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The Twins 6: The Harem

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So Emma found this friend, Jackie, who happened to be bi-sexual also. She was in between our ages. I was now 15, Jackie was 14 and the twins were 13. I had to resort to condoms now because my mom would flip if the twins asked to be on the pill.

Jackie and Emma were pussy munching at her Mom’s place and she suggested Jackie meet me. Jackie agreed to. I saw Jackie and I was in love. Skinny, beautiful blonde hair. Cute little tits.

I asked if she minded if watched her and Emma. “Yes I do mind unless you are joining in.” She said. We went to the tent. My step dad got us an air mattress for camping out. I approached Jackie and just kissed her. We started making out. I reached my hand down her pants and felt her soft bush. “Well someone is not shy!” She said and laughed.

Erin, Emma and Jackie got my pants off. I laid back on the mattress as Jackie went first going down on my dick and then Emma and Erin. Emma and Erin took over as Jackie got undressed. Her pretty blonde bush was amazing.

She straddled my chest and moved her pussy above my face. Her pussy smelled so good. I went to town sucking on her clit.

Emma was at her very best as she sucked me off. Erin was licking the stem and the base all around and fondling my balls as Emma did her thing. Erin and Jackie grabbed my cock and started jacking me off in unison. I could not take it anymore I buried my face into Jackie’s pussy as I exploded into Emma’s mouth.

Jackie gets up and starts french kissing Emma with my load in her mouth and they both swallow it. “Watch closely Luke! This is the show you wanted to see.”

Erin does her usual and cleans my cock up for me as Jackie and Emma make out. They start fingering each other. Erin grabs a condom and starts dressing my dick. She straddles it, puts it in and starts bouncing on it. I watch in awe this girl and my sister. All fantasies I have ever had are coming true before my eyes.

Jackie and Emma 69 each other and I watched as their tongues danced on each others pussies. They both were reaching climax as they were tensing up and both let out moans as they orgasmed.

“Damn that was fucking hot! I exclaimed. Jackie and Emma laughed as Erin and I became the show. Erin was rubbing my chest as she bounced her wet young cunt on my dick.

“Let’s help your brother”, Jackie said. Both girls were sucking on my neck. I could not hold out any longer as my head went back and eyes rolled into my head as I came. Erin always the model of cleanliness removed the rubber and licked the sperm off my dick. She loved the taste of it.

Jackie got dressed because she had to leave. “Wait Jackie. Can we talk?”, I said the twins giggled “ewwwww Jackie” mocking me.

“My mom and stepdad are going to Six Flags this weekend. Will you go with me?”, I asked

“Like on a date?”, she asked shrewdly. “Yes.” I said. “So I am not just part of your harem now? I will give you elevated status if you do. You can be queen of it.” She laughed. “I would love to. Let me ask my mom and dad. She planted a kiss on me. “See ya!” She said.

The twins were really mocking me now. “Ewwww Lukey’s got a girlfriend! Lukey’s got a girlfriend!” I lifted the air mattress so they panicked and tried to hold on as I tipped it up. We all laughed afterwards as I laid on the mattress with my two angels.

We went and Mom and dad took care of the twins and gave Jackie and I some alone time. We rode the rides and the roller coasters. She was scared at first but held my hand. It felt so good when she touched me. I was really falling hard for her. First love. We walked around and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Her house was a couple blocks down from mine so I stayed at her place when we got home. Her parents were out so we had some alone time. I made out with her and cupped her breasts. I rubbed her nipples and that got her going.

She started taking off her clothes as did I. There before me was that beautiful blonde bush. “Funny your kid sister has been farther with me than you ever have!”, she laughed. “I got some catching up to do”, I said. I started eating her out. She chuckled, “you eat pussy just like your sister.” “Who do you think taught her?” I asked.

Man her pussy smelled wonderful as I flicked her clit with my tongue. I used my technique I use on the twins and thumbed her pussy while fingering her asshole rubbing the lining in between. She loved it. She tensed up and her legs locked as I made her come. The air filled with the scent of her juices.

She started blowing me and then got on top of me. Her pussy felt so good around my cock. She came in and sucked on my neck as she moved back and forth. I rolled her over and got on top and just pounded her. Her eyes crossed and her head went back as she came. I was not far behind as I felt my orgasm coming on and my cock unleashed into her.

We collapsed into each other. We held each other my head in her soft breasts. “You are officially the queen.”, I said. She chuckled. We held each other until her parents came home. The ending to an awesome first date.

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