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Wife will never be the same

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Wife gets drunk at a neighborhood party. I thought she went home. Things take a very risque turn.

This was a holloween party a neighbor throws every year. We are always invited so we got a sitter for our 1 child and planned for some fun later as we where trying for our 2nd. We usually are lame with our costumes, usually throwing something together last minute. This year she thought of going as Wonder Woman, so shortish skirt and all. She is a blonde so she had to wear a wig for the costume. She told me I would benefit from the outfit as she wouldnt need to take it off to fuck me when we got home in costume like she was a real Amazon woman. She even promised to trim her bush a bit and wear her sexy panties. She hated the feeling of a thong in her ass. It Was a bit chilly for her but she toughed it out. She got a lot of attention when we arrived and since i dont dance and other guys where, she became a bit of a center piece for a few guys. All in good fun but she was loving the attention and some guys where a bit handsy. She was drinking pretty fast when she came over to take a break. Telling me that one of the guys, a buddy of mine Jeff, felt like he had a hard on. I asked how she knew and it was because he kept pulling her into him and she felt it on her crotch and ass. I just told her Who could blame him, she looked hot. . A few dances later she was really feeling the effects. She was stumbling a bit and one of the wives suggested she get home. Its not a far walk so I figured I would take her. Once outside, she insisted I should stay and she would be fine getting home. With her insisting, I went back inside and hung with Jeff. I joked to him about his hard on..he joked how she was lucky he had his costume on. He finally went off to the bathroom and was gone for a bit. He finally came back and told me he wanted to show me something. So, I followed him. He entered the first floor bedroom and when he opened the door, I saw a woman lying in the bed with her leg bent and out of the covers, her bare ass 3/4 exposed and thong pulled to the side. Her pussy looked amazing, totally hairless but oddly exposed. I asked how he found her. He opened the wrong door to the bathroom and saw her. He finally admitted to pulling the thong aside and spreading her lips with his fingers. I looked at him with disbelief so he quickly added..”Im so horny from your wife I just had to see her pussy” Not knowing who she was I wasnt going to encourage him more. I knew she wasnt under age as it was adults only at the party. So, I asked him what else he did. Immediately he said nothing, but asked me if I would finger her while he watched. I told him no way. He looked disappointed so i told him You finger her if you want to. He looked shock..ME!?!? he said…Really?!!!! You think she wouldnt mind? I told him, if she woke up I wasnt going to cover for him. He was torn. Then he said, I am really horny. Maybe I will jerk off while I touch her a little. Is that ok? I told him to stop asking my permission and that he should decide what he wants to do to her himself. She was just about snoring and hadnt moved an inch. He closed the door and asked me to use his phone as a light. Stupid me, I agreed. He started gliding his finger through her pussy. Not long after, there was a glisten from her wetness. This got him excited and I could tell he was stroking his cock. Then he started to enter her with a finger….he told me She feels so good. Should i continue. I told him again, its all up to you. He picked up his pace, then he FROZE when she moaned. She lifted her ass a little and rocked her hips once. He become emboldened. He withdrew his finger and as he shifted his cock came into view over her ass. At first I had to clear my throat. Then just said DAMN at the sight of his cock. He was no more taller than I, a bit more athletic, but his cock was at least 3 inches longer and the head was so pronounced it look like an afterthought. He whispered, I promise, Im not going to do anything I shouldnt. I told him, I think that ship has sailed anyway. He probed her a bit more. She moaned again. He paused and said, I can do anything more unless you do. I told him he would need to go first and I would see. He asked if my wife would be ok with it if she found out. I told him she was drunk and asleep so she would never know. He asked again, are you sure? I told him if he didnt want to, we could just go back to the party. So, he started rubbing his cock on her ass then slide it down to her pussy. I couldnt get a great view, but I definitely knew when he entered her for the first time. She made a loud moan this time and he groaned as he pushed in deeper. I didnt want to look under his ass but it was the only place to catch the view. As i did I saw his shaft 3/4 the way buried in her. Then he whispered..FUCK if I didnt know any better Id think she was a virgin she is so tight. He started picking up his pace. Im going to be a bit, I want to enjoy this and I havent unloaded in weeks so she is going to be a mess for you. I told him her BF or husband must have a small cock if she is so tight. He pumped her a few more times. Her moans where becoming more regular. Without missing a pump, he turns his head and asks, what do you mean boyfriend and husband? I just said, You know…she is so tight…whoever her BF or Husband is probably is very small. The sight was very erotic and I started stroking my cock hearing the woman moan. Then he said something that didnt register at first…The husband is YOU. This is Marissa! He was still pumping and turned back to what he was doing making her moan even more now, picking up his plowing into her. He was slapping onto her ass slightly now making the bed wiggle. I moved around to the other end of the bed and noticed the Wig on the floor, then the shield from her costume. Sure enough it was my wife!!! but how, she went home and doesnt wear a thong. I was in shock, my heart was pounding when I heard him say, im not going to last much longer her pussy is so fucking tight! Immediately, I remembered and blurted out..YOU GOTTA PULL OUT!! Without much pause he quickly asked…what?? I repeated, You gotta pull out, she isnt on birth control, she is trying to get pregnant. At this point she is moaning with every thrust, sweat is dripping off his forehead, his breathing is very heavy. In between breathes, he manages to say…Are you……Telling me that……you are allowing me…..to fuck your wife…..raw……and she can get pregnant?!>!>!…….He then looks at my much smaller 5″ cock and as I started to explain that i didnt know it was her at first, He started making grunts and said, I can feel her contracting on my cock…she is trying to milk my seed into her. My cock was betraying me and was throbbing so bad I had to stroke it again. Seeing that he got the message and said…Im about to mate with your wife and give her a swollen belly. I couldnt stop jerking off. He could see I was stuck. I can feel my seed about to erupt into her womb, he said. Upon hearing that I lost it. I tried to hold back but it made it even worse. I ended up shooting my small load onto her back and arm. When my eruption was done, he commented on how that was just a fraction of what he was about to plant inside her. I just stood there in silence. Cock still hard. As he made comments:
Here it cums….UGHHH…thats the first deposit…UHHHH as he trusted harder making her squeek, That one will impregnate her…..now to fill her with tons of sperm to fight off yours….He really started fucking her hard and grunting loadly as she pushed back on him. I had to go look. There was streams of cum clinging to her thigh, lips, and his shaft as he continued to plow into her. He then told me he may not get soft and he was going to keep fucking her. He asked me to go get him some water. I had to get dressed and leave hearing my wife moaning knowing another man was impregnating her as I helped fetch him water. My cock started to soften as I got on task but when I reentered the room, I was immediatly aroused again. He had rolled her over and although she was still out of it, I could see her eyelids rolling around as she moaned in exctasy. He managed to fill her again before pulling out, patting me on the shoulders, and saying good luck,,she is amazing. The sight of her swollen, gaping, cum drenched pussy made me ravinous. I had to fuck her. As i did i could tell she wouldnt feel me much. She was so loose. For some reason, his words and cockiness got to me and when it came time to cum again, i pulled out and came on her belly. I knew that night was his shot at her anyway. Without much anyone knowing. I managed to get her up and home after letting her rest a bit and cleaning her up some.
The next morning she was hung over. She didnt feel well. But finally she smirked and said, I think I REALLY enjoyed last night. Really, i asked…Yeah, can we do that again. I loved it, she replied. I was starting to suspect she knew it wasnt me. Finally, I asked arent you afraid you would get pregnant? With a sarcastic look she said,,,well isnt that part of the point? Yeah, I said, but with me, not jeff. She paused, then thought it through…WAIT…she yelled but quickly lowering her voice from the headache…THAT WAS JEFF?!?!? I confessed what happened when she added But you let him cum in me….and it was a LOT aparantly… Opening her legs to show off dried cum and dripping cum from the side of her thong. She asked if any of it was mine.. Shamefully I admitted to pulling out. This mad her mad at first. Then she realized…You Liked it! Then calmly she asked again…You liked it? I explained that I didnt want to like it but it was such a turn on I couldnt help myself. There was silence. Quietly and softly she admitted….I really REALLY liked it too. I dont remember a lot. I just remember feeling fuller, feeling it deeper, and when he came it triggered the most intense orgasm ever. I didnt reply. I just stood there until she noticed my sweat pants rising. She looked up at me and said…Im going to take a shower and clean up best I can. When I come out, you can tell me if this was just a mistake or if you are going to invite him over again and again, at least until one of you gets me pregnant. If this is all his cum, my odds are on him.

