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Not All White Boys Are Little PT.2

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After,finally getting to see his big white dick.Things start to get very hot&heavy between the two teens.Doing all kinds of sexual activities @school.

My mama pull up to the school. I hop into the backseat because we were going to pick up my girlfriend. I try to remain calm and act my usual self. But I couldn’t believe what we had just done. The taste of his dick still lingers inside my mouth; and that me so hot. I still remember the shape, how hot it was, and the small amounts of pre-cum oozing out on my tongue. Never have I been more turned on in my life. We finally pick up my friend and head to our house. She was spending the night and I couldn’t wait to tell her the juice details. To be honest I worry she would notices I done something because of my breathe. I mean if I can still taste it. Who not say it could make my mouth smell like I just sucked dick. Lucky no one noticed especially my mama. We arrive finally at our house and when I had the chance to spill the beans to my friend I did. She couldn’t believe we did that at school. I still couldn’t believe it either. But when you have a overprotective mother like mines anywhere with the smallest chance is fine. Which leads us into doing sexual things a lot more at school. One day at lunch we gave each other the consent to touch anywhere we like. So he immediately touches my pussy under the lunch table. I let out a small moan and cover my mouth. The electric waves happening throughout my body made my nipples hard and pussy dripping wet. He did that till the bell rang for our next class. In the mornings on our way to math class. We would always walk super slow and wait till everybody was out if the hallway. The bell would rang meaning class has started. He look down one hall and I check the stairway. If the coast was clear we turn to each other and kiss like never before. I wrap my hands around his neck and pull him closer to me till I’m back up against the wall. Our tongues swirling deeply around each other’s making our breathing a little heavy. Can I touch your boobs? He asked me. I look up at him and say, you can do whatever you want. My body belongs only to u. As his hand slides down to my boobs and squeezes it. I moan. Ah! Sorry! Did that hurt? He says. No. That felt really good keep going. I tell him. He does but this time his hands go under my shirt and touches them directly. Your nipples are hard. He says with a smile looking at me. Of course they are your hands feel really good and we are doing this at school you know. I say to him. Your boobs feel really nice in my hands. I want to see and suck on them. Go ahead then baby. I say in a low voice. My shirt gets lifted up, the cold wind hits my boobs and I get goosebumps. Their so beautiful. He tells me. Yea? Hell yes! These sexy chocolate boobs are making me hungry for you. He expose my nipples and starts sucking hard on them. Aaah! I cover my mouth for letting out such a loud moan. I hope nobody heard that I say to myself. As he sucking I feel my pussy tingling, getting my panties wet. I want him. I want to touch his dick. I say inside my head. Before I knew it I’m touching it. He jumps and moans a little by my touch. I want to see it again. May I? I look down at him with lust in my eyes. He stands back up. Unzip his pants and pulls it. Go ahead. This body belongs to you. Do as you please. My heart is racing so fast it feels like its going to jump out my chest. I reach down to touch it. So hot. So hard. So…damn big and long. I want to make him feel good. I start to move my hands back and forth. He grabs my shoulder, leans in closer to my ear and whispers that feels so fucking good! I felt a shiver go down my spin to my pussy. It aches for him. It aches for this yummy white dick to be inside me. I want..no I NEED him to fuck me right now! A few mins pass and neither of us is not worry about how very late we are to math class. Were both lost in this sexual pleasure. I wanna touch your pussy directly, may I? He whispers to me again. My heart stops for a second. I can’t believe all my fantasies are coming true. I tell him, you don’t have to ask baby. I take his hand and guide him to the entrance of my leggings and panties. I feel my body temperature rising. He’s gonna touch it. He’s gonna touch my soaking wet pussy! Hurry up and touch it baby!! I say all in my head. I couldn’t control the excitement of me about to get my pussy touch. His hand finally touches it and I melt all over. God damn! Your so wet! He shouts to me. I laugh and whisper in his ear, well of course I am. Your touching me and those big hands of yours feel so good. Keep going. I tell him as I go back stroking his dick. He obeys and keep going. A fee more mins pass as we touch one another private places. Lost in our pleasure we almost didn’t heard the door open from down the stairway. We panic and quickly fix ourselves. Their halfway up the stairs, I finish straighten myself up first and grab my backpack. I run to the doors to stop them and buy time if need be. But before they reach the door to open it my boyfriend is grabbing his backpack. I pretend we were about to walk downstairs and tell him to hurry up. As the person passes us. He yells I’m coming just hold up. When they finally left we started laughing and said that was close. The bell rings. Math class is over. You know were gonna get in trouble for skipping class right. I tell him with a smile. I know but it was worth it he smiles right back at me. Mmm…it sure as hell was. I say in a low voice and kisses him. Walk me to my next class? I ask. Sure baby. He says.

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  • Reply sandra ID:h81umkfv4

    he she cut you at the best moment i hope you are more lucky next time

    • Ess_2020 ID:43yija6ii

      I made a part 3. If you want to read it.