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Sleeping Beauty Part 1

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I rubbed the tip of my dick on her lips as she slept.

My cousin Ellie had come to stay with us for a few weeks while her parents went on a cruise. She was adopted and was the hottest 11 year old I had ever seen. She was pretty, had a round ass for her age, what made her hot was she did not have a shy bone in her body. She would be careful when adults were around but when it was just me and her, she was flashing panty, if she had any on that is.

I was 14 and was so tempted when she was around. She never acted sexual, maybe she didnt know that she was showing her body. I didnt care, I just loved seeing it.

This day had started with her coming over around 6pm, in her little shorts and crop top, she had some tits, not alot, but more than other girls her age. We played a card game, we sat on the floor, she kept her legs open most of the time, I didnt think she had on panties but I was really sure. She got up and went to the bathroom, I had a clear view of the bathroom where I was sitting, she never shut the door, I watched as she slid her shorts down and took a pee.

She washed her hands and came back wanted to watch a movie, I had a tv in my room so we got on my bed and started to watch a movie. She had traveled about 3 hours to get here and it was around 8 when we started to watch the movie. Mom came and told us to get ready for bed, then finish the movie.

I had taken a shower before Ellie arrived, but she wanted to take a shower, just wash her body not her hair she said. She only took maybe 15 minutes and she came back to my room and get in my bed wearing a night gown. She smelled really nice, she said it was her body lotion. I looked at her tan legs and feet, she had red nails and little toes.

We watched the movie for about an hour and Ellie fell asleep. She looked so pretty laying there sleeping. I waited a few minutes, and got my courage up to investigate her body.

I didnt know if she was a deep sleepier or not, but I slid down in the bed and checked out her cute feet, they smelled so nice from the lotion. I kissed the top of her foot and just sucked one of her little sweet toes into my mouth. She was laying on her back, so I slowly lifted the bottom of her night gown up.

I loved her tanned legs, her beautiful thighs, and as I lifted her gown higher, I saw her treasure, a glorious, hairless pussy staring back at me. I left her pussy exposed as I undid my pajama pants and took out my throbbing dick, I started jerking off as she slept beside me.

If she woke up I was fucked, or maybe she would like it if she woke up and saw me stroking off. I thought about her waking up and seeing me and then sliding down and sucking me off. I took my hand off my dick and slowly reached between her legs. I rubbed my finger gently up and down her hairless pussy slit. I wanted to open it up and finger her but I had to be careful.

She started to moan a little and I pulled her gown down and turned on my side and stuff my cock back in my pj’s. Fuck I was horny and scared.

The movie was about over and I knew I had to wake her up, mom wasnt going to like it if she woke up to see us on the same bed sleeping. I would never get to sleep if was laying beside me all night away, I was going to need to jerk off before bed.

She turned on her side, I waited and then lifted her gown again. I saw the cutest little ass I had ever seen. It was round and beautiful. I had so many ideas in my head about wanting to fuck her.

I slowly got up, went to her side of the bed, I took out my dick and started to stroke. Her lips were so pretty, I had to do it. I rubbed my hard dick over her lips as she slept, if she woke up I was dead. I kept rubbing my dick head on her lips, I couldnt stop, I was so horny, I felt those sweet lips on me and I barely pulled away before I came. I shot my cum on my carpet.

I went to the bathroom and washed up, then I woke her up. She went off to her room and went to sleep. I just thought about her sleeping in my bed again.

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    more parts will be done tonight, Ellie went back home this weekend so I have time now


    Great story do part 2

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