I watched her go to the bathroom. I picked up my phone and thought for a moment. Then I just texted him…How you doing? His reply…Slept like a baby…speaking of which how is your wife? I replied…She knows. His text was just…Mad? Mine….Not at all actually….His…Really!!?!? So where does that leave things. Mine…I dont know, Im supposed to tell her when she is out of the shower. His…Im 100% in if you are ok with it…Mine….I guess I wouldnt be texting you otherwise…His…Even if I want to give her my black seed? Mine….She referrenced that,,,i think as a condition of acceptance. His…Im not going to ask to fuck her or wait for an invite…..Mine…Ok as long as she is safe. His…tell her I will pick her up at 8 tonight. Her breeding sessions continue. i will bring her home tomorrow morning. He could tell the hesitation in my studder. So, he reassured me by saying…Hey listen…she will love you even more for trusting and allowing this….ill send you pics and texts throughout the night and I saw you starring at my cock, so maybe next time Ill let you guide it into her…maybe even more after all, you should be part of her mating. She is going go make a beautiful baby with me. I asked,,,how are we going to play golf and hang out knowing ive held your cock? Held it!!!? he replied….Heck thats the least your going to do. Get used to it…Your wife is now black owned and I will have her wearing a spade anklet in no time so everyone will know. I told him I would talk to her about it.
She came out of the shower. She noticed the phone. I could tell her head was killing her so I started to massage her shoulders. She relaxed. As I did this. I told her I texted Jeff. She perked up. Asked me…AND? I told her he wanted to continue where he left off last night and pick her up tonight. WIth a bit of anticipation in her voice she repeated…AND!!??? I told him Ok, but only if you are as well…ok with it that is. She turned around, kissed me and looked at my raging hard on and told me to go pick out what I wanted her to get pregnant in. I wanted more so I asked…So you want him to impregnate you? She turned to me…pointed to my cock and said…NO MORE THAN YOU DO and remember, there will be no abortion when he is successful. I asked why she was so sure he would be…Because Im still leaking out his cum 12 hours later and by how my pussy feels he has a truck between his legs. Her bold language shocked and aroused me. Its true what they say, alcohol is the best aphrodisiac. They have been fucking for several months until the damn virus started. Its become pretty normal. Since he cant visit, he requested abstenance between her and I. She is granting it. We will see what happens when the state opens again. Her legs certainly will at the same time.

