites?
      SecStories69 is even more particularly difficult for any kind of serious writing in that is format encourages stories of a couple thousand words or less. A writer with a small amount of experience is going to tell you that they need that long just to develop any kind of passable story. Because of that point, a lot of experienced writers don’t post here.
      Also, factor in this is often not the most receptive audience. The only real payment to that writer get is in feedback (comments) and star ratings. When your primary feedback in some cases is, “How big is your bra size” writers don’t get a lot of warm fuzzies.

  • Reply AP ID:1db7syu5a3i6

    Is this a well-written first-person fiction or a real life narrative?

    • AP ID:1db7syu5vg1w

      However, you did hit on some key points that need to be considered by potential writers.
      Yes we do have many non-English native writers. They should be forgiven for there lack of skill in writing the English language.
      Also, another fact is, typos happen.
      For the rest, one way to many problems, and thereby get more positive feedback, is if they would re-read their story out loud to themselves before they post. They will find misspelled words or places where a comma should go. (if you pause while reading it, then a comma usually belongs there.)
      If the action changes, be it movement within a scene or one person speaking to a different person back & forth, those are where paragraph breaks should go..
      Imo, in the end, we should realize that these stories are a gift people share with us. It would help if a writer was to label their story as fiction or as a remembrance of something that happened. The truth is there are still going to be good stories, bad stories, and some that are little more than the quality of graffiti on a bathroom stall wall.
      One thing I do know though is the only way to get better at writing is to write. As readers we should give writers room to grow.

    • Just this once - the original ID:5u1d7cg20b

      While you make valid points, having someone else proof read, using a spell checker are all easy steps for people to take.

    • Evan ID:8mn7j3lqr9

      Because you ask me its true story and this happen years before.I am trying to write it with memories,i know my english arent the best, very simple because of some family hardships most with me i wasnt able to finish english lessons.
      I have more stories to write but i think its better to let them.