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Amy Tale/s – BBC Weekend Pt. 1

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What my husband saw was me with my mouth partially opened in an ecstatic build up, and staring at his friend’s big black cock.

After we had been married for 16 years, my husband decided to join the Army. From the time the neighbor moved away, until this point (about 5 years), the only person I actually had an affair with behind my husband’s back was my padded bra wearing girlfriend. My husband’s need for odd sex fantasies began to grow after he joined the Army. He was deployed 3 times, and even when he was home, he could be gone for 30 or 40 days at a time training, and this required more digital services for sex.

After basic, he proceeded to his specialized training school. After a few weeks there, he began getting weekend passes, and I would drive like 200 miles to pick him up on the weekends. Of course, all he wanted to do is fuck when we got home. One weekend, when I went to pick him up, he wanted me to give a friend a ride too. We drove about 50 miles to the next town, and his friend had reserved a hotel room, where he was going to spend his two nights. It was after dark, and his friend asked if we wanted to just stay there for the night. He said the room had two beds, and I was tired from driving, and my husband wanted us to stay for some reason (like they planned it), so I agreed.

I did not have any clothes with me, other than the shorts and shirt I was wearing, because my husband usually just drives us back to the house. His friend got his room key, and we went in, and my husband wanted to take a shower. He asked if I wanted to take one with him, and I did. Since I did not have anything to wear, he gave me one of his t-shirts. It was the only thing I was wearing, and it was getting my husband excited, because his friend, was black, and he had always liked fantasy stories about me doing a black guy.

I got into the bed and pulled the covers over my legs. His friend went to take a shower, and my husband got on the bed next to me and turned on the TV. His friend came out in a pair of shorts, with no shirt on, and I noticed that he was built really good. He was good looking and slightly taller than my husband. He sat down on the other bed and started watching the TV and rubbing lotion all over himself. My husband got up and went to the bathroom, and when he came back, he wanted to lay on the side of the bed I was on. It was odd, because that meant I would now be on the edge next to the other bed, but I just thought, whatever.

After a little bit, I noticed my husband was pulling the blanket off my legs slowly, a little at a time. I was leaning back against the backboard of our bed. My husband managed to get the blanket far enough off, that my sexy white legs and feet were now exposed. My husband changed his position, and he started rubbing on my feet. He looked at my toes and noticed that the toenail polish on them was almost gone. He asked if I had any with me, and it just so happened that there was some in the car door that I remembered. He went out to the car and brought it in.

The nail polish was his favorite, red. He began to paint my toenails. Now to get my feet in a position to paint my toenails, meant that my hairy pussy was exposed. I watched my husband look, and he would glance over at his black friend (who had laid down on his stomach with his head toward the foot of his bed), and watched to see if he was looking too, and every now and then, he was. I could tell this was right down my husband’s alley. He loved this kind of teasing, but I wasn’t sure if he actually expected anything to happen. My husband likes the tease, but he never wants me to actually cheat.

My husband finished my toenails, and I went back to a more normal posture while they dried, where my pussy was not exposed. I knew my husband was trying to conjure up something else, I could see his mind churning. Whether my husband wanted something to happen with his black friend or not, I knew my husband wanted to get off. His friend was a little strange, in the sense that he was a little effeminate. He was very personable, just had sort of a gay vibe about him.

My husband moved up beside me, and he started to rub the inside of my thigh. Pretty soon, he had managed to get his hand between my legs enough to spread them, so he could rub my pussy. I wasn’t all that excited, so it took a bit for the flow to reach a point where I was wet enough for a finger. My husband did not get a weekend pass for the previous week, so it had been over 2 weeks since he last had sex, and he was horny. My husband could not take it anymore, and he told his friend, I need some pussy. His friend said, don’t mind me, go ahead and do your thing.

My husband put his hands around my hips, pulled me down so that I was lying flat on my back, then moved down and started eating my pussy. I was just relaxing, so, I really had not worked myself up into a sexual mindset. I just closed my eyes and focused on my husband eating my pussy. As I was doing this, my imagination kicked in, and I started wondering what a big black cock would feel like, and, if my husband’s friend had a big one.

I had looked at porn and seen big black cocks, but I had also seen black guys with normal sized cocks in videos, which was kind of boring. I started moving my hips as I fantasized, and I began to imagine my husband’s black friend had a big cock, and I imagined he was watching me, and I was getting excited. I opened my eyes and I looked over at him, and he was just watching the TV. I closed them for a moment and opened and looked again, and he was looking back at my husband eating my pussy. I was finally getting in the mood.

I moved my finger down and started to rub on the top of my pussy as my husband licked, and I was squirming with my hips as I pictured a big black cock. I opened my eyes again and studied the other guy’s form, his back, and muscles. He was dark, but not like really dark. He had spent a lot of time rubbing lotion on when he came out of the shower, and he sort of had a soft glow to his skin. I closed my eyes again, and this time, it was his image in my mind, and I was getting fucking hot.

