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Masturbate, and Switch (Hoodie Club)

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I didn’t recognize her in the door, but she had on a mask, too. “Good Boy, or Bad?”

“Uh, good boy?”

“Huh!” She just pulled a ball out of a box, hanging from a string, and pointed to the restrooms. “Put this on in there.”

“Okay,” I nodded.

She put her finger up to her mask. “Good boys are seen, but not heard.”

I nodded, and went in the restroom. Pulled down my mask, and put the ball in my mouth. Tied it up behind my head, and put the mask back on over it. Pulled my hood up, and took a piss while I was in there. Washed my hands, and sanitized them with Purell.

She handed me some gloves next, and didn’t tell me to put them on. I got the idea, and put them on as fast as I could. Then, she picked up a roll of tape, and told me to “Turn around. Hold your hands together behind you,” so she could tape them.

Well, I didn’t want to get spanked. Bad boys get spanked, but that’s all I knew. There was an underground sex club, for teens. They didn’t card you, and it was anonymous. You had to wear a mask just to go outside, but also a plain black hoodie. No zipper, not even a pocket, so no one could tell you apart.

“Right this way,” the hostess opened the door for me, “Have a seat, and your mistress will be right with you.”

There was just a chair in the center of the room. I turned around, and sat down, but there was a window in the door, too. Then, she turned out the light. She didn’t say whether it was okay to hold my arms over the back of the chair, or stick them down between the seat, and the back, but it was a folding chair. Plain brown painted metal, without even a padded seat, or back.

I jumped when the door opened, and my sister came in.


“Sh, you know the rules. Are you a good boy, or not?” I shook my head. “You’re not?” I nodded but even with the mask, and the hoody pulled down, she was dressed like a Ninja. Matching sweat pants, but I know my own sister. Even before she spoke, and I heard it in her voice.

I could see her eyes, and the way she turned, when she pulled the door shut. The way she moved. She only took a couple steps, and I hate to say even the shape of her body. In baggy sweats, her shoulders, and hips. The plain black canvass shoes I never saw her wear before, but the shape of her feet, and how she puts her big toes down first. Then rolls over, and then puts her heel down before she stands up, with her feet almost together.

“Well?” I shrugged. “A good boy is seen but not heard, you understand?” I nodded. “This must be your first time.” She turned her heel out, and I can’t believe how much I could almost predict her every move. You don’t really think about it, but you spend 15 years living with someone, and it just kind of flies under your radar. Like the smell of your hair on your own pillow. Other people can smell it, but it just smells like your pillow to you.

Sure enough, she stepped around me. Straight out, from her heel to her toe. The first 2 steps of a box step, from dance class. I had to look down to learn that step. So I didn’t step on her toes, and she didn’t step on mine. “You a virgin?”

She touched my shoulders, but just rubbed them gently. At first, but I nodded. “Ever had a girlfriend?” I shook my head, “Been out on a date?” Her fingers sank in deeper, and deeper. Her thumbs rubbing harder and harder. Circles, but instead of relaxing me, it made me even more tense. I could feel her nails through her rubber gloves, the sweatshirt, and I knew she could scratch me. She even drew blood once, but she didn’t mean to. They’re not even sharp, but once I was tickling her, and she grabbed my arm so hard. Laughing, and I had on a short sleeve teeshirt. So she scratched me, accidentally.

“You like porn, though.” I nodded. Excited, but I can’t believe that I’m going to get a handjob, from my sister. That’s what good boys get, just a handjob in a rubber, but then she let go, and felt down my chest. “Huh, rough sex?” I shook my head, but her bra dug into my shoulders, and squished between the tops of my arms.

“Bondage!” She sounded so excited, and I had no idea, she knew about this. Stuff, I just barely heard about it this week, and I sure didn’t think she might be into. “Cock, and ball torture?”


“I told you, good boys are Seen but not Heard!” She let go of my crotch and stood up. She came around, and leaned down in my face. I shut my eyes, praying she didn’t recognize me, but if she saw my irises. The green spokes I have in my brown eyes, she’d know it was me.

“I asked you.” She’s so close. “Are you a good boy?” I nodded, “Or a bad boy?” I shook my head. “Am I going to have to spank you, to teach you a lesson?” I shook my head.

