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The party

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This is for my great friend gaping pussy he makes good stories about gaping pussy and does classes with his girlfriend on gaping pussy

Jessica got ready for the party a tank top that pushed her double d tits up and jeans that showed her big ass of

Once she made it to the party she sat her drink on the counter and used the bathroom unaware somebody slipped something in her drink

She drank it somebody dragged her to a room where 2 other boys were waiting the first boy told her she’s be awake the whole time

She couldn’t move cry or scream just tears as they pulled her clothes of

The 2 boys started groping her while the on hot was staring at her ass and pussy

Once they whipped there dicks out she was amazed the first boy was a solid 9 inches and very thick

The second boy wasn’t very thick but it was long and it he could reach some dephs

The third guy was about 6 inches and very thick

The second guy behind fucking her face with his ass in the hair while the third guy laid beneath her and forced his cock in with no lube her asshole was being violently stretched

And the first guy behind fucking her she was being stretched until the second guy was forcing himself in her pussy with the other guy

She was enjoying in by the juices all over her thighs

She has 3 dicks in her

They both pulled out and she could feel air on her pussy

She was gaping wide and once the third guy was done her ass was going they left her on the bed and by the time she woke up her ass was loosely open and she couldn’t even wear panties because of it

Men enjoyed speaking under there skirts seeing her gaping pussy

It’s not the best sorry bud:/

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    These two ass holes know each other in real life just hyping each other’s bull shit stories up.the pussy gaper is a fucking loser with very lame stories.

    • The Pussy Gaper

      You know we’re showing support.

    • Satansslut

      Okay then stop fucking reading our stories ever heard of supporting a fucking peer

    • The Pussy Gaper

      I hope I didn’t anger you darling.

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    Sorry for the confusion, my love and I share the same accountm

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    Oh my god, I love you my dear. Thank you for making this story for me and the other story for my girlfriend. I do owe you one darling.