I usually do not get aroused in this way, but I started wondering what it would be like to suck a big black dick. The last time I got overly excited about sucking a dick was my husband’s brother (my husband does not know this). I remembered my husband’s brother’s dick, it was about 9 inches, and it looked good that day I wanted to suck it. My husband is 8 inches, and both of them are uncut, so I started wondering about that black cock again. Would it look good enough to suck?

Now my husband was all in my business area, and I still had on the t-shirt, but then my husband stopped eating me, and moved up and kissed me. My husband took off his shirt (he still had on his shorts), and then he took my shirt off and he laid down on me and kissed me. Then he began to kiss down my neck, and my shoulder, until he was on my breasts. I looked back over at his friend, and he was looking toward the TV. I rubbed the back of my husband’s head, and closed my eyes, and I could feel my husband’s hard cock hunching my pussy through his shorts.

My husband started moving south again, and he went back to eating my pussy. I am totally naked now, and I looked over to see if the other guy was looking, and he was. I look at him in a sultry way while moving my hips, and I closed my eyes slowly. I began to picture him watching me, and I was getting wet as hell. I opened my eyes again, and his friend had got up and was walking toward the bathroom. All of the sudden, my excitement dropped. My fantasy was being fed by him watching, and me supposing he had a big cock, and I wanted to suck that cock. But if he was not that interested, maybe he was gay.

I could not close my eyes again, and I was watching the bathroom door. My husband was doing his best to bring me to pleasure with his oral efforts, but I wasn’t really focused on that anymore. His friend came out of the bathroom, and to my surprise, he was not wearing anything at all. Now, I briefly saw what appeared to be a big flaccid cock dangling, as he turned toward the sink to wash his hands. All I could see now was a tight ass, with well-muscled thighs adjoining. His shoulders were broad, and you could tell he must work out a lot.

My husband’s black friend had that lotion bottle again, and he started rubbing lotion on his ass, and toward the front. His body was slick, I could not see any hair at all. I was starting to get hot again, but I could not stop watching for him to turn around. Then he did, and his dick was not hard, but fuck, what was hanging was bigger than any dick I had seen in the real. I was right, he was totally shaved, no hair anywhere. He came back to his bed, and sat with his back against the headboard, and his big cock just drooped over his thigh in my direction. I could not quit fucking staring at it.

My husband stopped eating my pussy for a second and looked over at him, then looked at me. After his friend had come out of the bathroom, I had begun rubbing my clit again while my husband was eating me, and I had not stopped. What my husband saw was me with my mouth partially opened in an ecstatic build up, and staring at his friend’s big black cock. His cock was circumcised, and it was a perfect specimen of a penis. I could not imagine anyone not wanting to suck that cock. I wasn’t even paying attention to my husband as I fingered my pussy and stared at that big black cock.

I had never really romanticized about having sex with a black man. I had told my husband dirty stories to get him off involving black men, but this was the first time I really wanted some black dick. My husband got up, and took off his shorts, and laid back down on his side, but between my legs, and went back to eating my pussy. From his friend’s perspective, he could see my husband’s dick. My husband has a nice dick, and he keeps his man space trim, his dick was hard, but even hard, it wasn’t as thick, or as long, as that sagging piece of black meat I was staring at. I looked at his friend, and I noticed he wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at my husband’s dick. Shit, is this guy gay or what? He was staring at my husband’s dick, and he started stoking his own cock, and he was getting harder.

At this point, I did not know what to think. I kept looking at his dick, and trying to guess how long it was. He was totally erect now, and based on what I had seen before, I would guess it was about 10 or 11 inches, and it was thick. But if he is gay, my interests were starting to wane. My husband stopped eating me, and he sat up on the edge of the bed rubbing my legs and feet. He asked me if I wanted to have a threesome. We had never done anything like this before, and I was starting to wonder if my husband knew something about this guy that made him comfortable enough to propose this.

To my husband’s knowledge, I had never cheated on him, but I had, several times. So, I was game for sex with other men. I just looked at him and said, it is up to you. So, my husband got up and moved to the far corner of our bed, and I sat up and moved to the middle of the headboard. My husband asked his friend to come over to our bed, and he sat at the other corner of the foot. I was sitting with my knees folded over together and my hands in my lap, only my tits were showing. There was an uncomfortable silence as we sat there, and I wondered what was going to happen – who was going to do something first? My husband had an idea, he got up and grabbed a water bottle. He said he would spin it, and whoever it landed on, had to do something to the person to their left, and then down the line.

In my mind, this did not seem all that exciting, because that meant the person doing something to me, was going to be my husband. What also seemed strange was that meant the person doing something to my husband was his friend. Now I was getting really concerned that my husband knew this guy was gay. His friend did not protest this arrangement, and my husband spun the bottle, and it spun around and landed on my husband. I thought, woopty doo, and my husband reached over to me and unfolded my legs, moved my feet up flat on the bed, and spread my legs so my hairy pussy was in full view. He liked looking at my pussy, and he liked fantasizing about others looking at my pussy too.