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  • Reply Adonis ID:pvkv6s4v1

    Great another nigger loving story so original fucking clown

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    I made 2 women cum the one night. They were so wet . Wud love to see my wife been fucked- so horny

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    I have been fantasizing about seeing my wife being f***** by another man

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    So is there any more to this story?

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    The first time my wife was fucked by other men she was sitting in my lap. She used some of the semen leaking out of her to work my dick in her ass. I lost count of how many guys fucked her that night.

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    Awesome story, should have had him over to the house so you can enjoy watching them fuck their ass’s off then give a little clean up on her after he’s done filling her up.

  • Reply Ragin' Cajun ID:101bew2yd9k

    My wife got fucked at a Halloween party also. We love Halloween as she can show off in slutty costumes. The night she got fucked she was going as a Dominatrix. She had on a leather bustier and leather pants, long leather boots, gloves and a leather mask. The cool thing was her pants had a zipper that opened all the way from front to back. Several times during the party she would sneak of and utilize that zipper. And yes, one was a very sexy black guy from Barbados.

  • Reply 14 yr old ID:2vki2t0i

    You should have busted one in her before you guys left, oh and she get a black or white baby?

  • Reply Sonali Mitra, [email protected] ID:bim6nm3

    My God ! This is so much of a coincidence !!! Am Sonali, full name Sonali Mitra, a 34 year old Indian wife ! Married for 8+ years, mother of a 7 year old kid ! Cant believe this but this is exactly what has happened to me too ! Accidentally came across this post so couldnt stop sharing that its exactly what been my real life story since Jan 2020 !

    • Gourav ID:etyvr1g41

      So do u loved it too sonali. Ami tomar bor k pase bosiye tomake chudte chai. Amar boro bara ta tomar gude dile tomar awaj sune tar reaction ki hoy dekhbo 2 jone.

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    Great story

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    That’s bullshit

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:7zv3evjihj

    if your wife didn’t get drunk that would not HAPPEND to her at all!

    • Lucky husband ID:8ict3e9hrc

      My wife and I went to a party shortly after we were married it didn’t take much to get my wife drunk and everybody knew it because she would let the guys that dance with her rub her pussy she whatever back up and bend over and the guy with the ass as if it was fucking my wife as the party came to an end I invited a few guys to the house I told them to come by in about a half an hour when we got home, I told my wife how sexy it was to see her out there on the dance floor acting like she was getting fucked and I told her that I invited some guys to come over and I’m going to watch them as they take turns fuck in you. She came over and kiss me and started taking off her clothes, she said I want you to fuck me first so they can use your come. I want to have big cocks go in her pussy and ass. My wife was fucked all night and it was 10 o’clock in the morning when I stop fucking her she slept for a day and a half when she woke up her pussy was sore asshole was stretched, and she had dry calm between her legs and ass cheeks, she said next time, she wants a video of it so that when we get old we have something to remember our good times

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      I have been with my current girl for almost 20 years. She was married 4 times before we met and Iwas married 1 time for over 30 years. She was the sexiest woman I have ever seen or known. Early on, I coaxed her into a 3-some with some one she knew at work. Afterward he thanked me profusely saying he dreamed for years about getting to be with her, masturbating almost nightly thinking of her. She loved sucking cock and then getting fucked bareback and the feeling of manjuice shooting into her pussy would get her off. It got me off too, so much so that I loved cleaning her out with my tongue before I refilled her up again.. I could not love her anymore than I do….