“Good.” Her heel scraped, and I cracked my eye just in time to see her put her toe down. Roll it over, and back to her heel, then step around to disappear behind me again. “Huh!” Breathe right next to my ear. “Good boys are seen,” she felt around my arms this time, “Not heard. Right?” I nodded, excitedly, but she took her times reaching around the chair. “Or felt?”

‘n,’ i held it in, frozen, and realized that had to be her legs around my hands. The gloves felt sweaty all of a sudden, and my arm pits.

‘felt?’ She repeated even lower. i nodded slowly, but held my hands perfectly still. ‘huh,’ her voice is so breathless, and quiet. Almost a whisper, but deeper, sexier than i ever heard her before. ‘if you really are a good boy, maybe you’ll feel pussy tonight.’ She let my hands go, and pressed her bra into my back. ‘I feel something, so I’m going to ask you again. You like cock?’ i shook my head, “And ball,” kept shaking it, emphatically, but then she lowered her voice to a whisper.


“Uph, snh! Ub bup buh!” i couldn’t help it, once it started spurting in my pants. i felt hot tears on my cheeks, and i just tried to sob quietly, but it was too late.

“Huh,” She let go, and stood up. “Boys.” She walked around me slowly, and i could hear the bored disappointment in Her voice. Just like the girl out front, who told me the rule. The only rule, i had one thing to remember, and i couldn’t even get that right.

She knocked. “See you when we get home.”

The other girl let Her out, but of course She recognized me. i’m not a good boy, i just didn’t want a spanking. i didn’t have Her fooled for a second, but that was the worst orgasm i ever had in my life.

“Huh!” The other girl came in, and cut me free. “You can leave the ball gag in the can, and clean up next door.”

“Snh!” It was hard enough to breathe with the ball gag, and mask on. As soon as i got my hands free, i ran for the door, and got in the bathroom to hide. Pull off my mask, and spit out the nerf ball. “Ah, Gahd!” I managed to hold onto the sink all the way down to my knees, then i sat down, bawling, and curled up like a baby.

“No, you better use the girl’s room, there’s someone in there all ready.”

“Nh?” i hugged my legs, until I heard the door close, and sat up. Found my mask, and wiped my nose before i put it on, but i had to get out of there. i just put on the mask to hide my face, so i could get outside.

Marjorie was all ready pulled up with the door open, and the engine running. So I could get in as soon as I saw the car.

“Huh, I thought that was you. Better shut the door.” So we could drive off. “So, how’d you hear about us?”

“How did you?”

She laughed, but sympathetically. “We started this club, as soon as we realized that we could go out in masks. They’re practically mandatory.”

“So, it was all your idea?”

“No, it was both of us.”

“Who’s the other girl?”

She laughed even gentler this time. “I can’t tell you that. It’s supposed to be anonymous, but I had no idea I’d ever see you in there.”

“Well, I had no idea you’re into bondage boys, either.” I wasn’t even into bondage, I just wanted a hand job, but not like that. I had no idea it would be like that, or an orgasm could ever even feel that shameful.

“If only you had picked bad boy.”

“Oh, your. Partner?”

“She handles the spankings, I never really liked that part.”

“You just like the hand jobs?”

“No? I like sex, all kinds of sex, that’s just the safest thing I could think of. Huh, okay. I like the dicks. I like the feel of them, and having a boy by the balls.”

I just blinked, and couldn’t believe what I was hearing from my sister’s mouth. Even after I felt her hands, and she had me by the balls. “Literally!” Finally, I could laugh, and it felt so much better than crying.

“Huh, well since you were so good.”

“Was i?”

“Not really, but. Since you deserve it, I’ll have Her give you a freebie.”

“A spanking? Wait, you don’t charge anyone, but she does?”

“No, but she thinks you’re cute. So I bet she’d do you, even without the spanking. Maybe even let you tie her up, and fuck her if you ask nice enough.”

“I don’t know. Maybe i should try the Bad boy. i kinda feel like a spanking, i mean. i kinda deserve it.”

“Well, I have to get back.”

“Well, you have to take me home, first?”

“No, I guess not.”

So, She turned around at the next light, and made the block…

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