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Daddies little angel – Part 4

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part 4 of the story of my little adopted daughter

I woke up to find Ariana spread out across the bed, like little kids tend to do when they sleep. They somehow find a way to take up the entire bed and squeeze you off to the side so you’re almost falling off! Ariana was lying on her tummy, with her head snuggled into my side and cute little bottom on display as she had kicked the covers off in the heat and legs open as she slept.

It’s hard to describe what I felt looking at my little angel fast asleep, I loved her so much and was so protective and proud of my daughter. As she lay asleep I gently stroked her hair, brushing It out of her eyes and caressing her tenderly. She didn’t stir as I gently moved to stroking her face, tracing my finger along her little cheek, up past her little button nose and around her eyes. She skin was so soft and my innocent little angel looked so peaceful and content.

I moved from stroking her face to gently massaging her tiny little back, feeling her soft skin and small tender body. As I continued to massage her, my hand drifted down towards her tiny little bum. I cupped both little bum cheeks in my hand as I gave it a tender little squeeze, enjoying the feeling of how soft and firm it was. As I cupped her little bum and gently massaged it, Ariana stirred and started to wake up. She snuggled in close to me and said “I love you daddy”.

As she lay snuggled into me, I moved onto massaging and stroking her skinny little thighs, running my hand up and down gently squeezing her leg and feeling just how small it was. She loved being massaged and touched and put her little arm around me, and as she snuggled into my side her hairless little pussy pressed against my leg. Ariana was loving the attention that I was giving her, my hands exploring her young little body.

I rolled my little angel onto her back and gently kissed her forehead as I told her that daddy was going to make her feel good. Taking my finger I gently traced down her cute little button nose, over her little lips and chin and down to her flat little chest. I slowly began to tease her little pink nipples, gently circling them with my finger as they got hard and she moaned softly enjoying my touch. I kissed the tip of her little nose and told her how special she was and then ever so softly and gently I began to tease her little pink nipples with my tongue, slowly circling around her little nipples and occasionally sucking her nipples. As I kissed and played with her, Ariana put her little hands in my hair and instinctively tried to guide me to giving her the most pleasure as I teased her little nipples.

As I licked and kissed her nipples, I reached down between her legs, my index finger tracing down her little slit feeling her wetness as I began to tease her tiny little pussy. Ariana arched her little back, trying to push her pussy up into my hand as it teased and aroused her. I loved feeling the soft skin of her pussy, the tiny little nub of her clit and the tiny entrance of her virgin pussy.

I slid down her little body, with one hand I cupped her tiny little bum cheeks as for the first time I ran my tongue down her little slit, tasting my little girl and smelling her amazing little pussy. As I licked her, she moaned and I could feel her little body tensing as her arousal grew. “Daddy, that feels nice” as she gradually built towards a little orgasm. I held her little little bum and continued to lick and tease her little pussy, as I felt her body start to quiver and shake as she came for daddy for the very first time.

After Ariana came, I lay on my back and pulled her into my arms. My cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum as I throbbed. “Did you like that baby girl?” I asked Ariana, “mmm, yes daddy I liked you licking my tushie”. Then I asked her “Angel, daddy would like you to kiss and suck his cock, will you do that for daddy?”

Gently I guided Ariana down as she took my throbbing shaft in her little hand and hesitantly kissed the very tip of my cock, coating her lips with pre-cum. “Daddy, it tastes salty”. I reassured her that she would learn to like the taste of daddy’s special love juice. I taught my little girl how to suck daddy’s cock and how she needed to hold the shaft of daddy’s cock while she closed her lips around the tip of my cock in her little mouth and bobbed her head up and down making sure to tease the underside of the tip of my cock with her tongue.

Ariana held my cock as she bobbed up and down, her blue eyes staring up at me, longing for approval and to know that she was doing it right for daddy. As she sucked my cock I had my hand cupping her face and reassuring her that she was being a very good girl for daddy and doing it just right. My cock was throbbing at the taboo nature of my little naked girl lying between my legs, her little lips wrapped around the tip as she gazed up at me desperate to make daddy happy.