My husband continued to rub on my inner thigh, and he told me to do something to his friend. I did not know exactly what to do, so I just reached over, and grabbed that big cock. It was not totally hard, but not soft either. I started stroking on it, and it started getting harder. My husband looked at his friend, and he said it’s your turn, and if you want, you can touch Amy. My husband told him he did not realize until now the awkward position he had placed him in. I got excited, I was anticipating where he would touch me, and how. To my disappointment, he reached over and grabbed my husband’s dick. My husband looked at me, and he shrugged his shoulders. The one positive from this, that big black cock was hard now, and I could not get my fingers together around it, that is thick. I wanted to suck it now. My husband said, everybody just do what you want, and his friend leaned over, and started sucking my husband’s dick.

My husband put his hand around my waist and pulled me down and we all kind of fell into a daisy chain, he began to eat my pussy again, and looking at me. I kept stroking that black cock, looked at my husband, and I leaned over and stuck that big thing in my mouth. I very rarely (do not even prefer it), give my husband a blowjob, and I am sure that was on my husband’s mind. Damn, that big black cock was good, I could not get much of it in my mouth, and I am not a deep throater, so I would suck and lick down the shaft. I licked his balls, they were smooth and soft, all that lotion paid off. In fact, his thighs, and ass, everywhere I touched was all remarkably soft.

I jacked on that big black dick and licked his balls like crazy, sucking the head every now and then. My husband was getting bored eating my pussy, so he repositioned me in a 69 over his friend, and started fucking me from behind, as I continued to lick that black dick. I was enjoying giving this blowjob, and my husband pounding at my ass felt good too, but then I could feel the other guy licking my pussy some, and I was excited. My husband did this for about 15 minutes, then he withdrew really fast, and his friend grabbed my husband’s cock, as I looked back, and I could tell that my husband was getting off in his friend’s mouth. My husband sat back, panting hard, and his friend went back to eating my pussy. I thought about the gay shit for a minute, but the pussy eating was feeling good. This time I could focus on it, and he was doing really well. I kept licking his balls for a bit, then laid in his lap until he got me off. After my excitement stopped, I rolled over onto my back, and just tried to catch my breath. My husband looked at me, and said, do you want to fuck that big dick? I did not say anything, and was still panting a bit, and I pulled my knees up, spread my legs, pointed my red toenails out, and nodded yes.

His black friend got in between my legs, and he pushed his dick down on top of my stomach. I lifted my head up to look, and that big black cock was almost up to my belly button. He moved back, and started to stick it in my pussy. I was really wet, so the head slipped right in, and it felt good. He pushed in a little further, and I spread my legs wider. I got up on my elbows to look, and he was about halfway in. He was a little thicker than the neighbor I fucked 5 years earlier, so that was not a problem, but he still had a lot more dick to push into me. He finally eased all of it in me, and I jerked back a little and let out an, oh god. I had never been stretched and touched that deep before, and it startled me.

I relaxed, and he started going back and forth, and I moaned and grunted continuously, and I realized I could take it all, and I laid back down and continued making noises. He was going slow, and I felt engorged. He picked up his rhythm and I started moving my hips, and I felt my husband take hold of my foot, and he started rubbing my toes. It is likely he started to get excited again, and he moved to my side and began rubbing my pussy hair with his other hand. I closed my eyes for a bit and just felt satisfaction, I opened to look, and I saw his friend rubbing my husband’s cock again, and it kind of pissed me off. Not that he was rubbing, but that I am a slut for attention. I leaned up and grabbed my husband’s friend, and pulled him down to my breasts. Then I wrapped my legs around his waist and grabbed his ass and pulled him into me more. He got the picture and started pounding the shit out of me, I was fucking moaning and grunting now.

I looked over at my husband and you could see it in his face, he knew he could not fuck me like this, and I was loving it. I usually don’t like to kiss guys I am cheating on my husband with, but I just laid one on this guy. I was feeling, so well fucked, that I got religious. I was going oh god, shit, oh fuck, and grunting like a dirty whore. My husband has never even heard me act like that. This went on for about 20 minutes, and then I just wanted to feel that big black cock ejaculate. I pulled on his ass and started rocking and he picked up the pace even more. Then it happened, I could feel the throbbing erection in my cunt shoot off, and I pulled him in as deep as he could go. Hell, my pussy and whole body was quivering with the eruption. After his aftershock strokes faded, he began trying to pull out, but I just held on and pushed my foot against his ass.

I had never felt anything like this, so I wanted to savor the moment. He was laying on me, and I could feel my husband rubbing the outside of my thighs and the side of my ass. I stayed that way for about 5 minutes, and I could feel his cock melting away inside me. Finally, I let go, and he got up, and my husband said, I guess you liked that, and I just shook my head with an enthusiastic yes. I was all sweaty, and hot. I got up and went to the bathroom, and peed, then I got in the shower. There is more to this weekend, and I will continue it in Part 2.

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      I am just the editor, writer, publisher documenting Amy’s stories. The stories are heading to her current station in life, and the details of my involvement with Amy will be revealed, in the tales. I will say this even though it is a bit of a spoiler, she is divorced now.

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    Nice story max part 2

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