I couldn’t take it any more and I moaned that I loved her and that she mustn’t stop. With both hands I held her little head still stopping her from moving as I pushed my cock into her tiny mouth, eyes locked as we gazed into each others eyes and my cock spurted hot thick cum into my little girls mouth for the first time. It felt like it would never end as my cock twitched and spurted filling her little mouth. Gradually I relaxed and pulling her up onto my chest I kissed Ariana and told her how proud I was of my special girl.

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  • Reply GoodGirlQuietGirl ID:b8xwmfwh8wj

    I have never read such an incredibly exciting story, so sexy, that is warm, loving, and with such perfect detail. I love how you slowly, naturally, explore and discover your own feelings and anxieties yet never miss the opportunity to remind yourself and the reader that your special, unique relationship with your little girl is definitely taboo.

    Then, to add more layers of warmth and love, genuine love, you describe Ariana’s journey of love and sexual exploration and discovery. Notice I wrote “love” before “sex.” You have your priorities firmly in place. You love her so deeply and unconditionally and, as any loving father, am enjoying her growth. You’re growing with her, not rushing her for your pleasure, but letting her explore and learn, letting her advance at her pace, for HER pleasure.

    I was struggling to choose–read the next chapter or pause to write to you. My body chose for me. I am trembling, imagining being your little girl, so warm in your arms before and after we make love, before and after you guide me on my journey. I am waiting anxiously for your, our, first deep, passionate kiss. It’s difficult for me, usually never at a loss for words, to explain how much I feel a part of your story, not just enjoying it.

    My body must speak for me. My legs are spasming, my pussy throbbing and swollen… the afterglow of orgasm, but I never touched my pussy, Daddy, never rubbed against anything… my body experienced a strong orgasm simply by reading your story. Just your words, entering my brain, went to my pussy and clit, with many kisses and stroking of my tiny nipples on the way. I am not exaggerating, Daddy. It’s happened a very times in my life.

    Daddy, you understand a little girl. We love you and we ARE “desperate to make Daddy happy.” If I were there, I would show my thanks over and over–but ONLY as you wish. Daddy is always in control, firmly guiding or, when required, correcting misbehavior, all for our own good. You do everything for us. Thank you.

    • Arianas Daddy ID:334a2ud0

      Good girl, what an amazing comment. Very beautiful and sexy.

      I love that you came for Daddy

  • Reply trucker ID:1cxwmg7w6qgk

    First time my little girl sucked my cock I came in her mouth and she swallowed it then couple days later my wife said to me “Guess what Susan asked me. If she could get pregnant by swallowing that white stuff that comes from daddies cock. Wife said no and its ok to swallow daddies cum

    • Arianas Daddy ID:1d1kaht8z7da

      Lucky you! How old was she?

  • Reply Bob ID:3tlp9yw8hrb

    So fucking good!!! Thanks!! I’m anxious to keep reading!! Love how you give yourself to her and she pleasures you, making your cock’s cum flow from your little piss hole.

    [email protected]


  • Reply Anonymous ID:1cq98t2vwlis

    Do you take pictures of her?

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Ich liebe die Geschichte und wie schön du erzählst wie du ihre kleine Fotze essen tust und vor allem wie sie hingebungsvoll den Daddy Schwanz lutscht und du ihr den besonderen Daddy Saft in den Mund spritzt ich möchte es so gerne selbst spüren das Gefühl wie sich dein kleines Mädchen anfühlt

  • Reply Mike y ID:1ds9mpsjdgl4

    I hope 7

  • Reply Arianas Daddy ID:5teiorr6ik

    I’m happy to hear that you played with your little pussy as you read my story. I love making little girls cum for daddy 😉

  • Reply Li ID:c4iaf4xzl

    Agree. Loved playing with my little pussy as I read that, Daddy

    • Arianas Daddy ID:5teiorr6ik

      I’m happy to hear that you were playing with your little pussy while reading. I hope you came nicely, I love making little girls cum.

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  • Reply TvT ID:1ewbziqtucjj

    Ariana is a special girl, I want one like her

  • Reply . ID:41fwlepzk

    Jesus I want to be your little angel. Please continue the story. The detail is great. You can never add enough. Hearing how you are teaching her each step is so hott.

    • Arianas Daddy ID:5teiorr6ik

      Thank you 🙂 I would love you to be my little angel and for you to cum for daddy…

    • Bob ID:5lw4zm0bvdw

      How old are you